Why Does My Thumb Get Stuck in My Bowling Ball?

Why Does My Thumb Get Stuck in My Bowling Ball

It can be both frustrating and a little frightening when you go to throw your bowling ball and it gets stuck on your thumb. There are multiple different reasons why your thumb might be getting stuck in the thumb hole while you are bowling.

The most common reason that your thumb is getting stuck in your bowling ball is because the holes are not the right size. You might also be sticking your thumb too far into the hole, which can also cause your thumb to get stuck.

To avoid injury, it is very important to prevent your thumb getting stuck in the hole. You need to understand what causes the sticking before you can determine how you should fix it. Keep reading to learn more about why you are experiencing this issue and how you can fix it.

What Causes Thumb to Stick In Bowling Ball?

The first reason your thumb might be sticking in the bowling ball is because the hole is too big for your thumb. This can make you hold onto the ball tighter with your thumb, making it harder to release the ball at the proper time. 

Oppositely, the thumb hole might be too small for you. If you have a hard time getting your thumb into the hole and getting it out to throw the ball, chances are the thumb hole is too small and you need to see about getting a new ball or expanding the thumb hole at a pro shop.

Another possibility is that your thumb swells up when you bowl. You will usually be able to tell if this is the case when your thumb fits fine at the beginning of the game but keeps getting stuck towards the end. You can fix this by purchasing a thumb slug that you can insert into the ball, making it easier to fit your thumb when it is too large.

You could also be gripping the ball more with your thumb than with your fingers. You should always grip your ball tighter with your fingers than with your thumb. If you think this might be the issue, hold your thumb as straight as you possibly can when you release. This will help you determine if this is the problem or not.

One final reason your thumb might be sticking in your bowling ball is because it doesn’t sit at the right angle when you try to release the ball. If your thumb isn’t straight at the time of release, there is a much larger chance that your thumb will stick. Try to keep your thumb as straight as possible when you bowl.

How Should Your Thumb Fit in a Bowling Ball?

It is more common than not that bowlers will use bowling balls that aren’t properly fitted for their thumb. This can impact your game and get your thumb stuck when you try to release. If you don’t know how your thumb is supposed to fit, how can you know if you have the right fit?

The thumb hole should feel loose, but tight enough that you don’t need to fully grip the ball with your thumb. The standard is that there should be enough space between your thumb and the bowling ball for one piece of tape to fit. 

The best way to determine the right size thumb hole for your bowling ball is to go to a pro shop and get your thumb sized. The pro shop will consider the size and shape of your thumb to determine the best size for your thumb hole.

There are a few different tips you can consider if you want to figure out the way your thumb fits on your own. First, stick your fingers into the ball like you normally would. If you have enough room to stick a piece of tape in the thumb hole, it fits. If you have a hard time getting your thumb in or out, it’s too small.

You can also tell that your thumb hole is too small if you notice you are getting cut and bleeding. Your skin might be getting scraped by the material of the bowling ball, indicating that your thumb doesn’t fit properly.

How Far Should Your Thumb Be In the Bowling Ball?

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If you aren’t holding your bowling ball properly, you risk injuring your fingers. There is some slight controversy on whether your thumb should be completely inserted into the ball. Doing so will give you the most control over your ball and make your release simple. 

However, some bowlers might opt out of putting their thumb in the thumb hole at all. They find that this makes it easier to curve or hook the ball. This is an advanced technique and isn’t recommended for newer bowlers.

Did you know some bowling balls actually have scents? Storm bowling balls like this one have special fragrances added into the ingredients during the manufacturing process. Fragrances like birthday cake and grapevine are just some of the scents that they have to offer. It’s said that fragrances help bowlers maintain their focus while throwing.

How to Properly Hold a Bowling Ball

Now that you’ve figured out the right for your thumb and how far it goes into the ball, you need to learn how to properly hold the ball with your other fingers to avoid any type of injury. First, you will hold the ball in your non-dominant hand with the finger holes facing up.

You can then insert your fingers and thumb into the ball. You shouldn’t use your pointer finger, as this can be uncomfortable and harmful. It is best to use your middle finger, ring finger, and your thumb to hold the ball. 

Your fingers should be in the holes to your second knuckle. This will allow the surface of the ball to rest on your palm. Place your thumb all the way into the thumb hole. It is recommended to hold a grip with your fingers instead of your thumb. This will allow you to keep a consistent swing and release.

It is also important to remember that you shouldn’t grip the ball too tightly, especially with your thumb. This can result in your thumb getting stuck because it wasn’t prepared for the release of the ball.

If you are just getting into the hobby of bowling, it is highly recommended that you purchase a custom ball from a pro shop. This way, the ball will be made specifically for you, and you won’t have to worry about it not fitting your fingers properly.

Final Thoughts

Getting your thumb stuck in your bowling ball is incredibly frustrating, but it is usually a sign that you are using a ball with the wrong size thumb hole. If your thumb doesn’t fit properly in the hole, whether it is too loose or too snug, there is a high chance that your thumb will get stuck.

To make sure that your thumb hole is the proper size, put your thumb in the hole and try to stick a piece of tape between your thumb and the ball. If the tape fits perfectly, the thumb hole is the right size. If the tape doesn’t fit at all, the hole is too loose. Finally, if the tape has too much room, the hole is too loose.

When you are just getting into the bowling hobby, it is highly recommended that your first ball be custom fit for your hand. This will ensure that your thumb doesn’t get stuck when you are trying to release the ball.

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