How to Store Common Baseball Cards

how to store common baseball cards

The best way to store baseball cards is either in a binder or in a specialized box. If you have a larger collection of baseball cards then using a storage box is a more efficient and inexpensive method.

There is no one set way to store common baseball cards. The method that is right for you may not be the best for someone else. It all depends on how much time, effort and money you are willing to put towards your collection of baseball cards.

If someone is just starting out building their baseball card collection then they may be very enthusiastic about displaying all of their cards. They will want to see them all. In this case, the best way to do this is to sort your cards into a binder. This will allow you to sort your cards into categories and display them accordingly.

How to Store Common Baseball Cards

Using a binder will allow you to see all of the cards’ faces immediately and can shorten the time that it takes you to find a specific card. 

Many older collections of baseball cards can be visibly ruined thanks to their storage methods. Using a rubber band, or another form of tie, to secure and store your baseball cards can cause creasing and ruin the image. 

However, if you are an avid collector, or simply have a lot of cards then both of these storage methods can quickly become a problem.

How to Store Thousands of Baseball Card

Before you begin storing thousands of baseball cards it is important to sort and label them accordingly. There is no right or wrong way to do this. You can sort them according to team, year, player or any other way that best suits you. The better you do this the easier it will be to find a certain card when you are looking for it.

Although a binder is a good storage method for a small amount of cards, thousands of baseball cards require a better solution. Specialized storage boxes are a great alternative. They allow you to store and protect thousands of cards and can be purchased in many different sizes and designs.

This way you can sort and categorize your baseball cards, allowing you to know exactly which cards are in which box.

BCW Card Storage Boxes

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BCW boxes offer a wide variety of corrugated cardboard boxes for storing cards. They sell a wide range of sizes, perfect for any amount of cards that you need to store. This lets you store your cards in a box that is suitable in size for the number of cards. 

For example, if you have sorted your cards into categories and have unevenly sized categories this is not a problem. You can simply purchase boxes of different sizes, reducing the worry that they will slide around in the box and potentially be ruined or damaged. 

Alternatively, they offer boxes that contain a number of different compartments. This reduces the need for you to purchase multiple boxes, label them and store them together. You can simply keep all of your baseball cards in one place and not have to worry about misplacing or losing any.

If you have any cards that are rare or have a particularly high value then you should also consider placing them inside a protective plastic sleeve before putting them in the box. Although this is not strictly necessary it will offer you an extra layer of protection in case any liquid is spilt on the storage box.

We recommend using these BCW Baseball Card Storage Boxes to store hundreds and even thousands of baseball commons. It is the most cost and space effective method for storage.

Is It Safe to Keep Baseball Cards in a Binder?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. It depends entirely on how you use the binder. 

In most cases, binders are not safe to keep your expensive baseball cards in, but they are a good idea to display some of your favorite, or perhaps more common baseball cards. 

This is because you can very easily spill something over, or even into, a binder and the liquid will get into all of the pockets in the binder. This will then damage or entirely ruin your collection of baseball cards.

If you still wish to store your more expensive cards in a binder then there are a few things can you can look for. You should invest in a high-quality binder that is not flimsy. This will stop any of your cards from being accidentally bent or crushed. 

Another thing to invest in is a slipcase. This is a plastic covering that goes over the opening of the pockets for the cards. Essentially, this stops anything from getting to the cards. So, if you do indeed accidentally spill a drink over your binder then you can rest assured that your cards are safe.

Can I Store Baseball Cards in the Garage?

Once you have decided on the best method of storing your baseball cards you should also consider where in your home to keep them. This is very important as the temperature and humidity can have a big impact on how your cards keep.

Unfortunately, many people choose to store their baseball cards in the garage. This is not a good idea as it means that the cards will be affected by the climate outside and not the climate in your house. 

So, if you live in a particularly hot or humid area this can have a devastating effect on the condition of your cards. Consider storing them out of direct sunlight in a cooled room. 

Final Thoughts

Collecting baseball cards are a wonderful hobby that is enjoyed by many people. However, storing them can be a bit of a tricky issue. There are many options available although the best is certainly storing them in specialized boxes. 

These boxes allow you to keep a large number of baseball cards and reduce the worry about losing or bending them. You can also take extra measures such as using protective plastic slips.

If you still wish to display your cards in a binder then make sure you buy a good-quality one with an extra slipcase for protection.

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