How to Open Vallejo Paint Bottles

how to open vallejo paint bottles

Vallejo paint bottles are unique and can be tricky to open. They closely resemble the bottle of eye drops, which can also be hard to open. If you squeeze the bottle while twisting the lid, there is a chance that the paint will squirt out the top as soon as you open it. 

There is also the risk of breaking the tip off of the bottle while you are trying to open it. If this happens, you won’t be able to use the paint much because it will quickly dry out. It won’t have a proper seal anymore, so it is important to make sure you open the paint bottle properly.

When opening Vallejo paint bottles, you need to be extremely careful. You can first loosen up the lid by running hot water over it, then wrap a very hot cloth around the bottle for a few seconds. This heat will loosen up the lid, allowing you to open the paint without squeezing the bottle too hard.

How Do You Open a Vallejo Paint Dropper Bottle?

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When you first open a paint dropper bottle, there is likely going to be some pressure inside the bottle from when it was packaged. This pressure might cause an overflow of paint when you open the bottle if you don’t do it properly.

There are a few different ways you can open a paint dropper bottle. First, you can try to slowly open the bottle to release the pressure, then close it back before you shake it. This will prevent any paint bubbles that are usually caused by shaking from escaping through the paint nozzle when you open it.

You can also try to tap the bottom of the bottle a few times both before and after shaking the paint. This will help the paint settle easier and prevent any bubbles. This will not only help the paint mix together better, but it will also help any air rise to the top of the bottle. This way, when you open the bottle there is likely to just be air instead of paint.

You will then want to run the lid under some hot water for a few seconds. This will loosen up the seal of the paint and make it easier to open. This way, you won’t have to worry about paint exploding on you because you had to work so hard to get the lid off.

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How Do You Clean Vallejo Paint?

While the dropper bottles are great for keeping paint fresh and preventing them from drying out, the problem often occurs of clogged nozzles. This can happen when the bottles aren’t cleaned properly after use and before closing.

The nozzle of the paint bottle will come off easily, which makes it much easier to clean. When you remove the nozzle, it makes it easier to efficiently clean any built-up paint from the nozzle. You can easily rinse out the nozzle by flushing it out without having to worry about ruining the paint in the process.

You can clean the nozzle with just water. Run it under a faucet with warm water until there is no paint left on the nozzle. If you have a tiny brush, you can use it to stick through from one side of the nozzle to the other. When the nozzle is clean, you are going to want to let it dry completely before putting it back on the paint bottle.

It is also important to clean the lid of the bottle before putting it back on. If any paint is on the lid, it will dry and stick the lid to the bottle. This can be a real inconvenience and make it more difficult to open the bottle. Wipe out the inside of the lid with a wet cloth and make sure there is no paint left on the lid before closing.

How Do You Shake Vallejo Paint?

There is a huge debate on what the proper way to shake a bottle of Vallejo paint is. According to the Vallejo website, it isn’t recommended to shake the bottle at all. They say that the best way to mix the paint is to roll the bottle between your hands while slightly squeezing it. They then recommend testing the paint to make sure it is fully mixed.

It is possible to shake Vallejo paint bottles, but there are some downsides to doing so. First, shaking the bottle will move the pressure in the bottle and cause paint bubbles or drops of paint to come out of the nozzle and spill everywhere the second you open it. 

If you do want to shake the paint, there is a precaution you can take. Before shaking, tap the bottom of the bottle on a table or with your hand to release any potential air bubbles from the paint. You will then want to slowly open the lid to release any pressure that is in the bottle. You will then close the lid tightly.

Shake the bottle as much or as little as you want. Shaking will ensure that all of the ingredients in the paint get mixed together thoroughly and the entire paint has the same pigment. After you finish shaking, you will want to tap the bottom of the bottle again. This will help the paint settle and send any air bubbles created during shaking to the top.

You will again want to open the lid slowly and prevent squeezing the bottle as you do. This will release any extra air that can make the paint pop out when you open it.

Final Thoughts

Opening Vallejo paint bottles can be tricky because there is a chance that the paint will shoot out of the nozzle when you aren’t expecting it. To prevent this, you will want to open the bottle very carefully. The goal is to get all of the air to the top before opening.

Tap the bottom of the bottle to send any potential air bubbles to the top. It is best to slowly open the lid before shaking or mixing the paint. This will release pressure that is stuck in the bottle from production. You will then want to close the lid, shake the bottle, and open it again.

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