How to Use a Pool Cue Tip Clamp

how to use a pool cue tip clamp

When you replace your pool cue tip, it needs to be put on straight and the glue needs to dry properly to be as sturdy as possible. After you put in the tip, you will need to clamp allows you to lay your stick down and the tip will still dry straight. It is extremely affordable and ensures that you won’t need to put a new tip on again soon.

Although the tip clamp can look confusing, using it is actually pretty easy. The two pieces will slide together, and you can then slide the whole thing on top of the pool cue tip. This will hold the tip tightly to the cue while the glue dries, making sure it dries in place.

A pool cue clamp is necessaryif you want to set the tip properly. If you don’t have a clamp, you will need to get one before you replace the tip. It will make your life much easier because the job will get done right the first time.

How Do You Use a Pool Clamp Tip?

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Even though a pool tip clamp looks kind of confusing, it is really simple to use. First, apply the tip with glue and put it in place. Next, you will place the long part of the clamp over the tip of the cue. When you have it properly placed, you will place the ring over the cue and the clamp, then turn it to lock it in place.

You will leave the clamp in place until the glue has plenty of time to dry. The instructions on the glue should tell you how long it will take to completely dry. After you’ve let it dry the right amount of time, you can remove the clamp and use your pool stick.

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How Do You Attach a Pool Cue Tip?

The first thing you will need to do is remove the old tip from the pool cue. You can do this with a razor blade or another sharp knife. Cut as close as you can to the ferrule without accidentally cutting it. Make sure you slowly work and don’t rush the process. Remove any excess glue from the leather and ferrule.

Next, you will need to clean up the ferrule. Do this using a smooth sander and slowly sand off any remaining glue or potential dirt that is on the ferrule. You will need to make sure your ferrule is completely clean and smooth before you add the new tip.

After the ferrule is prepared, you will need to get the cue tip ready. Sand the tip to roughen it up. This will make it easier for the glue to stick. If the cue tip is too smooth, the glue won’t stick as easily, and the tip won’t stick to the cue.

Add some glue to the cue tip and apply it to the direct center of your ferrule. Make sure you apply the tip on the ferrule very firmly to get rid of any potential air bubbles. If there is excess glue around the side of the tip and the ferrule, wipe it off with a clean, dry cloth.

Once you have the cue tip in place, you will want to apply the cue tip clamp. Place the long part over the tip and the pool stick. Apply the ring in the proper spot and then turn it to lock it in. Give the glue plenty of time to dry and then remove the clamp. 

After the glue has completely dried, you will need to make sure the cue tip is properly shaped. Remove any pieces of the tip that might be out of place and don’t line up with the ferrule. To do this, put the pool stick tip down on a flat surface and use a knife to cut off any pieces that stick out from the ferrule.

If the tip is flat after this whole process, don’t be alarmed. You can sand the tip and shape it however you like it best. You will also want to sand the sides to smooth them after cutting the excess off. After you finish this, your cue will be ready, and you can use your pool stick.

How Do You Use a Pool Cue Tip Repair Kit?

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To make things easy, you can get everything you need in a cue tip repair kit. This kit will have everything you need including high-quality tips, replacement ferrules, a tip sharpener, a tip shaper, the cue tip clamp, and the glue you need.

Using a repair kit is incredibly simple and basically explains itself. With all of the materials that you need all in one place, replacing your pool cue tip has never been easier. There will usually be a mixture of medium tips and soft tips included in the kit so you can choose which one you like best. 

We recommend this complete pool cue tip repair kit by Mizerak. It comes with a tip trimmer, cue chalk, a cue clamp, tip cement, and cue tips.

How Often Should You Scuff a Pool Cue Tip?

Scuffing the tip of your pool cue is regular maintenance that needs to be done. The material of the cue tip without scuffing isn’t very good at gripping the surface of the cue ball. This is why chalk is added to the surface before you play. In order for the chalk to stick to the surface of the cue tip, it needs to be rough and not smooth.

As you play, the cue tip will naturally start to smooth because of the contact with the ball. This means you will need to regularly scuff up the surface so the chalk will be able to stick to the tip. It is recommended that you scuff the surface of the cue tip every few games to keep it rough enough for the chalk to stick to.

How Often Do You Need to Replace a Pool Cue Tip?

Most high-quality pool tips will last you about 6 months if you use it regularly. It will mostly depend on the material that the tip is made out of and how often you play. If you play less frequently, your tip will last longer. If you play every single day for hours at a time, it might last for a shorter period of time.

You will know when it is time to completely replace your pool cue tip when it wears down and is barely the thickness of a dime. A worn down tip can cause you to miscue and slide the tip against the surface of the pool table.

Final Thoughts

When you replace your pool cue tip, you are going to need a cue tip clamp to make sure the tip sticks properly to the pool cue. The clamp will ensure that the glue dries properly and that the tip stays straight during the drying process.

Replacing a pool cue tip is easy and doesn’t take very much effort. Start by removing the old tip, preparing the new one, putting it in place, and clamping it. When the glue is dry, you can shape the tip and make sure it is level against the ferrule all the way around.

To get the most out of your cue tip, you will want to properly maintain it. This includes scuffing the tip every few games to ensure the chalk sticks to it and prolongs the use of the tip. This will hopefully reduce the frequency that you need to replace your tip.

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