How to Store Empty Lego Boxes and Instructions

How to Store Empty Lego Boxes and Instructions

Both kids and adults love building legos, but should you keep the empty lego boxes? Why? And if so, how should you store them? These are questions everyone contemplates, and we’re here to help you decide.

If you have the space, you should keep empty lego boxes, and most people do. They can be used as displays, or if you don’t keep your lego sets built, they are great storage for the sets once you take it apart and put it away. If you do decide to store your lego boxes, a great option is to store them inside each other. If you have no space at all to keep them, then reselling them is a great alternative.

This article will go into further detail on why you should store empty lego boxes and their instructions. It will also describe how and where to store them, along with what to do if you simply do not have the room to keep the boxes.

Should You Keep Lego Boxes and Instructions?

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It is always a good idea to keep your lego boxes and the instructions that come with them. You may not want to keep your lego set up, and having the box keeps it easy to put your lego sets away. It also ensures that you will know which set it is and how to rebuild it later.

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What if I Keep All My Legos on Display?

If you are sure that all of your legos will remain built and on display, then you may wonder why you would keep the boxes. These can be used as displays. If you don’t want to do that, then it is still better not to simply just throw the boxes away.

One option is to resell the boxes. People will buy just your lego boxes for ten to twenty dollars because of the cool designs it shows or because they end up needing the box after they threw theirs away. They might also be collectors and want to fill a missing part of their collection or replace a box that somehow got damaged.

Another option is to use the boxes for other purposes. You could use them as storage for other items, especially if you have the bigger lego boxes. You could also use them for arts and crafts projects. Lego boxes are durable cardboard and can be useful for a lot of things.

How to Store Lego Boxes?

Many people wonder how to store all their empty lego boxes without getting cluttered or having tons of boxes scattered throughout the house. One way is to use them as displays themselves. Even just sitting on a shelf can look nice if you have more than a couple boxes together and they are in nice condition.

An easy way to keep all your empty lego boxes is by stacking them inside of each other. Fitting the smaller ones inside bigger boxes can turn ten lego boxes into just two or three, and these are much easier to store in a closet somewhere.

If you need to, you could flatten the boxes so they take up as little space as possible, but you will be unable to resell them in the future if they’re flattened.

Keeping Them in Good Condition

Keeping the boxes in good condition is the most important part of storage. If you are a collector, or if you want to try to resell the boxes in the future, then make sure to open the box with care and keep it from pets or small children who might try to play with it. 

Keeping the boxes pristine during storage isn’t difficult. Keep them in a dry space out of reach of other elements like pets or water leaks. They also should not be placed in direct sunlight because this can cause the boxes to fade over time. 

Make sure there is nothing left in the boxes except the instructions. You could also keep all of your lego instructions together in a folder or binder if you prefer. Boxes will also be worth more when reselling if you have the instructions that go with them.

What if You Just Don’t Have Enough Room?

It’s okay if you don’t have room for all of your lego boxes. Whether you only have small lego boxes that don’t fit inside each other or you just don’t want tons of empty boxes lying around, you still should never just throw the boxes away. 

The best thing to do if you can’t keep the boxes is to sell them. As mentioned earlier, collectors will pay for lego boxes that are still in good condition, and this can be a nice way to get some of your money back. Legos can be expensive!

Selling your boxes can be fairly easy, but if you don’t want to deal with the hassle, you could still use the boxes in other ways: storage, display, crafts. Throwing away your boxes should be a last resort. 

Final Thoughts

You should definitely keep your empty lego boxes and the instructions if you are able to. It is likely that you will want to take at least one of your sets down at some point, and it is important to have the original box to store them in. This helps you keep track of which set it is, especially if you have multiple sets in storage at once, and keeping the instructions means you’ll be able to rebuild it anytime!

If all of your sets are remaining built and on display, it is still nice to keep the boxes. Stacking them inside of each other or using them as storage for other items makes it easy to keep them without taking much room. 

If you absolutely have no space for all your empty lego boxes, the best thing you can do is resell them. There are people out there who want just the boxes, and it would be a waste if you just threw them in the trash.

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