How to Tell If a MTG Booster Pack/Box Is Resealed

How to Tell If a MTG Booster Pack Is Resealed

Building your collection is one of the joys of MTG but there is a growing problem. Sometimes you’ll find an attractive set of new booster packs or boxes, well-priced and ready to go. So how do you tell if an MTG booster pack or box has been resealed?

This is a valid concern, unfortunately, as a number of less-than-savory card dealers are out there and you certainly want to avoid this. Today we’re going to explore the world of MTG pack and box resealing to prepare you for this possibility.

We’ll advise you how to know if packs or boxes have been resealed, tell you how it’s most often done, and let you know some reliable vendors that can cut out this possibility altogether. Let’s talk about how to tell if a MTG booster pack is resealed!  

How Do I Know If My Booster Pack Is Resealed?

Determining is a booster pack has been resealed can be tricky indeed. Check first for obvious signs of glue and if you see any residual evidence of this then the pack has obviously been tampered with. Beyond this, you can feel at the seams on both sides of the pack to test the thickness.

If one side feels appreciably thicker, then this is a red flag which may indicate that your pack was tampered with. Unfortunately, when a pack it resealed, typically they will utilize a clamp to help ensure that the seal looks legitimate and without residual glue, it can be VERY hard to prove tampering.

The only defense, in most cases, is simply going with a reputable vendor in the first place.

How Do I Know If My Booster Box Is Resealed?

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As with packs, determining if a booster box has been tampered with can be a bit tricky, but there are a few things which you can check to help reduce the odds of purchasing a ‘searched’ set. Be sure to check all of the variables which we have listed below.

Check the Integrity of the Packaging

First off, simply check the packaging for any damage. Sometimes tampering is actually quite visible, generally seen in the form of an obviously resealed slit cut into the packaging. If you see any sort of damage to the booster box, it is best not to purchase it as it may have been compromised.

See If the Layout of the Packs Is Properly Aligned

The packs in your booster box should all be aligned, with the same sides up and arranged in a uniform fashion. If they look out of place then this is another red flag that the box was likely opened before your purchase.

Check the Seal

The packaging should look tight and secure, normally you aren’t going to see a large amount of air in the box but if you do, then this may be a warning sign that the box is less than pristine.

Look For the Logo

You should see a Wizards of the Coast logo present on the seal join. This alone doesn’t mean it’s legitimate, but it does help increase your odds that the box you are purchasing is legit.

Dirt Inside the Packaging

 It’s rare, but sometimes there will be telltale dust inside an opened and resealed booster box and then is a huge red flag if you see it! The inside should be clean and orderly, with no presence of dust or other contaminants.

When buying booster boxes, we recommend only buying online from trusted sources, like Amazon. Click here to check the current market prices for various Magic the Gathering booster boxes.

How Do You Reseal a Booster Pack?

Have you ever opened a bag of chips without tearing the packaging? Resealing a boost pack is reportedly done much in this fashion. By carefully pulling away at the opening, it is possible to open a pack cleanly so that you can get to the cards inside, take and replace what you like, and then carefully reseal it.

The biggest problem is using the right amount of glue, but unsavory vendors have had a lot of practice, typically applying a minimal amount for a light enough seal which they then clamp into place in order to properly crease the newly resealed pack.

Some MTG collectors have reported that heat guns are often used to reseal packs as well, and while the process is not well-documented, this form of tampering may be spotted sometimes by a telltale yellow tinge around the seal.

Can Booster Boxes Be Resealed?

Unfortunately, booster boxes can and often are resealed. By looking for the signs which we have provided then you can minimize your chances of buying a ‘contaminated’ booster box, but the best defense is always going to be going with a reputable vendor.

The problem is that MTG cards are valuable and as such, disreputable vendors are looking every day for new ways to tamper with packs and boosters for their own profit. If you see a valuable pack or booster box and it’s priced ridiculously lower than you expected, be very wary. The odds are very high that that you won’t be getting what you’ve paid for.

Best Places to Buy Magic the Gathering Boosterpacks/Boxes

A number of reputable vendors are out there. We’ll include a few great examples in this section but if you decide to go with another vendor, be sure to check them out thoroughly! Look for longevity, typically by checking the ‘about’ section on their website or doing a Google search for ‘businessname established”.

This will tell you when the business was launched and if they’ve got a few years under them, then the odds are that they are ‘playing fair’ with their clientele and won’t tamper with your pack or booster box. Here are a few solid vendors that you can check out:

  • Coolstuffinc – Established in 2002, Coolstuffinc is a great vendor to keep an eye on. They run regular sales and aside from great deals, they will often give you free shipping with modest-sized orders. They are great to bookmark for bargain-hunting.
  • Dave and Adam’s Card World – Started by sports card’s enthusiasts in 1991, Dave and Adam’s card world also has a large selection of MTG card packs and booster boxes and they also deal in memorabilia. Well worth the look!
  • Miniature Market – Miniature Market has an amazing selection and they’ve been in business since 2004, so you know that they are doing something right. Check this vendor from time to time and you can see for yourself!

Final Thoughts

 So, there you have it, the scoop on the resealing issue and how you can identify a less-than-savory MTG pack. As you can see, resealing packs can definitely be done, but if you know what to look for then often you can identify this and take appropriate action.

Your best defense is really going to be going with vendors that you can trust. In this information age, ‘bargains’ abound, but dealing with a disreputable vendor can cost you plenty. By going with a source that you trust you might pay a little more now, but you can purchase with confidence.

As the old saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’, so if you do go with a 3rd party source be sure to check all of their references and hope for the best… just don’t be surprised if you don’t get what you expected!

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