What Is Citadel Layer Paint?

What Is Citadel Layer Paint

If you’re getting into Citadel tabletop figure paints, you might be wondering what all of the different types are. Each type of paint comes with a different consistency level and ingredients, suitable for different situations. For example, the layer paints are thin and great for transitioning between colors.

Citadel layer paint comes in handy when you want to use a layering painting technique. These thinner paints allow you to paint over another layer without completely removing the base colors. That way, you can create gradients and transition between colors easily. Many figure painters use layer paint for highlights and adding detail to the model.

In short, every Citadel painter should know how to layer! This technique comes with plenty of uses, and the Citadel layer paints are perfect for it. You even have plenty of shades to choose from.

What Is Citadel Layer Paint For?

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Layer paint is for when you want to add transitional colors to your figures. Citadel crafts these paints to have lighter pigmentation and more transparency, allowing you to build up color- or “layer” it onto the figure.

There are plenty of instances where you can use layer paint on your miniatures. Many tabletop figure painters use layer paints for edge highlighting, making your painting stand out and adding more depth to the model. Not using highlights leads to flat colors.

If you’re using these figures for tabletop gaming, you want highlights, contrast, and details that stand out. Other players will see your work from a distance, so you want to make sure all the features you want them to notice are visible up to five feet away!

It’s also straightforward to learn how to use layer paints on your models. You don’t need to mix your Citadel layer paints with water when edge highlighting to thin them. They already come with an excellent consistency for this technique.

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How to Use Citadel Layer Paints for Highlighting

Edge highlighting is simple to do with the Citadel layer paints since it’s what the company designed them for! First, start by shaking the container of paint. Next, choose a fairly small brush; the larger ones blend out the highlights too much on miniatures.

Take your paintbrush and dip it directly into the layered pigment. Then, run it along the edge of the model at an angle. You need to work lightly and wait for the highlight to dry. Once it does entirely, you can add another layer, depending on how vibrant you want the color to be.

If you make a mistake, you can take the base coat color and apply it over the top to “erase” it. Many people also run the base coat over the edge of the highlight when done to make it look sharper.

It’s worth noting that learning to use layer paints can take a lot of practice. As long as you take your time with it, your figures are sure to turn out great!

What Is the Difference Between Citadel Base and Layer Paint?

There are many differences between the base and layer Citadel paints, which means you need to use them in different situations.

The most significant differences are the pigmentation and the thickness. The base coats tend to have thicker paint and stronger pigmentation, while the layer paints are more runny and translucent.

These features make them best suited for specific tasks. For example, the base paint is perfect for that initial coat of paint on the figure. The thicker consistency makes it efficient to build up vibrant and solid areas of color.

The layer paints are suitable for areas where you want to add many coats of paint over time. This feature makes them best for edge highlights and creating shifts between solid colors. You wouldn’t want to use layer paints for your base coat- it would take a very long time to build up your first layer!

So, while you may need to buy multiple paint types to finish your figure, it’s worth it! Citadel also makes all of their paints in the same shades so that you can find base and layer paints in the same color blends for consistency.

Do You Need to Water Down Layer Paint?

Many figure artists don’t use water when edge highlighting. However, you may still find situations where you want to water down the layered paint. It’s up to you and dependent on what effects you’re trying to achieve with the color.

If you do want to water down the paint, you can follow these steps:

  1. Place a small amount of the color on your palette.
  2. Add a single drop or two of water only.
  3. Use a fine-tipped (or detailing) brush to define raised surfaces on the model.
  4. Thin the paint on the palette more if you need to. Only add a drop if you think you need more, then go from there.

If you do thin out the Citadel layer paint, you’ll need to have a lot of patience while painting. You’ll have to add more layers since it will be even more transparent with the water. Overall, this method is excellent for bringing out all the details of a figure!

Are Citadel Layer Paints Worth It?

We’d have to say that Citadel layer paints are worth it! You can use them to create stunning details and bring out areas of interest on the miniatures. Plus, you can apply Citadel layer paints to bring out intense effects that stand out to players on the battlefield.

Overall, it’s worth using layer paints on your projects. While they do take some more time to learn to use, layering is an essential painting skill you’ll want to know.

Final Thoughts

In short, Citadel layer paint is a thin pigment that you can use to build up your colors gradually. You can apply them so that they don’t fully cover up the colors underneath, adding a gradient effect.

Learning the layering painting technique is essential for crafting the small details on your miniatures. You’ll want to learn to use it to add highlights, shadows, and more! It’s a handy tool to have.

Finally, the Citadel layer paints match up with other Citadel paints, including air paints and base paints. That way, you can easily choose consistent colors without having to mix your own each time.

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