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Every day there is more and more news about insane prices for skins in CS: GO. But over the long years of trading in Counter-Strike, a special category of items has formed, the cost of which is equal to some heavenly numbers. And of course, the inventory that has such things can also cost unreal money, and if you happen to have a profile of a top player, you can always check it on Profilerr using steam hex. However, in this article, our expert, Volodymyr Huda, will talk about the ten most expensive and notable stickers in the discipline’s history and what path their owners have taken at the Majors from Valve.

What are stickers?

A sticker is a one-time item that can be applied to any existing weapon or skin. The weapon skin trade will carry stickers applied to it, although stickers applied to standard weapon skins cannot be traded as this type of weapon skin cannot be traded. In general, a maximum of four stickers can be applied to weapons, with the exception of the G3SG1 and the R8 Revolver, which have five sticker slots.

Hopefully, sticker prices are not expected to change much in Counter-Strike 2, but their appearance will be even better, so there is a chance that their prices will increase further.

But we don’t know exactly what will happen with the prices – skins, boxes, stickers, etc.-, we know that without a doubt, it can be before and after the release of CS2. But at the same time, we will have to be very careful to see how the release of CS2 is felt in the community.

Top 10 notable stickers

So let’s begin with the TOP 10 stickers. However, you can note right away that all stickers from our top series are of holographic quality. Why? Team stickers appeared for the first time at the Polish Major, so, these stickers are the oldest in the history of CS: GO, namely, Holo quality was the rarest.


A sticker with the logo of the famous Norwegian organization LGB eSports in the past opens our top. The cost of this sticker today is 4,000 US dollars. At the KATOWICE (2014) tournament, the famous Olofmeister, Dennis, and Krimz played for LGB. The Swedes took 3rd-4th place at that tournament. In 2015, the organization ceased to exist.


At that tournament, the HellRaisers roster, together with ANGE1 and Adren, was the only one from the CIS that made it to the playoffs. The guys in the group defeated Mousesports and Titan but lost to Dignitas (0:2) in the quarterfinals. However, you can agree, that the HellRaisers holographic sticker looks very epic. It really looks like straight from Hell!


Few people can remember this clan tag, but at IEM Katowice 2014, the famous French sniper Kenny ‘Kennys’ Schrab, along with GMX and SF, wore the colors of this club. The last two, by the way, soon received a block from Valve for betting. The team did not make it to the playoffs, and a few months later the organization disappeared from the CS: GO scene and ceased to exist.


So we got to the favorites of the CIS fans – Natus Vincere. The first two tournaments did not work out for the Ukrainian organization. Both times the team did not leave the group. By the way, IEM Katowice is the debut tournament for the Slovak Guardian sniper. NAVI took 13th-16th place at that Major, but their sticker is still valued in the market.


First of all, the Team LDLC holographic sticker looks really cool, just in the style of the 80s. Secondly, the organization changed its logo a long time ago and at IEM Katowice 2014 two more scandalous French players played for LDLC — Uzzziii and KQLY. The French made it out of the easy group but lost in the quarterfinals to future champions Virtus. pro.


The Dignitas sticker is in fifth place. Then the colors of the American organization were defended by the Danes Dupreeh, device, and Xyp9x. They took first place in the group and beat HellRaisers in the quarterfinals, but lost to the legendary Swedes from Ninjas in Pajamas. By the way, Dignitas recently rebranded, returning the old logo with a few updates.


IEM Katowice 2014 was the first Major to be attended by the Australian team Vox Eminor. Then SpunJ and the company were invited to the tournament, but completely failed it, taking 13-16th place. After 2016, the organization disappeared from the radar of the esports scene.


Suddenly, holographic stickers with the logo of the British organization Reason Gaming, which was founded back in 2005, broke into the top three in terms of price. Then the colors of the organization were defended by Finn Karrigan Andersen. The Danish roster did not leave the group, and no Reason Gaming roster represented the organization at the CS: GO World Championships.


Slightly more than $150,000 is a holographic sticker from the Singapore organization Titan and such a price is not surprising because only in the USA has the volume of the CS: GO market reached $5.6M. The roster at IEM Katowice 2014 was almost the best in the world. Belgian captain Ex6tenz, experienced Shox and NBK, and young Scream star. But the team didn’t even make it out of the group, losing to HellRaisers. At the beginning of 2016, the organization ceased to exist, and its stickers skyrocketed in price. Recently an AK-47 with four Titan decals was sold.


As expected, the iBUYPOWER sticker from IEM Katowice 2014 took first place. Almost the best sticker in the history of CS: GO, worth more than $150,000. The organization got into a big scandal in 2015 when its CS: GO players were involved in betting fraud. Since 2015, the American organization has no longer maintained CS: GO rosters.

Some use stickers for their intended purpose and decorate their weapons, while others find a way to earn money through this. This is not to say that stickers are quick and easy money, but spending a few bucks today can make hundreds, if not thousands, in a few years. How you manage your stickers is up to you.

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