Are MTG Misprints Worth Anything?

Are MTG Misprints Worth Anything

MTG doesn’t always have the best reputation when it comes to the printing of cards. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for MTG misprints to be found in many booster packs. But, are MTG misprints worth anything?

In most cases, no. A MTG misprint isn’t worth anything. Most misprints are just poor centering on the card. In many cases, that could actually harm the value of the card. If there is a typo on the card, that isn’t worth anything either. The only time a misprinted card is worth anything is when they show another card. 

Let’s explain this in a bit more depth for you.

What Is a MTG Misprint Card?

An MTG misprint card is pretty much what it says on the tin. it is a misprinted card.

These cards can come in a variety of different types. This includes:

  • Cards with poor centering.
  • Cards with typos
  • Cards with poor printing
  • Cards with another card printed on them. Basically, half a card. 

Basically, if the card doesn’t look like it should look like, then it is a misprint. However, do bear in mind that most cards with typos are not misprints. If a card has a typo, then you can bet your bottom dollar that almost every one of the same card from that print run will have the same typo. It is not a unique card in the slightest. 

Are MTG Misprints Valuable?

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Not really. Some MTG misprints may be worth something. This means that if the misprint is a serious misprint e.g. two different cards have been printed on the same card.

Other MTG card misprints tend to only be worth money if that card is in demand as a normal card.

Honestly, most of the time, if you have an MTG misprint, it probably isn’t going to be worth anything. In fact, if the misprint is something like poor centering or the ink is the wrong color or a little bit faded, then the card may actually be worth less money. 

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What MTG Misprints Are Worth Money?

As we said, most MTG misprints are not going to be worth anything. There is no sense in trying to sell the card, because you won’t get any money for it.

The only MTG misprints that seem to be worth money will be those that have serious misprinting errors. We are talking a double card printed onto the same piece of card.

We are talking cards that have missing text or a missing name. Some cards may even have the wrong image printed on them. If a collector wants to get their hands on misprints, then these are the cards that they will go for.

Outside of this, your card is only going to have value if the card is played in the game. For example, a misprint of a card that is regularly played in standard, modern, vintage, etc. is going to be worth more than a card that barely gets any play.

However, this isn’t because the card is a misprint. It probably won’t sell for much more. It is just because people want to play with that specific type of card.

Can You Get MTG Misprint Cards Graded?

You can get MTG misprint cards graded. All of the big grading companies will be more than happy to grade them for you.

However, you should bear in mind that the grade will likely be impacted by the misprint. For example, the only cards that are able to achieve a full grade 10 will be perfectly centered cards. So, if the misprint is really off-center, then it will not be able to receive a perfect grade.

In fact, it is almost impossible for an MTG misprint to achieve a perfect grade, mostly because all of the grading companies are looking for there to be no irregularities in the card.

This means that your card may actually end up being worth a whole lot less if you got it graded. It probably isn’t going to be worth your time. If you want to sell it, then sell it as-is.

The one exception to this rule is if you have a card that is seriously misprinted. The grading companies still won’t give it a high grade, since it is a misprint. However, the grading may help you to sell it on. At the very least, the grading is showing that you have a legit card in your hands and that it has been verified by an independent company. 

Where Can I Sell MTG Misprint Cards?

This is where things become a little bit trickier. MTG misprint cards are not in huge demand. You may be able to list them on some of the major card selling websites or eBay, but they tend not to sell all that well there.

This is because the vast majority of people heading to these websites are not on the hunt for misprints, other than the fact that they may be able to save a little bit of money on them.

Your best bet is to turn to sites where misprint collectors tend to hang out. Any collectible card forum should be a good place to start. You may also want to look into sites like Reddit where there are several communities dedicated to the sale of misprinted cards.

However, do bear in mind that even then, it is still going to be tricky to sell them. MTG misprints are just not in huge demand. 

Final Thoughts

If you have an MTG misprint, chances are that it isn’t worth anything. Misprints happen more often than you may think.

The only MTG misprints that tend to be worth something are those that have serious misprinting issues e.g. double cards, or a serious change of color or text.

If you want to sell your cards, then you will need to track down collectible communities that specialize in misprints. However, do bear in mind that your card will probably not sell for as much as you were expecting. 

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