How to Use a Presto Pot for Candle Making

How to Use a Presto Pot for Candle Making

Candle making in large quantities can be difficult if you do not have the right apparatus to heat your wax in. The apparatus used to heat your wax is completely preferential. Some people prefer heating over the stove. Meanwhile, others prefer to simplify the process and use electric candle wax heaters.

Electric melting pots like Presto pots are great candle making pots because they melt the wax consistently. Presto pots heat proportionately, which melts the wax quickly and evenly. These pots are easy to use and have many attachments that make wax pouring even easier. 

Presto pots have unique attachments like knobs on the side, which make the candle-making process much easier. Many of the Presto candlemaking attachments make heating your candle wax and distributing the wax to your molds substantially easier. Knobs on the sides of Presto pot save time and eliminate messes.

What Does a Presto Pot Do?

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Presto posts are small steamer pots used to melt wax in large quantities. Hobbyists or small-time candlemakers typically use these pots to make large batches of candles. The presto pot is great for candle making because of its even heat distribution. It also heats quicker than regular candle melting apparatuses like stovetop pots.

Temperature is a critical component of wax melting and candlemaking. If you do not maintain wax, ingredients may settle at the bottom of the pot and cause the wax to melt more than the amount it should. For candlemakers, these are a great replacement for the troublesome double boiler.

They are great replacements for stove-top pots. Presto pots make a much more even heat distribution than other pots.

We recommend using a presto pot with an attachment like this one found on Amazon. Its pre-installed spout makes pouring simple and hassle free.

How Do You Make a Presto Pot for Candle Making?

There are many attachments available for the side of the Presto pot that make presto pots easier for candle making. Choosing the right Presto pot attachments can result in easier candle-making techniques. Presto has a large selection of attachments. Choose attachments that are visually appealing and comfortable. Also, consider whether the attachment will be easy to clean.

The temperature dials or temperature gauge is the most common part of Presto pots. Unlike basic cooking pots, the adjustable dials are attached to the base of all Presto pots. These dials allow people to change the temperatures of their pots manually. More advanced Presto pots may have additional features on their temperature gauge.

Knobs on the side of the presto pot, which resemble faucets, can be opened and closed for candle easy water disposal. Since candle wax is lighter than water, you typically do not need to worry about the candle wax getting stick in the faucet. However, you should still be mindful of them as you prepare.

Most Presto pots made for candlemaking already have a faucet attached to the side. These knobs allow you to open the faucet and dispose of water directly out of the side of the pot without removing candle wax. This can decrease backsplash significantly. Faucets on the side are a great addition that can be super helpful in the candle-making process.

Presto pots with knobs require excessive cleaning to ensure they do not become clogged with wax, especially if you use the faucet to distribute wax. You must also keep it clean if you are scenting your wax directly in your Presto pot, or you will begin to combine smells.

Can I Leave Wax in Presto Pot?

When you leave wax in a pesto pot, it will eventually harden after the pot cools. If you reheat the pot, the wax will melt again, but it may not have the same consistency as it did before. Leaving wax in your Presto pot can cause fragrances and other ingredients to settle at the bottom incorrectly. This happens because you have not poured it into a room-temperature mold.

Instead, you are forcing it to continue the “cooking” process as the candle wax hardens.

Presto pots are traditionally non-stick, which means they require a simple wipe between each use. Leaving wax in your presto pot means you need to clean your pot more often. Sediment falling to the bottom of your pot and potential burning on the sides can shorten the lifespan of your pot.

 Leaving wax in your nozzle or other attachments can be problematic, too, because they may be difficult to remove later. Also, keep an eye on the items you use to mix your candle wax with.

How Do You Use a Presto Pot for Candles?

Use a Presto pot for candles by turning the heat up evenly using the knob on the bottom. Begin by adjusting the heat knob at the bottom to roughly 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 celsius). When the Presto pot is warm enough, you may place cubed wax inside. Maintain the heat as you melt the cubed wax. Stir the wax slowly as the wax melts to keep it from burning.

Candle wax melts inside the pot and pours without sticking to the surface. Non-stick surfaces are great because of how easy these are to pour and clean. As long as you use the same recipe, the Presto Pot’s non-stick surface does not require cleaning between each batch.

Final Thoughts

Presto pots are a great boiler made to melt large quantities of candle wax. Home hobbyists and small soapmakers mainly use these. They are convenient because of their even heat distribution and non-stick features. These pots also heat wax quickly and make the candle wax melting process effortless for candlemakers. 

The presto pot is a great candle-making pot for many reasons. One of the main reasons the Presto pot is so great is its non-stick texture and easy design. This non-stick feature means you do not need to clean your Presto pot after each use as you do with other candlemaker pots. 

Electric Presto pots hold plenty of candle wax. These pots have many attachments and adjustable knobs on the sides so people can manually heat these pots. The simplicity and ease of access make these some of the best investments in the candle-making community. They are low priced, user-friendly, and easy to clean.

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