What to Do With Duplicate Pokemon Cards

What to Do With Duplicate Pokemon Cards

When searching for that one specific card, you might end up with many duplicates from all the card packs you bought! Having many copies of the same Pokemon can feel overwhelming, but what can you do with them?

We recommend that you donate them, sell them in bulk online, put them in storage, or try making them into a craft. These options give you enough room to choose something that works the best for you. Plus, these ideas come with their own unique benefits.

Overall, you do have many options at your disposal. You can earn a few extra bucks now for more cards or hold onto them. Often, Pokemon cards increase in value so that you might make more on them later.

Donate Your Pokemon Cards

Were you aware that you can donate your duplicate cards? Kids love Pokemon, so plenty of charities and hospitals will take them. You can even find plenty of options online!

For example, Pokelanthropy is a charity that accepts Pokemon merchandise, then gives the items to kids in need. The group accepts cards in bulk, allowing you to give away all of your duplicates at once easily! You can find other charities that work in much the same way on the internet.

Overall, donating is a simple solution to get rid of your unwanted cards. Many places accept all types of Pokemon cards, so you’re sure to have them taken off your hands. Plus, you can feel confident that another person gets to enjoy having them! This option is much better than simply tossing them out somewhere- you can always feel good after donating.

Sell Pokemon Cards in Bulk on eBay or Offerup

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Next, you can always sell your unwanted cards online for more cash. Many collectors use this method to fund their next card pack. The two most popular options are eBay and OfferUp. 

For eBay, you set the base price; then users bet on it- like an auction. Whoever has the highest bid is the winner. You receive the funds, then ship out the cards. This platform is best if you have a complete set of duplicates that you want to get rid of since you can earn a lot of money that way.

However, if you have a scarce card, you can always sell it individually on eBay. If there’s a high demand for that Pokemon, you can expect intense bidding wars to occur! If that happens, the price people are willing to pay for your card would shoot way up.

With OfferUp, you can meet with the buyer in person. They’ll inspect the card, then give you payment for it. This method usually works best for buyers in your local area. You’ll also get quick cash this way. If there’s a lot of people interested in Pokemon cards in your town, this is the platform you should use.

Did you know Pokemon booster boxes usually sell for more than the suggested retail? This is mostly caused by supply and demand. Click here to check out the current market prices of these booster boxes and you may be surprised at just how lucrative it is to hold onto booster boxes and sell them at a later date.

Put Your Pokemon Cards in Storage

You may also want to put them in storage. Pokemon cards can gain value over time. What you have now could quadruple in worth someday- there’s no way to tell until it happens. Due to the potential profit, many collectors also hold onto their cards.

A good option is to use penny sleeves, which are plastic covers for your cards. You can preserve the card easily in these sleeves. Then, you can store them in a box or reuse one of the deck tins. These tins don’t take up a ton of space, so you should be able to find somewhere to store them at home.

Many collectors also recommend binders. You can organize the Pokemon cards however you want to, then store them on your bookshelf. This storage method also makes it much easier to find specific cards when you want them.

No matter what you put them in, you’ll want to make sure that you store them in a cool area. Humidity is awful for cards. It can lead to warping, which can cause their value to drop significantly. For many people, this means not storing them in the basement or attic!

Try a Card Craft

If you’re into crafts, you also can turn your duplicates into works of art! Of course, you’ll want to know for sure that they’re not rare before you do anything to them.

Many people make their cards into posters or frame them. If you have a ton of extra energy cards, you could always create something unique from them. Some crafters turn them into pocketbooks or tiny notepads. You can also find plenty of ideas on Etsy or Pinterest.

Trade Your Duplicate Pokemon Cards

Finally, you can always hold onto your cards until you find someone willing to trade with you. Trading opens up the possibility of turning your standard cards into something rare! You can always work your way up with trades until you get the Pokemon that you genuinely want.

Many collectors also trade online or at local game shops. Plus, with game shops, you can often sell enough to earn a new set of cards! It’s always worth asking about their policies and what you can expect to receive from a bulk trade.

Overall, trading is an excellent option for collectors. You get rid of your extra cards while earning something you want more. It’s also good to know that someone who wants your old cards gets to have them!

Final Thoughts

To summarize, you have plenty of options for all those extra cards you have at home. If they’re in the way, you can donate, sell, or store the cards. Some people also frame them or turn them into a piece of art.

Whatever you decide to do with your Pokemon cards is up to you. Many collectors also trade their duplicates in an attempt to get something rarer- you can do this online or in person.

As long as you use a method in this guide, you’re sure to get rid of your duplicates without feeling bad about it! You never need to throw out Pokemon cards- there’s always someone out there who wants your extras.

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