Why Does Everyone Hate Ultramarines? (Warhammer 40k)

Why Does Everyone Hate Ultramarines

Dedicated fans of the tabletop game typically aren’t fans of the Ultramarines. There are a few reasons why players hate them, but one of the main ones is that they are associated with one of the game’s writers, Matt Ward. A lot of players dislike changes he made to the game, including the Ultramarines.

When players compare the Ultramarines to other figures in the game, it becomes obvious just how boring they are. Ultramarines are generic with no real backstory and often chosen by beginners who have no real experience playing the game. This leaves a bad taste in experienced players’ mouths.

If you’ve recently started playing Warhammer 40K, you may have noticed a lot of players hate the Ultramarines. Every player has their own reasons for why they think Ultramarines are the worst. On this page, we’re going to discuss some of the most talked-about reasons why everyone hates Ultramarines in Warhammer 40k.

Why Are Ultramarines So Hated Among the Warhammer Community?

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A lot of players in the Warhammer community associate Ultramarines with when Matt Ward came on board. This is a writer who completely changed a lot of rules in the game. Those who had been a part of the Warhammer community for years were not pleased with some of the rules he created, and even worse, how inauthentic some of the new characters were.

In the community, Ward is referred to as a “fanboy”. Serious players of the game believe that the Ultramarines were designed as one of Ward’s fantasy visions. There was no story put into these characters, which didn’t fit with the Warhammer theme. Every other figure in the game has unique characteristics, whereas the Ultramarines were plain and generic.

Before Ward came along, these generic figures only appeared in one chapter out of several. However, once this writer started making changes, players felt as though the game was overrun by Ultramarines. Since there are so many unique and interesting figures in this game,  most players are simply sick of seeing so many basic Ultramarines.

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Why Are Ultramarines So Popular?

Ultramarines are popular for new players who are not quite familiar with the game because they are standard. As many experienced players would call them, vanilla. Although they may be boring, a lot of players will still choose to use them because they represent the standard Codex Astartes marines. 

When looking at advertisements for the game, it becomes clear that the Ultramarines are essentially the poster figure for the Warhammer franchise. This means that new players are more likely to choose them when starting out. There are a few other reasons why new players opt to start out with Ultramarines. 

Despite being widely hated in the Warhammer community, Ultramarines still get chosen time and time again. What makes them so popular? When it comes down to it, people who are just starting out like to choose Ultramarines because they are very easy when learning the game and they are quite powerful.

Ultramarines do have a wide fanbase because there are a lot of options when choosing them. Players will have a bigger variety of spells, relics, and characters to use.

Are the Ultramarines Good?

Just because something is hated doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad. Ultramarines have a lot of good qualities to add to the Warhammer game. Every player needs to start somewhere, and when a person first joins it’s easier for them to learn the game with a standard figure. 

Ultramarines are the perfect choice for new players because they are one of the easiest to learn. Playing with this team has its advantages because of how well-balanced the army is. This leaves players prepared for nearly any situation that comes along. They also have one of the most flexible approaches on the battlefield.

When new players want to advance up the board, they can find many tactful ways using Ultramarines. Some of the characters from Ultramarines are heavy hitters as well. Players can find many powerful characters in this army.

What Are the Ultramarines Good At?

The main thing that attracts Warhammer players to the Ultramarines is the balance of playing with them. Ultramarines are known for their being an equal mix of philosophers and warriors. A lot of players respect this army’s well-rounded approach to the game. While there are many great characters in this army, each one has its own set of strengths.

  • Gulliman- strong primarch who is known as the greatest logician 
  • Calgar- strategy expert
  • Tigarius- best psyker 
  • Sergeant Cronus- one of the best sergeants in the game

There are a lot of unique abilities to take advantage of when players use Ultramarines. Once they have a full understanding of what each character excels at, it’s easier to leverage all of their abilities. When used correctly, there are a lot of great tactics that can be put in play to wipe out the other teams in battle.

Ultramarines have many buffering abilities that make them a hard army to beat. Especially when they make use of the relics to get ahead on the board.

Final Thoughts

Every player who is a part of the Warhammer community has a different opinion about Ultramarines. Many players despise them because of how generic they are. Instead of looking at some of the features that make this army great, they focus on what they don’t like about the Ultramarines. 

It is true that the Ultramarines may not be as impressive as some of the armies with specialty skills. However, if you’re new to the game of Warhammer, the Ultramarines have a lot of great strengths and are one of the easiest teams to learn with. This is why they are the poster team for the game.

A lot of experienced players dislike some of the rules that changed with the game once the writers started putting a lot of focus on the Ultramarines. They will often view players who use Ultramarines are inexperienced because they prefer to play with specialty teams.

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