How to Hang Baseball Cards on a Wall

how to hang baseball cards on the wall

When you’re a collector, you want to show off what you got. For baseball cards, you could have some of the greatest players in your collection, wanting to display them in your man (or woman) cave. If you’re looking for ideas to hang up your cards, we’ve got a few to help you brainstorm.

Choosing a way to hang your baseball cards on a wall is up to you. There are lots of options, though you want to steer clear of anything that could damage them in the process. To hang your cards up on the wall, first, make sure they are protected, and then start playing with shapes and ideas for your theme. Display cases and wall mounts are some of the most common ways to display valuable baseball cards on a wall.

To help get your juices flowing, we’ll show you a few ways that have worked for expert collectors out there. Plus, we’ll throw in some tips on how to safely hang your cards too. If you’re ready to create a display that will blow them away, follow along and see where your creativity can lead you.

How Do You Display Baseball Cards on the Wall?

Displaying your cards across your wall is something fun and unique that adds a bit of décor to your zone. You could create fun shapes, use sophisticated cases, or even go for something far off the wall that matches your personality. To do it up with style, try these pro-hanging techniques out.

1. Try a Wall Mount

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It’s no surprise that one of the most common methods is a wall mount. You can find glass or plastic-covered cases with a sharp wooden perimeter that will match with whatever you have in the room. Plus, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes that will fit your collection.

If you have your baseball cards in plastic or hard case coverings, all you have to do is pop them inside and stand them up in the order you want. This method is both safe and fun and will guarantee that you have a sophisticated way to display your cards. Check out the number of cards you want to hang and then find a case with enough space.

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2. Nail Them Up

Ok so for this method, you want to be sure that you’re paying close attention to what you’re doing. You not only want your cards in some kind of plastic or study case but, you want to avoid putting a hole through them. Once you have your cards in a protective casing, you can choose a design and start nailing them up.

Though this method comes with some risks, you can customize your design or even choose to fill up an entire wall. Come up with something unique and show off your collection in a fun and interactive way. If you’re into being creative and want some sort of fun design that you can customize, this is a no-fail method.

3. Glue or Poster Puddy

If you like the DIY idea but don’t want to leave your wall full of holes, you can try out glue or poster putty. Both of these are alternative ways that don’t involve putting holes through your cards at all. Simply cover your cards with some form of protectant, add glue or putty, and stick them on your wall in any way that you want.

This method is not only sturdy but also protects your cards, your wall, and your budget. Before you start hanging anything, check out your wall space and see what kinds of fun things you can design.

4. Wall Holder

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Because there are many collectors out there like you, you can find screw-down frames that will hold your cards and keep them safe. You can find these all around the web and at some collector’s stores, using them as a way to make a nice and neat display that’s easy on the eyes and better for the health of your cards.

All you’ll have to do to try this out is buy your preferred design, add your cards in, and hang it on the wall of your choice. It’s easy, it looks classy, and you won’t have to worry about any damages to your baseball cards.

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5. Go Custom

A lot of collectors out there are going full customer with their baseball card displays and wall décor. You could do the same, working with a woodworker or designer to help you create the space you want. You can find someone in your local area or take to the web to see if anyone fits your needs.

When you go customer, you can choose from wood designs that will fit your cards or just go with a frame that will give you the shape you want to make your preferred design.

Protect Your Cards

Before you go and hang anything, make sure that your cards are protected. If they don’t already come with some form of protection on the frame or display case of your choice, then you should add some sort of protection. To help you choose, here are a few of the most preferred.

1. Penny Sleeves

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For a quick form of protection that won’t cost an arm and a leg, you can try out penny sleeves. These are firm but moveable, allowing you to add nails and glue if you want to. To add your card in safely, make a small slit at the top, slip your card in, and start arranging any way you want.

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2. Hard Covering

For more sturdy protection, you can go with hard case coverings. These are great for display cases but they might not be the best option for nailing or gluing on the wall. They are hard and might fall due to weight or could resist the nail drilling.

3. Snap Tites

Snap Tites are another option for keeping your cards safe. They are both cost-effective and simple to find, though you need to choose the correct ones. Those with one-touch snap closures are recommended by the pros, as they won’t leave your cards to slip out and fall.

Final Thoughts

Collecting cards is a fun hobby that comes with tons of opportunities. Baseball has been around for some time now and collectors have lots of valuable cards that they’d love to display. If you’re one of them too and are looking for fun and creative ways to display your cards, try one of our five suggestions.

Always make sure that you secure your cards before you add any glue or start hammering away, making sure they are taken care of and out of harm’s way. To get the most bang for your buck, go with low-cost options that will let you play up your designs and change them up when you want to. The more flexibility you have, the more fun you can have.

There are lots of collectors out there just like you that have created amazing displays to inspire even the most rookie of collectors. You can always surf the web to find inspiration and come up with your own unique way to display cards on your wall. Have fun with it, and see what you can come up with.

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