Why Are Old Pokemon Packs so Expensive?

why area old pokemon packs so expensive

Have you noticed that old Pokemon card packs are rising in prices? Pokemon cards are getting more and more expensive year by year. This raises a question among fans of the Pokemon card franchise. Why are old Pokemon packs or booster boxes so expensive?

Older Pokemon packs are so expensive due to scarcity, which means the company is not printing enough cards to meet the demand. Additionally, scalpers are buying up all the cards, making them even harder to get a hold of. Scalpers are notorious for selling merchandise way above their retail price- making the cards even more expensive than they ever would be naturally.

Unfortunately, until the company prints more cards, interest runs out, or scalpers stop sweeping up all the cards, the prices will continue rising. If you want to learn more, make sure to keep reading! Everything you need to know about Pokemon card prices is in this article.

Why Are Old Booster Boxes So Expensive?

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Pokemon booster boxes are getting more and more expensive. This effect is the direct result of both a stock shortage and scalpers getting a hold of the packs. However, when demand lowers, you can expect the prices to go back down to normal levels.

Even as The Pokemon Company meets the higher demands, any rare cards you have will still stay at a high value- so you have nothing to worry about! Many people consider their cards to be an investment for the future.

Older and sought after Pokemon booster boxes can go for a hefty premium! This Pokemon XY Evolutions sealed booster box is very expensive when in stock on Amazon.

Supply and Demand

Today, Pokemon cards are selling out extremely quickly. As it stands, the supply simply can’t meet the demand due to the trading card game’s sudden surge in popularity. But why are they selling out so quickly all of a sudden?

Since the pandemic started, trading cards of all kinds have become more popular. Pokemon trading cards were one of the collectibles that started running out fast. It is possible that since more people were spending time at home, they had more time to spend working on their collections.

Since supply hasn’t been meeting demand, scalpers came in and made the situation worse for card collectors. It didn’t take long for prices to skyrocket. However, as life returns to normal for many, you can expect the price of cards to return to normal slowly.

Printing Shortages

To combat the scalping problem, Target stopped carrying Pokemon cards completely. Plus, The Pokemon Company put a lottery system in place for people to buy them. Hopefully, soon, The Pokemon Company starts printing more cards to meet the demand of their buyers.

However, many expect that the demand for Pokemon cards returns to normal as people return to their daily lives. As people lose interest, scalpers will also seek profits elsewhere- leading to the end of the printing shortages.

Nostalgia Can Impact Price

Old products tend to cost much more than new ones- especially if they are in good condition. People who grew up with Pokemon as kids are adults now, many of which are now chasing nostalgia by buying old packs.

If you are buying cards for nostalgia, you are likely to be willing to pay a bit more than the booster pack is worth. When more and more people overpay for a booster box, people are selling them notice- and may raise the price to match their competition. 

Finally, if the person selling the cards has had them for a while, they are likely to charge more for them.

Which Pokemon Card Packs Are Worth Money?

The Vivid Voltage card pack may be worth a lot of money- if you get lucky. The pack has a chance of containing the rainbow Secret Rare Pikachu card. It depicts a foil Pikachu in Dynamax form. This particular card is one of the most valuable ones out there at the moment.

However, there are plenty of packs that came out in 2016 and 2017 that are worth buying. For instance, the 2016 XY Evolutions Boosters, 2016 XY Generations Elite Trainer packs, and the 2017 Sun ; Moon Burning Shadows packs also can be worth money.

If you are looking for something that came out this year, you will want to look into the 2021 Shining Fates Elite Trainer Boxes. However, these packs tend to be expensive right now due to printing shortages.

The most expensive card packs right now are from the 1999 first edition booster box, which was the first set of Pokemon card packs to hit the market. One of these booster boxes sold for more than $150,000 in late 2020!

Is It Worth It to Buy Pokemon Booster Packs?

It depends on what you want. The booster boxes are more worthwhile if you want a specific card since their distribution rates are better. However, you can save money buying separate card booster packs. 

For instance, if you plan on buying 36 packs, you get more value from the box deals. But, if you are searching for a few specific cards, you will want to buy a booster. The odds of pulling two of the same card in a booster are low, so you would want to buy booster packs in those cases.

Most booster cards come with six common cards, three slightly less common cards, and one rarer card. Overall, many people enjoy buying Pokemon cards. They are fun to open and have a large community surrounding them.

Are Booster Boxes Worth Buying?

Each booster box has 36 booster packs of cards. The packs usually contain between 9 and 11 cards. Booster boxes are most worth buying if you are looking to quickly fill out a collection. Many people choose to buy them when a new series is released.

On average, a new booster box will carry around 360 cards. Most series will include 200 new cards, so this option has the best chance of filling out your collection.

Some people use the booster boxes as an investment. They don’t open it, then sell it when the box’s value increases in a few years. Doing this can be worth it if you are willing to wait to make more money. Others will open the box and sell the valuable cards they pull from it.

Finally, if you happen to be buying an older box, make sure that you receive a sealed one. You could receive a box with no cards or one that is opened and doesn’t have enough of the original cards in it. Check for sealing tape and authentic Pokemon packaging- there is a special seal.

Final Thoughts

So, why are old Pokemon boosters so expensive? Many cards go up in price as time passes since they become more rare and valuable. Plus, more people grew up with Pokemon, making the demand for the very high at the moment. 

Scalpers are also to blame for the high prices. They buy up large amounts of stock, then sell them at outrageous prices. You never want to buy from scalpers, as this will continue to make the problem worse.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons why Pokemon card packs are so expensive. The older they are, the more valuable they are. Plus, the current shortage is also affecting the cost of the cards, as the company can not meet the current supply and demand. Hopefully, soon, the prices will go back to normal for everyone.

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