How to Remove a Pin From a Pool Cue

how to remove a pool cue pin

There might be a time where your pool cue pin breaks and gets stuck inside the shaft insert, or you might just want to replace the pin because you’ve had the same one since you bought the pool stick. Since pool cue pins are glued in, it can be a little tricky to remove it from the pool stick.

The most effective way to remove a pin from the pool cue is to heat up the glue so it loosens up. You should then be able to pull the pin out and replace it with a new one. This can improve your game because your pin will be sturdy and not broken.

Removing a pin from a pool cue isn’t very difficult, but it does take some serious precision. The new pin needs to be put in dead straight, which can be hard to do on your own. In most cases, you can find someplace to do it for you if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.

How Hard Is It to Remove a Pool Cue Pin?

Removing the pin is much easier than putting a new one in. All it takes is some heat to melt the glue that holds the pin in, then you can pull it straight out with a pair of pliers. You will want to be careful around the clear coat to make sure you don’t damage it, but the process in general isn’t very difficult. 

To prevent damaging the clear coat or wood of your pool stick while trying to remove the pin, it is recommended that you only heat the tip of the pin. The heat will move down through the pin and make the glue hot enough to melt. When the glue is melted, the pin will come out much easier.

The hard part is placing the new pin in. If it is not inserted precisely back in the center of the pool cue shaft, you won’t have very much luck when you play your games. If you are worried about replacing the pin, you should take the pool stick to a professional to do that part. Removing the pin is something that you should be just fine to do on your own.

How to Remove the Pin From a Pool Cue

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There are a few different things you will need to remove a pin from a pool cue. You are going to need a lighter, a propane torch, a vice and vice grip, your new pin and epoxy if you are replacing the pin on your own. Replacing the pin can be hard, so you might want to see a professional for help.

It is recommended to do this process outside for safety. First, install your vice to the side of a table. You will then want to add the vice grips to the vice. This is what will hold onto the pin so you can pull it out from the pool cue.

When you have your setup ready, you can get to work. You will want to get the pin extremely hot so the epoxy glue inside the pool stick will start to melt. When the pin is red hot, it is going to be hot enough for the glue to start melting. Use the lighter to start up the propane torch.

Rotate the tip of the pin while you hold it over the flame of the propane torch. This process might take a few minutes, but it is very important that you don’t rush and stop heating the pin too early. This will prevent the glue from melting properly and you won’t be able unscrew and pull out the pin.

As you heat the pin and the glue melts, the pin might start to feel wiggly. This means that the glue is starting to melt. When you feel like you are ready, you can remove the pin from the heat of the propane torch and insert the tip of the pin into the vice grip. 

Clamp the vice grip onto the pin and rotate the pool stick to unscrew the pin. Since the pin will be really hot, you should let it cool down before you try to remove it. This will protect you from burning yourself. You will also want the pool stick to cool down some before you try to place the new pin.

If you are putting the new pin in yourself, you will need to make sure you have the new pin and the epoxy ready. Pour out some of the epoxy on a paper plate or paper towel. Rub the pin into the epoxy until it is completely coated. Then you can screw the pin back into place and allow it to dry.

If you’re looking for a replacement pool cue pin, we recommend this 3/8-10 Stainless Steel Self Aligning Pool Cue Pin by Cuefits.

How Do You Measure a Pool Cue Pin?

Pool cue pins come in different sizes and types. When you need to replace your pool cue pin, you can’t without knowing what size it is. If you pick the wrong size replacement, it won’t fit properly, and you won’t be able to use it for your stick.

Pins are measured by both their diameter and the number of threads per inch. There are four pin sizes that are most common. These pin sizes are 3/8 x 10, 3/8 x 8, 5/16 x 14, and 5/16 x 18.

While they are similar in diameter, they are different in length.

If you don’t have a pin with the right number of threads per inch, but it is the right diameter, it still won’t go into the pool stick. The number of threads on the pin will match the threads inside the pool stick, and if they don’t match up, you won’t have any luck getting it to stay in.

The threads per inch refers to the number of thread peaks that sit in one inch. You can take a ruler or tape measure to the pin, find an inch, and count the number of thread peaks that are in just that inch. 

The diameter is much easier to determine than the threads per inch. This is because there are two standard sizes, and you can easily compare the sizes to see if they are the same. It is most important to measure the threads per inch, and once you know that number you can determine the diameter.

Final Thoughts

Removing a pin from a pool cue is a pretty easy process. You just need to heat up the tip of the pin until it is red hot. This will melt the glue that holds the pin in place and makes it easier to take out.

When the glue is softened, you can unscrew the pin with a vice grip or a pair of pliers. Removing the pin is the easy part, replacing it is not as easy. The pin needs to be replaced exactly in the middle of the pool stick which can be tricky if you’ve never done it before.

If you are going to replace the pin yourself, you are going to need to know what size it is. To do this, measure the threads per inch. This will give you an idea of what the diameter of the pin is because there are only four main pin sizes.

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