When Does EB Games Restock Pokemon Cards?

When Does Eb Games Restock Pokemon Cards

Hunting around for Pokémon cards these days is becoming quite difficult. As supplies in the US and Japan are slowing down, so is the printing of new Pokémon cards. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to find several locations that sell them. This way you’ll be able to increase your chances.

EB Games is a good place to find them. But when does EB Games restock Pokémon cards? Unfortunately, there’s no way to know which days. If you’re looking to buy them in-store, the best thing is to call the nearest ones and see what each has available.

However, it may be better to buy what you want online. This helps take out a lot of the guesswork and you’ll be able to see if they have them right there without any extra effort. But, there are potential problems and setbacks with this as well.

What Days Do EB Games Restock Pokémon Cards?

It’s not certain when EB Games restocks their Pokémon cards. They could be every week or once per month; it depends on when each store receives their shipments. So, you will have to call ahead to see if they have any available to buy.

The website is a great indicator of what they have in stock and you can purchase them right there. Another good thing about purchasing Pokémon cards online is that you can get the hottest and latest releases without having to enter a brick-and-mortar store.

What Company Stocks Pokémon Cards at EB Games?

GameStop is now responsible for stocking Pokémon under EB Games. Employees are the ones who actually perform the in-store restocking. GameStop’s warehouse receives them from the Japanese-owned Pokémon Company. It’s not clear what they’re shipping and distribution agreement is or when they arrive at the warehouse.

Did EB Games Stop Selling Pokémon Cards?

Since 2005, GameStop acquired EB Games for over one billion dollars under their Texas-based parent company, Grapevine. Therefore, it’s not that EB Games stopped selling Pokémon cards, it simply shifted to another retailer. So, any information you want to know about EB Games in regards to Pokémon cards will come under the policies of GameStop.

EB Rebranding by the End of the Year

By the end of 2021, they’ll be rebranding EB Games entirely. So the name will quite possibly be gone for good. This is because they plan to meld EB Games into GameStop, thereby changing the franchise and all 4,000 locations across Canada.

History of Keeping Pokémon Cards Stocked

However, prior to this merger and latest change, GameStop has experienced severe financial problems in the past. This has shorted their Pokémon card stock to a severe degree. Because they don’t place as much importance on Pokémon collections as they do other inventory, it’s the first to suffer.

But, more often than not, the biggest reason why they fail to maintain their stock is because of the game’s popularity. When there are new cards or people are hot for a particular series, they’ll fly off the shelves as quickly as they stocked them.

What Types of Pokémon Cards Do EB Games Sell?

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EB Games, under the direction of GameStop, sells all kinds of Pokémon cards. For the greatest chance of getting good cards and for a better selection, purchasing them online is best. But they have just about anything you could want to get.

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Average Price ; Stock

Whatever cards they’re out of, they clearly indicate it right on the site. They have over six pages of selections to choose from. Prices range from $0.97 all the way to $50. They have sets, booster boxes, chests and so much more.

You can find pre-owned older sets and the latest printings. Their preorder feature means you can jump on the hottest new trends before most other people. But, this can take a very long time if there’s a huge waitlist.

Special Edition Cards

However, GameStop gets their own versions of special editions of the cards. For instance, there’s the Pikachu and Zerom-GX collection. This is exclusive to GameStop. It’s the perfect set for those just starting to collect Pokémon cards or for seasoned hobbyists looking to beef up their collection.

However, they have regular packs, booster packs, box sets and all other kinds of series. While you can make certain purchases online, you will have to go to a store to get other items. For instance, you can purchase an Elite Trainer Box, but since these are on backorder, you have to go to the store when they arrive.

About Preorders

Sometimes, preorders can take several months to get to your particular store. If you’re after a certain card or series that’s really popular at the moment, don’t expect a miracle. But, unlike other Pokémon card retailers, there is no limit to the number of cards you can buy.

If you have any questions or concerns about preordering Pokémon cards from their site online, you can email their staff. They have good customer service in this regard.

Final Thoughts

Even though you can’t find out exactly when EB Games will restock Pokémon cards, you can call your nearest store and ask what they have available. If they are completely out, you can purchase them through GameStop’s website.

Online shopping provides a little more convenience and a little less physical effort on your part. In the case they don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, you’ll be able to preorder. However, you may have to wait several months and you’ll have to go to the store to pick them up.

Plus, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on what GameStop will do with EB Games by the end of this year. The name may no longer exist once 2022 comes in full swing. But, it shouldn’t change the fact that they’ll continue to stock Pokémon cards.

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