Tips for Keeping Your Minecraft Account Safe from Hacking and Theft

Have you heard about Minecraft meshnets? It gets your whole team all gaming on the same network and provides next-level protection from hacking and account theft. But before you rush to buy a gaming meshnet, here’s the lowdown on the difference between a meshnet Wi-Fi (mesh Wi-Fi router) and a VPN meshnet and what a mesh VPN can do for your Minecraft game.

A Mesh Wi-Fi network is hardware – a specialized Wi-Fi router that connects different nodes dynamically to each other to create a unified network in your home or office. It’ll improve your own game because of better connectivity, but the effects are limited to a specific location. So, if your mates are spread out in locations worldwide, there’s no benefit to the team.

A Mesh VPN (a VPN meshnet) is easy-to-use, highly affordable software. It’s a VPN that works on a peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture like your favorite torrent sites. It creates a private gaming server inside a secure, closed environment so team members can play on the same network. Less lag, better communication, and much better security for gaming! It’s not difficult or expensive – you simply use the NordVPN Meshnet feature to play Minecraft on your own private server.

How does a mesh VPN work?

A meshnet VPN is a feature for setting up a private, secure, internet-based network with your friends. It acts like a local area network (LAN), except it doesn’t have physical or location boundaries. You can set up a private Minecraft server and play with your friends as if they were present in the same room as you.

Normally, you and your friends play from different locations. Each one’s device communicates via their respective ISPs or networks. That’s not optimal for creating momentum, and users who live far away from the Minecraft game server may experience latency.

But a mesh VPN takes each one of the team’s devices and slots it into a closed-off system of connected nodes. Like in torrenting, each device can send and receive data from all the other devices in this network.

Why is a mesh VPN safer and better for Minecraft?

This setup of interconnected peers means that members share each other’s internet access, and any device can keep any other devices updated without going through a central server. Each data transfer uses the shortest path available. That distributes the burden evenly throughout the private network even if individual nodes drop out of the system.

●      Enjoy multiplayer games with friends on the other side of the world without any LAN wires.

●      The mesh VPN system minimizes latency and reduces the risks of hacking while you’re playing Minecraft.

●      Secure file transfer to your team members so you don’t have to use a separate server or cloud storage anymore. Movie nights and virtual parties, anyone?

More tips to protect your Minecraft account

Apart from using a mesh VPN to protect against cybersecurity risks, you still need to follow basic security tips for keeping your Minecraft account safe.

●      Never share your Xbox Live account password. Anyone with the password will also have automatic access to your personal information, online purchases in Minecraft, and payment information.

●      Pick security questions carefully and use answers others cannot easily guess. Reset your security questions often.

●      Use a strong, unique password for your Minecraft account. It must include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

●      Never reuse the password for any other accounts. Since we all have a lot of online accounts, it’s better to use a password manager to help you create and remember a complex password for each account.

●      Add two-factor authentication (2FA) as an extra security layer. You’ll need to enter a code from your phone or some other device before you can log in. It protects your account even if someone else discovers your password.

●      Update your software to prevent hackers from gaining a foothold in your system.

●      Use an antivirus and VPN or a trustworthy combination of the two functions.

Obey the universal internet safety rules

If you use the NordVPN meshnet feature to play Minecraft, you’ve already taken a major step to keep your account safe from hacking. A VPN protects your identity and privacy on the internet, but you should still always follow the basic, universal internet safety rules we’ve listed here whenever you connect to the internet. Following these tips will protect your Minecraft account but will also keep your shopping and social media accounts safe.

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