What Darts Does Danny Noppert Use?   

What Darts Does Danny Noppert Use

One of the most successful (and popular) dart players on the planet, Danny Noppert has been competing at the highest levels of this sport for years – throwing (basically) the same darts the whole time.

Danny Noppert uses 23g Tungsten Alloy darts from Winmau, some of the most technologically advanced darts the company has ever produced.

If you’ve been looking to learn a little more about Danny, the darts he uses, the weight of darts that he prefers – and whether or not you can use the same exact darts yourself – you’ve come to the right place.

We shine a light on all of that (and then some) below.

Let’s dig right in!

What Darts Does Danny Noppert Use?

It’s fair to say that while Danny Noppert was developing his sensational dart skills as an amateur he used pretty much anything and everything available, looking for an edge to win more tournaments and join the ranks of professional dart players.

As soon as he hit the professional ranks, though, he began working with a company to develop very specific darts to his exacting specifications – darts that would allow him to play much more competitively, much more consistently, and with a lot more “feel”.

The company Danny chose to partner with is one of the biggest dart companies on the planet, producing only the highest quality darts for more than 70 years. We are talking, of course, about Winmau.

Winmau has a near legendary reputation amongst top professional players as the “go to” dart producer. They’ve helped professionals in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Belgium, Norway, Italy, and the Philippines (as well as other dart hotspots around the world) win titles – and tons of prize money – with darts made specifically for them.

Danny Noppert obviously recognized the quality of these darts and immediately went to work with their design team to come up with a dart crafted with his input and expectations.

The end result are the Danny Noppert 23g Tungsten Alloy darts from Winmau, some of the most technologically advanced darts the company has ever produced.

Noppert provided a lot of feedback about what he wanted out of the ultimate dart, really digging deep into what he wanted from the overall shape, the flights, and the feel of the shaft.

These are very much the real deal.

The darts themselves are built on the back of Winmau Prism Force medium shafts, include Prism Alpha standard extra thick flights, and feature a parallel barrel profile with an elliptical front profile.

Black high tensile tips round out the Danny Noppert Winmau dart package!

What Weight Darts Does Danny Noppert Prefer?

As far as weight is concerned (one of the most important features of a competitive dark), Noppert and Winmau seem to have settled in on a 23 g weight package.

The darts feel like but substantial in the hand, have picture-perfect balance, and are of just the right density thanks to the 90% tungsten alloy construction materials. These are darts that feel premium across the board, darts that are going to give players (Noppert included) a lot of confidence every time they step up to score.

Winmau also makes a set of 25 g Danny Noppert darts as well, giving the professional – and fans that use the same kinds of darts – a little bit more flexibility and another option if they want a dart that’s just a bit heavier sometimes.

At the end of the day, though, the balance and the feel of these darts is unmatched regardless of whether or not you go with the 23 g or 25 g option.

Can You Buy the Same Darts Danny Noppert Uses?

Absolutely! Believe it or not, getting your hands on the exact same darts that Danny Noppert uses in competitions is a whole lot easier than most people think thanks to the folks at Winmau.

You can order these darts – the Danny Noppert Edition – from any of the authorized and affiliated retailers (online or off) that have partnered with Winmau as distributors.

It would be nice to order these darts directly from the manufacturer (likely the way that Danny gets them directly), but that’s not the way the company is set up right now.

Reputable dealers like Red Dragon, Bully Darts, and Double Top Darts (amongst others) all have the Danny Noppert Edition Winmau darts in stock and ready for shipping right now.

You can start playing with the same darts your favorite professional uses right now!

A Quick Overview of Danny Noppert

Danny Noppert, a 31-year-old professional Dutch dart player from Joure, Netherlands became an almost overnight sensation the moment he burst onto the professional dart scene all the way back in 2013.

The first time the world got to see Noppert compete on the big stage was in 2013 as he reached the televised stage of the Winmau World Masters. Defeating both Jeffrey de Grafff and then Dennis Nilsson in games that scored 3-0, Noppert advanced on to face Darrell for where he was defeated 3-1.

Shortly after that Noppert competed at the 2013 Zuiderduin Masters and was able to get a little bit of revenge against Darrell Fitton, defeating him 5-4 before falling to Tony O’Shea in the second game of the group stages.

Ever since that electric start, though, Noppert has become one of the biggest stars in the world of competitive professional darts.

He reached the last 16 stage of the 2015 Winmau World Masters. He reached the final of the 2016 Dutch Open, falling in the title game only to win the Scottish Open two short weeks later.

Noppert had a fantastic career in the BDO from 2013 through 2017, but chose to bump over to the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) in the aftermath of the 2018 BDO World Darts Championship.

He has earned his Tour Card after finishing at the top of the European Order of Merit, qualified for the UK Open in his first season, and has qualified for six straight European Tour of events since then.

In March 2022 Noppert brought home his first big title, winning the PDC Major at the 2022 UK Open and one of the most thrilling final matches in history where he squared off against Michael Smith.

Noppert currently sits at the 10th  spot on the PDC world ranking Order of Merit as of late 2022.

Final Thoughts

Danny Noppert uses 23g Tungsten Alloy darts from Winmau. Winmau is one of the most trusted brands in the industry when it comes to quality and performance.

At the moment, Danny Noppert’s darts can be ppurchased from Winmau directly, or a third party company affiliated with Winmau.

There are two different options available depending on your personal preference. A 23 g or 25 g version are both available for purchase.

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