How to Stop a Dartboard From Spinning/Rotating

how to stop a dartboard from spinning/rotating

One of the most annoying things that can happen to you while playing darts is the board coming loose and spinning every time you throw a dart at it or pull darts from it. Although there is a pretty simple solution to fixing a rotating dartboard, very few people take the time to fix their board properly.

Luckily, the solution is pretty simple. If your dartboard is rotating or spinning, simply tighten the back of the dartboard back to the sink and the wall. Then, secure the entire board to the wall using three more screws. Just by securing the board properly, it should not move or rotate anymore.

To find out more about why dartboards spin and what you can do about it, keep reading. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know in order to pinpoint, fix, and prevent this common dartboard blunder. Let’s get started.

Why Do Dartboards Spin?

It is not rocket science as to why dartboards spin. The back of most dartboards has three metal posts. These posts give the board its frame. When secured properly, the posts should not move, meaning the dartboard as a whole stays in place.

The dartboard can spin if the posts are not secured properly. Every time you throw a dart at the board, a bit of momentum hits it and treats the posts like mini springs. Now, simply getting hit with one dart won’t do a lot of damage or cause the board to rotate, but regular wear and tear from frequent use can cause the spring motion to spin the dartboard.

With that in mind, dartboards spin for one main reason: the board is not securely fashioned to the wall. If the board was secured properly, the momentum from the darts would not be enough to dislodge the board and make it rotate.

Fixing the Problem

If you are reading this article, you likely have found your dartboard in a difficult position. Fixing the board should be relatively easy. In a best-case scenario, all you need to do is drill the three main posts from the back of the board into the wall. Then, add three more screws to firmly place the board on the wall.

In most modern boards, the three final screws will be screwed through a hole, knob, etc. These screws may not be necessary to keep the board from rotating at first, but they will help hold the board in place for much longer than if you didn’t use them.

Do not add too much weight to the board either when you are done. Too much weight can cause the board to dislodge faster.

In some cases, you may need to add cardboard between the three posts and the board. If you have been using your board for some time, the pieces may have started bending away from one another. Filling in the gaps will help to keep the board in place. However, this method also means the board will not be as flat as it once was.

If your board is completely bent from years of use and rotating, you might want to get an entirely new board. This will ensure that the board is flat and the best functioning for your games. Make sure to hang the board up correctly if you went through the trouble of buying a whole new board.

How to Prevent a Dartboard From Spinning

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Preventing a dartboard from spinning requires the same techniques as fixing a spinning board. Simply hang the board up securely and correctly by using all of the screws and screw holes provided. Although this advice may sound basic, it is the main way to prevent your dartboard from spinning.

Additionally, make sure you use your board and darts correctly. Stand a suitable distance away from the board and never throw anything other than the darts at the board. Following this advice will prevent the board from taking on more pressure than it is designed for.

The last step for preventing a dartboard from spinning is maintaining the darts and the board. Regular maintenance is often overlooked by beginners, but it is crucial for the life and dependability of your dart parts. Below, we go over key dartboard and darts maintenance tips.

We recommend using a high quality bristle dartboard like a Winmau Blade 5. It’s a professional dartboard which offers a super thin spider for decreased bounce outs.

Other Dartboard and Darts Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your dartboard and darts is essential for a long-lasting and high-scoring game. If you do not take care of your game parts, you can’t expect them to last you a long time. Here are some tips to keep everything in tip-top order.

Rotate Your Board

One of the most basic yet overlooked parts of maintenance is rotating your dartboard. As regular dart players know, certain spots get you more points, meaning the area around them sees a lot of wear and tear. Rotating your board keeps everything even so that the board doesn’t bend, leading to wobbles and spinning.

With bristle boards, many models are made so that the outer ring is removable. By being removable, you can rotate where you aim, resulting in less wear and tear in high-scoring locations. We recommend rotating the dartboard one pie over clockwise.

It doesn’t matter exactly where you change the rotation to. What matters most is that you change it routinely enough that all areas of the board are used evenly.

Don’t Get Your Dartboard Wet

Another really basic maintenance tip that can go a long way is preventing your dartboard from getting wet. Water can warp and damage the board. Whenever it gets warped, it is more likely to wobble and absorb energy unevenly, leading to rotations sooner rather than later.

You may have read this tip and been confused. After all, using water correctly can actually make dartboards finer. Although it is true, very few people use water on dartboard correctly, which leads to overexposure and ruined boards. We recommend staying away from water unless you REALLY know what you are doing.

Sharpen Your Darts

Finally, the last maintenance tip to remember is to sharpen your darts. Sharp darts hit the board more precisely, leading to fewer large holes that disrupt the fibers from your board. Remember not to sharpen your darts too much, either.

If you sharpen your darts too much, they will create burrs or small hook-like holes within the board. As you would expect, these hooks cause a lot of damage to the board. So, oversharp darts are just as dangerous as blunt ones.

Instead, opt for darts that have neither flat nor hook points. Shoot for a medium tip that glides in the dartboard without damaging it during removal.

Final Thoughts

A spinning dartboard can be very annoying and throw off your game dramatically. Instead of getting a whole new board or ignoring the issue, you can likely fix the rotating board with just a few screws and tools. Most likely, your dartboard is spinning because it is not secured properly on the wall.

Resecuring the board to the wall should do the trick for a spinning or rotating dartboard. You may want to get a new board if your current one has seen a lot of wear and tear, but that is up to you to decide.

Once you secure the board properly, make sure to maintain it and the darts. Proper maintenance ensures that your hanging work lasts for many games to come!

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