Will Carpet Installers Move a Pool Table?

will carpet installers move a pool table

If the carpet installation requires the pool table to be removed from the room, the installers can move the pool table to another room if it fits through the doorway. Some installers may be able to roll the carpet underneath the pool table by simply lifting its legs, one side at a time. If neither of these options are possible, then you will need to disassemble and move your pool table prior to the carpet installation.

Carpet installations range anywhere from $3 to $6 per square foot. It does not sound like a lot, but this cost adds up for larger rooms—especially if you also need to hire a separate company to disassemble and move your pool table!

However, based on your situation, the installers could potentially install your carpet without the necessity of disassembling your pool table. That would be convenient and save you a lot of money!

In this article, we will discuss which option may be available for you and your pool table!

Is Your Pool Table Movable?

Pool tables can be heavy! The average pool table weighs 650 to 900 pounds depending on the table’s features—tables designed for homes are generally on the lower end of the scale. If you do not know the weight of your pool table, you can make a rough guess based on its features—this may be useful information for your carpet installers!

Do you have doorways that are wide enough to fit your pool table through? Pull out your tape measurer and measure the width of the table and the width of your doorframe—you will want to have a few inches to spare so that you do not damage the doorframe or the pool table. The pool table can either be carried out flat or flipped and carried sideways to allow for more maneuver room.

Once you have this information, contact the carpet installers to see if they can move your pool table out of the room. Some installers may be more reluctant than others, so try contacting a few installers. They may send an extra helper to lift and move the heavy weight of the pool table.

Installing Carpet Without Moving Your Pool Table

Some carpet installers may specialize in doing installations around pool tables by simply rolling the carpet underneath the legs, one side at a time. One installer will lift one side of the pool table, while the other installer rolls out the rug underneath its legs. With this method, the pool table does not need to be moved!

However, it can be difficult to properly stretch a carpet without moving the pool table. If the carpet is not properly stretched, you may find ripples forming over time. It would be horrible to notice bulges forming in your rug some months later!

So, if you want to install a carpet without moving your pool table, you must find installers that are experienced with this type of method. Some installers can stretch the carpet by using the pool table as anchors. Do your research and find a company that has proven success with stretching carpets underneath a pool table.

Cost Of Disassembling Your Pool Table

Unfortunately, some instances may require you to disassemble your pool table. If the pool table won’t fit through the door frame, and the installation company is not experienced with stretching rugs underneath pool tables, then you need to disassemble your pool table prior to installation.

Pool tables are expensive, and you want to take care of yours. Although you can disassemble them on your own, you may damage features of the table, or it may be very difficult to reassemble properly.

Carpet installation companies are not experts at disassembling and reassembling a pool table either. Even if they are willing to do so, they may damage features of the table—it is not worth the risk!

If you need to disassemble your pool table, you may want to hire professional pool table movers. Although moving a pool table may cost you around between $300 to $500, you will find relief in knowing that your pool table is being cared for properly.

If you need to disassemble your pool table, then you should hire pool table movers prior to installing your carpet. Schedule moving your pool table a week or two before your carpet installation in case they need to delay for some reason.

Will a Pool Table Ruin Your Carpet?

Dragging a pool table or roiling a dolly across your carpet after installation can damage the delicate fibers on the carpet—it may leave an ugly trail from the door to the pool table’s resting spot. Hire professional movers and carpet installers that have experience with pool tables.

To avoid carpet damage, lay a tarp or heavy cloth over your new carpet when you bring in your pool table. After you set the pool table in the desired position, remove the tarp from underneath the table. If you are carrying in the pool table without the use of a dolly, a tarp may not be needed.

Leveling Your Pool Table on a Carpet

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A pool table takes times to settle into a new carpet. Wait two or three days before making leveling adjustments. For the leveling process, use wooden shims to raise any legs that require adjustment.

Use a level or a marble to make the table evenly set. If you place the marble in the center of the pool table, and it rolls this way or that, then you should place wooden shims underneath legs to correct it. Keep doing this until the marble rests in the center of the table without moving.

Over time, you may need to add or remove wooden shims as the pool table settles into the carpet. After some months, the pool table should remain level.

Another great way to level you pool table is by using Pool Table Leg Levelers like these by Game Room Guys. If your pool table is not level, simply make minor adjustments to each leg until your pool table is as even as you need it to be.

Do Most Carpet Installers Move Furniture?

Yes, carpet installers move furniture that is in the way—this is included in the cost of the installation. By moving furniture, installers can properly roll out and stretch the carpet in the room.

However, you should move all small furniture items, such as lamps, pots, or televisions—essentially, anything that is fragile. Carpet installers will move larger furniture, such as couches, tables, or desks. Unique furniture items that are large and heavy, such as pool tables, should be discussed with the carpet installers prior to installation.

Final Thoughts

Pool tables, rooms, and door frames come in all different sizes and shapes. It is in your interest to assess your situation before carpet installers arrive at your house. You don’t want the carpet installers to find out about the pool table on the day of installation!

Measure the lengths of your room, door frame, and pool table; also, estimate the weight of your pool table. After gathering all this information, contact carpet installers and ask about their experience with installing carpets around pool tables. Are they capable of moving the pool table or installing the carpet without moving it?

Using this article to assess and research your unique situation, you will find the most convenient and price-friendly way to install a carpet in your pool table room!

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