What Is Citadel Air Paint?

What Is Citadel Air Paint

Citadel paints are perfect for a variety of tabletop miniatures. You can use them to customize all of your figures completely. Citadel also offers a variety of colors for different applications. For instance, their air paint is beneficial to have.

Citadel Air paint matches with other colors already within the Citadel Paint color blends. However, these air paints are for use within an airbrush. Knowing how to use them is essential for creating a solid base layer of color. 

The air paints are a lot thinner than the other types you’ll encounter when customizing your Citadel figures. Understanding how to use air paints gives you a greater range of painting techniques to use on your models. Plus, using an airbrush allows you to build even layers of color without too much mess efficiently.

How to Use Citadel Air Paints

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There are two main ways to apply your Citadel air paint as a basecoat. The first is to give your figure an all-over coat of paint. You’ll want to use the color that makes up most of the figure, then give it more than enough time to dry. From there, you can add more detail by painting with your brushes.

Using Citadel air paints is straightforward. You want to apply the paint using an airbrush as your base coating on the model. Start by pouring some of the paint into the funnel on your airbrush. Then, gently swirl the airbrush around your blank model as the paint sprays out. Doing so will give you an even coat of color across the entire surface.

Some models come with a ton of grooves; you’ll need to apply the paint to the gaps and cracks as well. You can always add another layer of air paint after the first dries. Doing so will give you more vibrant colors as well.

The second method is to skip over areas where you want to keep shadows on the model. Most of the miniature should be spray painted, but you’ll want to hold the airbrush far away and avoid all the gaps. It helps to apply the paint only from the top of the model.

In short, these paints are easy to use- as long as you’re already familiar with using an airbrush. If you aren’t, we recommend that you take some time to practice using the basic guidelines below.

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How to Use Your Airbrush With Citadel Air Paints

Using an airbrush well takes some experience. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the tool before using it on a figure. Here’s how to set up the airbrush and use it:

  1. Start by plugging in the system to an outlet with the compressor turned off.
  2. Connect the air hose to the compressor outlet, then connect the other end to the bottom of the airbrush.
  3. Turn on the compressor. You’ll hear the air moving in the machine. You may need to change the pressure of your airbrush, turning the pressure dial, for the best results.
  4. If this isn’t your first time using the airbrush to remove leftover paint, use an airbrush cleaner product. 
  5. Shake the air paint you want to use for at least two minutes.
  6. Add two to three drops of the Citadel air paint into the airbrush funnel on top. You likely won’t need to add an airbrush thinner since these paints are already extremely thin and watery.
  7. Aim the airbrush and push the nozzle on top to release air. Pulling the nozzle back further causes more paint to release.
  8. Hold the airbrush several inches away from the figure to coat it evenly.
  9. Add a few more drops of paint as needed.

If you do make a mistake on the figure, air paints are pretty forgiving. Wipe off the figure to start over. You can wait for the model to dry, then apply another even coating to cover it up.

Are Citadel Air Paints Good?

Citadel air paints are perfect for anyone using other Citadel painting products. The air paints match up perfectly with different colors produced by the company, so you can easily use them together. That way, you get exact color matches every time.

These paints provide fantastic coverage for basecoats. If you want to paint a figure efficiently, then they’re the best option. Some people mix their paints, then add an airbrush thinner liquid. Still, you may have issues matching a custom color with other Citadel paints.

However, if you’re using other paints, you can find other high-quality options to add to your airbrush.

Can You Paint With Citadel Air?

If you don’t have an airbrush handy, you can still use Citadel air paints with a regular brush. Air paints are much thinner than regular ones, so you’ll need to apply more coats to achieve an intense color. Make sure to wait for the layer to dry before painting on another one.

While you can paint with Citadel air, it’s not as convenient as using an airbrush. Plus, the air paints cost more than the normal ones. Overall, it’s better to use regular Citadel paints if you don’t plan on using an airbrush.

In short, you can paint with Citadel air pigments in a pinch! The colors do come out thin, so you’ll need to have a lot of patience as you work.

How Long Does Citadel Air Take to Dry?

In general, you can expect a coat of Citadel air to take about 20 minutes to dry. It takes around 10 minutes for light coats and even half an hour for the heavy layers. You’ll want to give your project extra time to dry if you aren’t sure.

If you’re in a humid area, it can take even longer. Some figure painters speed up the process with a hairdryer. Make sure you don’t put the dryer too close to your figure if you do this!

Final Thoughts

Overall, Citadel air paints are handy. They work quickly in an airbrush and allow you to apply an even, vibrant base coat to any figure. It’s a lot faster to use this method than to paint everything by hand.

Citadel air paints already come with the airbrush thinner mixed in. That way, you won’t need to worry about adding it on your own. Plus, the colors match the other colors in the Citadel line, which is very convenient for keeping your pigments consistent.

Finally, these paints work great on a variety of figures. If you’re interested, you should check them out!

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