What Darts Does Joe Cullen Use?

which Darts Does Joe Cullen Use

You may know of Joe Cullen by his nickname The Power. This professional darts player has been rising to the top of his career for over a decade. If you’re a fan of this pro darts player, you may be wondering “what darts does Joe Cullen use?

Joe Cullen uses Winmau Joe Cullen darts, which were created specifically for him. The barrel of this dart has a mid-scallop design which creates to perfect feel for Cullen to deliver his best performance. This is also a very stylish dart that’s catching the attention of many pro players around the world.

Are you interested to learn more about what darts Joe Cullen uses? You’re in the right spot. Today, we’re going to discuss the darts that Joe Cullen uses and more about this pro darts player. Keep reading to learn more.

What Weight Darts Does Joe Cullen Use?

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The Winmau Joe Cullen darts weigh 21 grams. This is on the lighter side of dart choices for professional players. Most pro darts competitors will choose a dart that’s in the range of 21 to 24 grams. While this dart choice may seem lighter, Cullen has proved that it works wonders when he’s the one throwing at the board.

These darts are made from 90 % tungsten metal. Tungsten is one of the heaviest metals to work with and it’s the top choice material used in darts. Nearly every professional darts player wants to use darts made from tungsten because they offer enough weight without the darts being large and bulky.

One of the great things about tungsten darts is that they can be made to be thin and easy to handle. The Winmau Joe Cullen darts are just the right size. They are 50.8 mm in length with a diameter of 6.35 mm. These darts also have a 2BA thread. They are also a popular choice because they have a center weight distribution.

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What Makes Winmau Joe Cullen Darts Special?

The unique design of the Winmau Joe Cullen darts catches people’s attention at first, but the feel of them makes them a great set of darts to continuously use. One of the most unique features is the mid-scallop barrel design. This barrel profile has a custom specialist profile that makes it easier to grip.

There is also a full-length grip zone with square grooves. The front profile of these darts is tapered with a black high tensile point type. When you look closely at the darts, you’ll notice a Winmau W logo that has been laser-etched into the dart. To make sure the dart is attractive and last longer, it’s finished with an onyx performance coating.  

Each set of Winmau Joe Cullen darts comes with 3 darts. It also comes with an authentic premium Winmau aluminum point protector. The design on the flight is dedicated to Joe Cullen’s nickname The Rockstar. These flights are red with a black star design. 

Winmau believes that this design is what the next generation demands with darts as far as style, appeal, and feel. These darts look good and they feel good to play with.  Even though these darts are light, they are easy to maintain control of. 

History of Joe Cullen

Before Joe Cullen started playing darts professionally, he was a local mailman. Even though he started playing darts in 2006, he first made an impression in the world of darts in 2008 when he competed in the UK Open. He made a great impression and beat some well-known competitors, like Dennis Smith and Mark Stapleton. 

After this competition, he also competed in the final of the New Kids on the Oche Tournament. Cullen made such a great impression that he was able to quit his job in 2009 to solely focus on professional darts. In 2011, he won three Youth Tour tournaments, which took him from making an impression to being a household name.

  • Cullen does play for PDC and there have been 12 years in which he qualified for the PDC World Championship. However, the has only won three times, which was in the first round.
  • Some other notable moments in Joe Cullen’s darts career are winning his first PDC Pro Tour title in 2017 and this past year in 2022 when he won the PDC Masters. 
  • Won European Darts Matchplay in 2019
  • Won International Darts Open in 2020
  • Holds a number 11 world ranking as of 2022

Do Winmau Joe Cullen Darts Have Good Reviews?

The Winmau Joe Cullen darts set is a popular set that often sells out quickly. Darts players are interested in this set because it’s attractive and sells at a fair price point. This set was so high in demand when it was first released that many dart players were frustrated by the shortage.

So what do darts players who were lucky enough to be able to grab a set have to say about these darts? These darts have received a lot of praise for being well-balanced and easy to perform with. However, they are designed for dart players who grip in the middle. If you grip towards the front or rear, these may not be the best darts for you to play with.

Final Thoughts

What darts does Joe Cullen use? Joe Cullen plays with this signature Winmau Joe Cullen darts. These 21-gram tungsten darts are well-balanced and easy to play with. Even though these darts are lighter than most players choose for a tournament, the Winmau Joe Cullen darts set is still a popular choice among many players.

The most unique feature of the Winmau Joe Cullen darts is the mid-scallop barrel and grip. It’s perfectly designed for a middle gripper to perform well. however, players who grip the front or rear are still impressed by how well balanced these darts are.

If The Rockstar Joe Cullen is your favorite darts player, you can learn to play like him with the Winmau Joe Cullen darts. These darts are well made and reasonably priced. 

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