Why Does My Candle Wax Bubble?

Why Does My Candle Wax Bubble

When you allow a candle you are crafting to cool before pouring the wax, it can cause your candle wax to bubble. If there is too much heat, or if candles are cooling too close together, this can also lead to bubbling within the glass candle holder. It’s possible that you are also not pouring your candle at a hot enough temperature to avoid bubbling. 

The temperature of the candle wax should be close to the temperature of the glass canister. This means that your canister should be warm, and so should your candle wax. This will lead to optimal results without bubbling.

Regardless of the reason your candle wax is bubbling, there are tips when pouring your wax to help you avoid bubbles. Furthermore, if you’ve already poured your wax and are noticing bubbles, there are ways to save your candle 

At Exactly Are the Air Bubbles in My Candle Wax?

Air bubbles can occur as the wax is starting to cool within its container. This can also cause spotting on the glass. Once again, if either the canister or wax is too cool, it can start to bubble. No matter what type of wax you use, this can happen. 

Moisture can also influence the formation of air bubbles in your candle wax. Be sure the canisters are completely dry before pouring wax inside. Similarly, try not to keep any water in your work area. 

How Do These Bubbles Affect My Candle?

Air bubbles don’t look nice inside a candle. The aesthetic of your candle might be important, especially if they are going on the market. When your candle has air bubbles, you’ll see little tick marks throughout that look similar to if you were to prick the wax with a needle. If they are big enough, they can also warp the shape of your finished candle. 

Air bubbles can also have an impact on how long your candles burn for. This can be an issue if you are trying to sell candles. 

How Do I Try to Avoid Bubbles in Candle Wax?

Before you pour your wax, make sure your glassware or canister is warm as well. You can preheat it beforehand so you can get that hot wax poured as soon as possible. Once you have poured the wax, gently tap on the canister to help the wax settle. This can help prevent bubbles from forming. 

You may find a lot of different recommendations regarding how hot your wax should be, depending on the type of wax and the canister you are pouring the wax into. Be sure that you read any recommendations that come with your materials carefully, and follow those before following anything else you may come across. 

Bubbles can also become a problem if you overmix your wax. Try to avoid stirring it too much. This is allowing too much air to get in your mixture which can make the wax bubble up.

In order to heat up your glass containers to match the heat of the wax as close as possible, you can warm them up in an oven. Turn the temperature to about 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Leaving the canisters in the oven for about five minutes should suffice. 

How Do I Set Up My Candles if I’m Pouring Multiples?

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You want to take care to pour each candle slowly. Set each canister up at least four inches apart. After you have finished pouring your wax and tapping the glass to try and tap away any bubbles, they should be left in the room to cool. An optimal room temperature for the candles to cool well would be around 72 degrees. 

For the best candle making experience possible, we recommend using a candle making kit like this one. It has everything you need to get started in candle making and is perfect for beginners and veterans alike.

How Do You Fix Air Bubbles in a Candle?

One of the easiest ways to fix air bubbles in a candle is by being as proactive as possible. If you accidentally pour too fast and start to see bubbles, don’t forget to try tapping the canister when you are finished. This will be one of the most effective ways to fix air bubbles in a candle. 

If your candle has finished drying and there are still some air bubbles, you can use a heat gun or some type of heat source to correct them. When the gun is on a lower heat setting, hold it close to the container. This will help smooth out any imperfections, including air bubbles. 

If there are big air bubbles around the wick, which can happen, you can use a wicking needle to “pop” those bubbles. You want to use your needle to stab all the way around the wick and around the bubble. Then, use your heating gun to reheat the wax, and pour more inside to even it out. 

How Do You Get Bubbles Out of Clear Wax? 

Clear wax, often called gel wax, requires some different methods to work. You will melt small pieces of the clear wax in a pot and let it melt after securing the wick to your canister of choice. Once the wax is at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll want to slowly pour the wax into your canister. You want to pour while the wax is still hot to avoid bubbles. 

With clear wax, bubbles are quite visible. In order to get rid of these bubbles, you’ll want to place your candle in the oven at about 131-158 degrees Fahrenheit. Let it sit for about 25 minutes. You’ll only want to do this if your canister is glass or metal, since they are both oven safe. 

When you take the candle out of the oven, you’ll want to let it bathe in some sunlight. The heat from the sun will help keep the wax hot, thus allowing the bubbles to dissipate. 

Final Thoughts

Making candles is truly an art form. It takes great care, attention to detail, and patience. Practicing a few of these tips will ensure you don’t ruin your masterpiece with bubbles.

Being sure to pay close attention to the temperature of your candle making elements, as well as how you pour your wax, are the best ways to avoid bubbling. However, there’s a simple fix when mistakes happen.

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