Is It Safe to Buy Pokemon Cards on EBay?

Is It Safe to Buy Pokemon cards on EBay

EBay is a very common and popular place to purchase collectibles. They’ve been around for decades and many people trust the processes and policies that EBay employs. They help guarantee quality product from honest sellers.

But is it safe to buy Pokémon cards on EBay? Yes, it’s generally fine to increase your Pokémon card collection through purchases made on EBay. However, you will have to do a bit of research and ensure you’re getting the real thing.

The tips and techniques for buying cards on EBay is the same as you would for any online retailer. You want to ensure there are plenty of pictures to look at. Also, the seller should be available enough for an email conversation.

Are There a Lot of Fake Pokemon Cards on Ebay?

There is the potential for fake Pokémon cards to flourish on EBay. Sometimes there are good conmen and they get by EBay’s checks and balances. In general though, a seller doesn’t last long that promotes authentic merchandise when it ends up being fake.

However, it’s best to not buy Pokémon cards from questionable places like China or Turkey. These countries don’t have the same laws and consumer protections as places like the US or Canada.

How Can You Tell if Pokémon Cards Are Fake on Ebay?

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There are several things you can check to evaluate whether the Pokémon cards you’re looking at are fakes or not. Most of these tips you can apply to any online seller, but for EBay, you should be able to engage in an email conversation.

Visual Confirmation

First, the seller should present a plentitude of pics that show the cards close up. You should be able to clearly view the artwork (front and back), text and any other elements, like holographics. They should also list the information and details about the card in the description and be clear about what it is they’re selling.

Then, take note of anything that looks amiss on the face of the card. Look for off-center images, scan lines, shaded black bars down the face of the card and poor cutting. The colors should be crisp with bright, obvious clear lines.

Email the Seller

Whenever you have a question about the cards, contact the seller directly through email. Send them any questions you have and ask to see more pictures. If the seller doesn’t respond, refuses to send more photos or act annoyed at your request, move on. Don’t waste your time and risk it.

Look at Reviews

Also, check out whether the cards have had previous purchases. Look at customer reviews about the service they received as well of the quality of the cards they bought. Any mentions of tampering or resealing means you should move onto another seller.

Plus, the seller’s rating should be around 93% or higher with a long history of selling Pokémon cards. While this isn’t a guarantee against fake cards, it can at least provide some reassurance.

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Is It Illegal to Buy Pokémon Cards on Ebay?

It isn’t illegal to buy Pokémon cards on EBay. As long as what the seller offers is a genuine, bona fide product, there’s nothing illegal about it. The only times it would be illegal is if the seller is hocking stolen goods or they’re advertising a genuine product that’s actually a knockoff.

Why Are Pokémon Cards So Expensive on Ebay?

Not all Pokémon cards are expensive on EBay, it depends on what’s there and what’s available to buy. Also, this will impinge on whether the seller allows for “Buy It Now” or requires you to bid on the item. Bidding is usually the culprit but so are rare and highly valued cards.

The trick with getting around expensive ones is through hunting and using the advanced search feature. Check back every day to see if there are any new listings. One day cards will be far too expensive and other days you’ll land on a gold mine.

Advanced Search

On the homepage, you’ll see a link next to the search box that says “advanced.” Clicking on it will reveal a list of various criteria you can use to look for something specific. You can filter by the start time and see which ones came up within the last three hours. This is a fabulous way to hunt down undervalued Pokémon cards.

Sometimes people don’t properly list or realize the value of their cards. These often come with a “Buy It Now” for a low price or because they simply want to rid themselves of it. You can find many excellent cards this way.

Another thing to search for with the advanced feature is to find awkward end times for auctions. These will have fewer people bidding on the item because of the inconvenience of the time in which it ends. For instance, ones that end at 3:30 am on a Monday won’t have nearly as many bidders as for a Sunday at 6:00 pm.

Final Thoughts

Buying Pokémon cards on EBay is generally safe to do. Many people have had great success in finding rarities. But, as with anything you buy online, you have to do a little checking with the seller you’re dealing with. If you can remain cautious and aware, it should be infrequent that you find a card that’s fake.

This means you should be able to inspect the cards thoroughly prior to purchasing them. Such a thing may also include contact with the seller directly. Just remember, whenever you have any doubts, move onto another seller. It’s not worth the hassle.

The only major downside with purchasing cards on EBay is that you have to be savvy and stay on top of the latest listings. So, some days the scant amount of cards available will be expensive but on others you might find a treasure trove of rarities at an excellent cost.

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