How to Get Uncut Sheets of Pokemon Cards

How to Get Uncut Sheets of Pokemon Cards

Uncut sheets of Pokemon cards are probably among the most desirable of Pokemon cards that you can get. If you have an uncut sheet of Pokemon cards, you are sitting on a goldmine. So, how do you get them?

The only way to get uncut sheets of Pokemon cards is to buy them from a third party platform like eBay. Some uncut sheets of Pokemon cards go up on Amazon and eBay, on occasion. However, uncut sheets are rare. It would require somebody to ‘steal’ the sheets from a Pokemon trading card manufacturing facility, and not a lot of people really do that.

Let’s tell you a little bit more. This is because we do want to tell you what you are letting yourself in for when you get uncut sheets of Pokemon cards.

What Is an Uncut Sheet

An uncut sheet is pretty much what it says on the tin.

When Pokemon cards are manufactured, they are not manufactured as individual cards. Instead, they are printed onto a large sheet of card. This card will then be cut up into individual cards.

This is why you will sometimes get errors with printed cards. Sometimes the blades do not cut the cards properly, which can lead to smaller borders, or cards being dual cards (exceedingly rare!)

An uncut sheet has not gone through this cutting process.

As you can probably imagine, they are exceedingly rare. This is because the bulk of the Pokemon cards are going to be cut up.

They will keep some uncut sheets for display purposes, or perhaps as a gift to employees, but there aren’t very many of them out there. Because of this, you may find that there are some sets that have no uncut sheets available, and others may have dozens of them.

How Much Is an Uncut Sheet of Pokemon Cards Worth?

It all depends on the set. Some of them have sold for as little as $100. Others have sold for $170,000.

Due to the way in which Pokemon card sets are designed (it is all about being randomized!), the cards that you get on each sheet will be completely different. The reason why one set sold for $170,000 is the fact that it managed to include all 16 of the holo cards in the 1st Edition Base Set. We doubt that there is another uncut sheet out there.

Generally speaking, expect to pay between $100 and $150 for your average uncut sheet of Pokemon cards. While they are rare, most of the sheets do not really have that much in the way of desirability among collectors. They are tough to store, they may not contain the cards that you want, and you can’t play with them.

If you want a great display in a Pokemon room, then an uncut sheet of Pokemon cards will go down an absolute treat!

How to Get Uncut Sheets of Pokemon Cards

The safest bet will be to look to sites like Amazon and eBay. The latter is probably going to be a little bit better due to the whole auction-focused side of things. It means that people are going to be able to share actual images of their Pokemon cards.

However, do bear in mind that they are not going to come up too frequently on these sites. We wish that they would. However, as we said, they do tend to be quite rare. The vast majority of people that do have access to uncut sheets of Pokemon cards tend to want to keep them to themselves. 

How Do You Get a Full Set of Pokemon Cards?

Contrary to popular belief, purchasing uncut sheets of Pokemon cards is not going to give you a full set of Pokemon cards. Due to the whole randomized nature of Pokemon cards, these uncut sheets will contain only a small fraction of the set. There will be a lot of duplicates on them too.

Yes, there are some full uncut sheets, but you are never going to find these for sale individually. They always tend to be used as display pieces in the Pokemon card manufacturing facility.

If you want to get your hands on a full set of Pokemon cards, then you are going to need to purchase the cards individually. There are plenty of sites that you can do this with.

We suggest that you start with sites like eBay. Quite often, you will be able to find complete sets of common and uncommon cards. These are going to be pretty cheap and will provide you with a nice start to your collection.

Once you have all the commons and uncommon cards, you can start to buy the individual rares and holo rares. Yes, you can pick these up from sites like Amazon and eBay. However, we suggest that you stick to dedicated Pokemon trading card sites instead. There will be plenty of secondary market sites out there, and you will often get a far better deal.

If you are trying to get a full set of Pokemon cards, we suggest that you steer clear of buying booster packs. Yes, you will be able to draw a ton of cards like that. However, boosters will have duplicates (if you buy multiple packs).

You may also struggle to find some of the rarest cards in them. This means that you will probably end up spending more on booster packs than you would have done if you purchased the cards individually.

How Many Cards Are in a Pokemon Sheet?

Apparently, this can vary a little bit.

As we said, there are some uncut sheets on the market that contain a full set of Pokemon cards. However, these are incredibly rare and it is unlikely that you will ever see one out in the wild.

In the vast majority of cases, these Pokemon card sheets will contain 99 cards. There are some larger and some smaller. However, most of the Pokemon uncut sheets tend to hover around this mark.

As we said, there is no way to predict the cards that you will get on the Pokemon uncut sheet. Chances are that there will be a lot of common cards. You may only see one or two rares. Obviously, the sheets that contain some of the rarest cards in the game (e.g. Charizard cards) will likely be worth a whole lot more.

Remember, 99 card sheets are going to be pretty large. If you are planning on buying one, then we recommend that you try and collect in person wherever possible. This is the sort of thing that could end up being destroyed in the normal mail system!

Final Thoughts

You are unlikely to be able to find uncut sheets of Pokemon cards easily. They are rare. When they do appear, your best bet will be to look on sites like eBay and Amazon.

These sheets are likely to cost around $100, but you will find much more expensive options out there. The price is often influenced by the number of rare cards on the sheet.

These sheets will never contain all the cards in a set. If you want all the cards in a set, then your best option is to buy them individually. Sheets are just fancy pieces of art.

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