Are Pokemon Elite Trainer Boxes Worth It?

Are Pokemon Elite Trainer Boxes Worth It

Pokemon Elite Trainer Boxes are well worth the investment for both new and seasoned players. They are a collectible series that contain new cards, collectible dice, and beautifully illustrated sleeves.

If you are new to the game, the markers and dice that come with the pack are excellent, and for those already playing, they contain common and rare VMAX Pokemon cards.

Even if you aren’t interested in playing the game, Pokemon Elite Trainer Boxes go up in value as they age and can be a wise investment if you are willing to hold onto them for a while and resell them.

What Is a Pokemon Elite Trainer Box?

Pokemon Elite is a class of Pokemon that is more powerful and larger than the original wild Pokemon.

A Pokemon Elite Trainer Box contains a random set of elite Pokemon cards, including collectible dice, markers, and card sleeves.

The pack also contains a selection of Pokemon-GX cards, a super-elite class of Pokemon that are much more powerful and larger than the elite and wild Pokemon.

What Do You Get In a Pokemon Elite Trainer Box?

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Elite Trainer Boxes come in a range of series such as Sun ; Moon, Sword ; Shield, and Generations. These categories also have their own sub-categories depending on the type of battle cards and equipment you need.

Each pack gives the buyer the same set, based on the type of box, but each box typically includes:

  • A players guide
  • 8 Pokemon Elite booster packs
  • 45 Pokemon TCG energy cards
  • 1 collectible coin-flip die
  • A code for the Pokemon Online Trading game
  • 2 acrylic markers and a GX marker
  • 6 damage and counter-attack dice
  • 65 card sleeves 
  • The box itself serves as a special edition collection box with dividers

To check the current price and availability of Pokemon Elite Trainer Boxes, click here to view the selection on Amazon.

Do You Get Better Cards in an Elite Trainer Box?

All the cards contained in an Elite Trainer Box are selected at random, so there is no guarantee that you will get better cards than any previously purchase Elite Trainer Box.

Elite Trainer Boxes contain a set of common, uncommon, and rare card types, so if you already have a lot of Pokemon Elite cards, there is a chance that you will get a card that you already own.

However, there is an equally good chance that you will get a better card than a poor one. The packs do contain at least one rare card, so the chances that you will end up with better cards overall are good.

Do Elite Trainer Boxes Get Reprinted?

Generally, no, Elite Trainer Boxes do not get reprinted, but there are exceptions.

If a box is particularly popular, such as the Hidden Fates series then yes they do get reprinted, but only once and to meet the initial wave of demand.

Each print usually makes enough to meet demand plus a small surplus, but in some cases, projects underestimate the initial interest in a particular set, and more must be reprinted to meet pre-orders on release dates and allow for spillover supplies for customers who wish to purchase in-store.

Are Elite Trainer Boxes Worth Buying?

Elite Trainer Boxes are worth buying and collecting, even if you have no interest in playing the game.

Pokemon has always been a collectors niche. Even regular wild Pokemon cards can sell for a few thousand bucks if you wait long enough and have the first edition.

Pokemon Elite cards are limited, so as time goes on they become rarer and more expensive. Some cards are highly sought after, such as vintage cards from the 1990s that are regularly sold online for between $20 and $50.

Sealed cards can attract even more profit. The last sealed box of a first edition set of pokemon cards sold for $408,000.

What Is the Rarest Elite Trainer Box?

Currently, the rarest Elite Trainer Box is Champions Path.

Champions path is a new box, having only been released last year, but it was highly popular and it sold out at almost every retailer in a matter of weeks.

Champions Path is full of rare and highly prized cards, including holos and VMAX cards. A few holo cards from Champions Path alone are worth the same as a couple of whole Elite Trainer Boxes – quite an achievement for a collectible that was only released in 2020.

There is also the Secret Rare Charizard V card – which was available in limited numbers of the Champions Path packs. Secret rare cards are extremely difficult to get, and reportedly selling for around $1250 each.

What Is the Best Elite Trainer Box to Buy?

If you’re thinking of investing in an Elite Trainer Box then the Rebel Clash Elite Trainer Box is probably the best option for newcomers on a budget. Rebel Clash Elite was released in 2020 and is popular among players.

This Elite Trainer Box has some pretty powerful cards available, but the regular training cards may be a little less powerful than the newer and more expensive boxes.

The box comes with all of the same items that the other boxes have, meaning that you can start playing the game straight away.

Revel Clash Elite also includes some rare holos! The design of the box is attractive and the sleeves are of good quality. Most players recommend that newbies start with this trainer box to help them get to grips with the game and get to know the Pokemon Elite franchise.

Overall it is a pretty good box to start with if you are new to the game or wanting to make a low-cost investment.

Why Are Elite Trainer Boxes So Expensive?

Overall Pokemon cards are collectors’ items so their value goes up over time. That being said, new cards and trainer boxes are subject to availability vs demand and are at the mercy of the consumer market so prices for new cards are regulated.

Pokemon Elite is a relatively new addition to the Pokemon series, and it has grown rapidly in popularity, and the 2020 global pandemic lead to retailers running out of stock quickly.

The Pokemon Elite Trainer series has also fallen victim to Scalpers, people who buy up thousands of packs so they sell out at local retailers, pushing people to buy them online for exorbitant prices.

What Is the Most Expensive Pokemon Card?

The most expensive Pokemon card to date is the 1998 Japanese Promo Holo Illustrator Pikachu card.

The card sold at auction for $375,000 in 2021, and features the series’ most popular and recognizable Pokemon, Pickachu.

Only 39 of these cards were ever produced, and the card sold was in near-mint condition with authenticity codes.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon Elite Trainer Boxes are certainly worth the money you put into them. Stacking up all the boxes in your collection can be a costly endeavor initially, but if you hold onto your cards and keep them in good condition, you can sell them for profit.

Selling aside, Pokemon is a vastly fun game that attracts all kinds of players. Over the three decades since its release, Pokeman has cultivated a mass following of players all loyal to the franchise.

Either way, Pokemon isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you are in it for the money or just want to battle it out with your Pokemon against other players, you won’t regret investing in an Elite Trainer Box.

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