Where to Buy Bowling Balls (Best Places)

where to buy bowling balls best places

In order to up your game, it’s a good idea to purchase your own bowling ball. Having your own bowling ball will create a more reliable bowling experience, but you have to know where to shop first. Luckily, you are not short of options.

Some of the best places to buy bowling balls include Amazon, eBay, bowlersmart.com, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, and local sporting goods stores. These are only a few examples of online stores and retailers that offer bowling balls for purchase.

To learn more about top locations that sell bowling balls, keep reading. This article offers both online and in-store retailers, as well as tips regarding the brand and expected price of the bowling ball. Keep reading for more.

Best Places To Buy Bowling Balls Online  

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One of the easiest ways to find bowling balls is to shop online. As you know, there are unlimited shopping options whenever you go online. There are some mega online stores that sell a variety of products, but there are smaller sites that specialize in bowling gear too. Either way, here are some of the top online places for buying bowling balls:

Did you know that Storm bowling balls have tons of different fragrances available for their bowling balls? This Storm bowling ball is widely popular due to its birthday cake fragrance!


Amazon is a go-to shop for just about anything. You can purchase a variety of bowling balls from Amazon, including bowling balls for your children or bowling balls for competitive use. Amazon is a good choice if you want a reliable store that can ship the ball to you quickly.


eBay is another store that many people shop at for a variety of purposes. Although eBay might not have as many options like Amazon, eBay is a good choice if you want a highly affordable or vintage bowling ball. You should be able to bind collectibles and used bowling balls alike using eBay.


Bowlersmart.com specializes in bowling gear and products. As a result, you can definitely find great bowling balls on this site. When you subscribe, you can even get 5% off your first purchase. This is a great site if you want unique-looking bowling balls that you won’t get anywhere else.


Bowlersparadise.com also specializes in bowling gear. They have quite a few bowling balls to consider. You can sign up to get discounts, news, and deals for future purchases as well as your first bowling ball purchase.


Even though buddiesproshop.com does not mention bowling in its URL, This site is specifically dedicated to bowling products. There are some great bowling balls to consider, and there is information about tournaments and other competitive bowling information too.

Which Is Best for Me?

It’s up to you to decide which of these online retailers is best for you. Amazon is best if you want an affordable bowling ball for more recreational purposes, while eBay will be best if you are looking for collectibles. Bowlersmart.com, bowlersparadise.com, and buddiesproshop.com are better if you want a specific bowling ball that is unique and tailored to your needs.

From there, it’s ultimately up to your personal preferences and budget. Look at the appearance of the ball, its price, and additional features in order to make your final decision. If you are shopping at a location that offers coupons, don’t forget to utilize that cash advantage.

Best Places To Buy Bowling Balls In-Store

If you prefer to shop in person, you are not without options either. You can shop at some big chain stores, but you will likely be able to find small, locally owned stores that sell bowling balls as well.

The benefit of shopping at in-store locations is that you can get a feel of the ball before purchasing. The downside is that you will have fewer options.

Here are the top options we recommend:

Dick’s Sporting Goods

One of the most reliable places for purchasing bowling balls in person is Dick’s Sporting Goods. Dick’s Sporting Goods offers many sporting gear and products, including bowling balls. Dick’s might not have as extensive a selection as some online options, but it certainly is reliable.


Walmart truly does sell everything, and this includes bowling balls. In the sporting section, you should be able to find one or two bowling balls to choose from. Obviously, your pickings will be slim, but Walmart is another reliable in-store location where you can find bowling balls.

Bowling World

Bowling World is a popular bowling store across the United States. It is especially popular in the Southeastern and Midwestern regions. If you live in these states, you will likely be able to find a Bowling World near you. You will have many options to choose from since this store specializes in bowling products.

Local Sporting Stores

In addition to chains, there are many locally-owned sporting goods stores across the nation. Whether they be bowling specific or just about sports, these privately owned stores often sell bowling balls. Especially if you find a bowling-specific site, you can have a lot of options, all while being able to feel the ball before purchase.

If you have to choose between a big chain and a local sporting goods store, we recommend shopping local. More than likely, you will have more ball options, and you will be supporting your local community, not a big company that already is worth millions.

What Is The Best Brand Of Bowling Ball To Buy?

To an untrained eye, all bowling balls look the same, but that could not be further from the truth. There are quite a few bowling ball brands, and not all are created equally. If you are purchasing your first bowling ball, you might as well purchase one that is fantastic so that you play your best and get a long-lasting ball.


Most people agree that Storm is one of the top bowling ball brands. This company was founded in 1985, and it produces a number of high-performance bowling products. There are quite a few Storm bowling ball lines to pick from.


Brunswick is a close competitor to Storm, but it is a lot older. The company began in 1845 and transitioned to bowling in the 1880s. Because of its longstanding tradition, Brunswick offers a variety of products, ranging from beginner bowlers to professional bowlers.


Ebonite is one of the most known bowling brands. The business was founded in 1905, but it has recently been acquired by Brunswick. Ebonite sells a variety of well-known bowling balls, including balls belonging to the Ebonite and Columbia 300 brands.

How Much Does a Regular Bowling Ball Cost?

The cost of a bowling ball is pretty wide. Entry-level bowling balls can start out at $40 and rarely exceed $100. In comparison, professional bowlers can spend more than $250 for a ball. What this means is that you should purchase a ball based on your experience level. A $250 ball is completely unnecessary for a hobbyist.

On average, you can expect to spend between $90 and $140 on a ball. If you are just getting started, spending around the $100 mark will likely do you good. The ball will be pretty good quality without costing a fortune.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are quite a few locations for buying bowling balls. You will have the most options at online retailers, but shopping in person has its own advantages too.

If you decide to shop online, we recommend selecting a shop based on your needs. For in-person shoppers, we recommend shopping at local sporting goods stores, but you might need to check out larger chains if there are no local stores in your area.

Luckily, there are quite a few good bowling ball brands you can look for, and they come in a wide range of prices. Select your ideal ball based on your experience level and how frequently you need the ball. If you are just starting out, you don’t need to spend more than $100 on your ball.

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