Are Magnetic Card Holders Good? (One-Touch, BCW)

are magnetic card holders good

As a collector, you’re probably always on the hunt for ways to protect your cards effectively. Without proper storage, classic cards can get bent and scratched, two things that drive down the value. That’s why you need to get your hands on cardholders that work to not only protect your cards but also keep them displayed so you can take a look at them when you like. 

One safe means of holding onto and storing your cards is One-Touch Magnetic card holders, made to not only protect your cards but also make them look sharp to show off. These magnetic cases are great cardholders, allowing you to either store them or put them out on display for all to see.  

If you’re wondering about magnetic card cases and whether they will be effective for you and your card collection, we’ll clear all of that up below. You should only use cases that you’re confident with, keeping the idea of your precious collectibles getting ruined far from your mind. 

What Is a Magnetic Card Case?

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A Magnetic card case from One-Touch is a highly sophisticated case that features a powerful magnet closure. Unlike some of the top loaders and snap cases, magnetic cases guarantee that your cards won’t fall out and will stay in the correct position.

They offer a sturdy material for all sides of your card and protection against several damaging factors. 

Apart from keeping your cards in the correct space, these holders have a few other features that make them stand out above the crowd. When you’re looking for card cases, look for similar features so that you have protection from the inside out. 

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One-Touch cards have borders that hold your card in place. You won’t have to worry about it slipping around or moving, keeping peace of mind knowing that the borders will keep your card where you want it to be.

Simply slide your card in and fit the corners into the correct sockets to enjoy a safe and secure holder. 

UV Protection 

A lot of collectors keep a close watch out for UV damage. If left in the sun too long, your cards can start to change colors and even start to fade.

That’s why magnetic card cases from One-Touch have a UV protector that keeps those harmful rays away. 

Magnetic Closure 

Other types of cardholders feature closures that typically pop open. This could cause your cards to fall out where they could be exposed to a number of damaging materials.

With a magnetic card, a strong magnet rests on either side and keeps your card in the right place so that you don’t have to worry about that. 

How Much Does a Magnetic Card Holder Weigh?

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Magnetic cardholders weigh about 3 ounces on average due to the thick plastic and magnet, but this can carry depending on the thickness of the case.

You won’t have to worry about pressure or heavy materials weighing your cards down. Plus, if you choose to display them in a case or along your walls, you can do so without having to worry about them slipping off due to size. 

While there are different sizes, the most common magnetic case holds 35-point cards and only comes in at 1.6 ounces. For all of the power that’s packed into each magnetic card case, that’s a small weight to deal with, which is why so many pro collectors turn to them as their choice for cardholders. 

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Do One-Touch Cases Damage Cards?

Among the list of concerns for pro collectors, many have asked about One-Touch magnetic cases and their long-term effects on cards. While there is no initial damage, there are a few things that you should be cautious about if you choose to use a magnetic cardholder. 

1. The Corners 

Some of the older models of magnetic cardholders did not have solid holders around the corners. If you were to buy a set that was too big for the cards you’re storing, your card could move around more than it should.

This movement could cause slight wear and tear around the edges, something that you don’t want on valuable cards.

2. The Moisture

When moisture builds up in the cardholder you’re using, your baseball cards could be ruined. Leaving cards in the sun without proper protection or in an area where humidity can seep into your holder could cause damage that’s next to impossible to reverse. 

Still, magnetic card holders seal tight but, you should not leave them in humid areas. Always check to see how they are doing in the area where you leave them to air them out just in case the conditions are not favorable. 

3. The Display

While this is not a direct effect of the One-Touch magnetic cardholders, the spot that you choose to display could also have an effect on your card. Always choose a place that’s free of dust, debris, and direct sun exposure.

Though the cards feature UV protection, they might not be enough to stand up to continued exposure over a long period of time. 

Final Thoughts

When you’re looking for a place to store your cards, you have a lot of options to choose from. Still, some are better than others protecting your cards better than other methods. Before choosing card cases, check the size of your card and plan where you will be storing or replacing them. 

Magnetic card cases are a good choice for many options, offering a safe and secure spot to store your cards while protecting them from many damaging factors like sun, dust, and debris. Be sure to choose the size that fits your cards to avoid any unwanted movement. 

Where you choose to put your cards and how you take care of them is important. It not only will keep the value up but keep them looking like new. No matter if you choose to display them or store them away in a closet or basement, you need some form of protection that will make them last a lifetime. 

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