Are Pokemon Tins Recyclable?

Are Pokemon Tins Recyclable

When you buy new Pokemon cards with a tin, it seems like a convenient purchase at first. However, after your collection starts to grow, you may end up with more tins than you have room for. If you need to clear space in your cupboards, then you may want to recycle the old Pokemon tins.

This leaves people with a question about the Pokemon tins, are they recyclable? Pokemon support claims that you will need to check with your local recycling program regarding the regulation when it comes to recycling tins. The good news is, most recycling programs will accept the Pokemon tins as long as they are clean.

If you find yourself asking “are Pokemon tins recyclable?” you’ve come to the right page. Today, we’re going to discuss if Pokemon tins are recyclable and what else you can do with them when you no longer need them for storing your card collection. Keep reading to learn more.

Can I Recycle Pokemon Tins?

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Whether or not you can recycle Pokemon tins depends on where you live. If there is a recycling program in your area you can recycle the tins. Pokemon tins are made out of recyclable materials, so if you don’t want to keep them for use anymore, you can place them in the recycling bin.

They will get recycled with the tin and aluminum products. However, the same rules apply to Pokemon tins as other recyclables. The tins must be clean and placed in the right bin to be accepted. 

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What to Do With Empty Pokemon Tins?

Before you throw those extra Pokemon tins in the recycling bin, you should see if you can put them to use. While these cards are given out for storing cards in, they have many other uses as well.

Let’s take a look at what you can do with your Pokemon tins instead of throwing them away.

Personal Storage

Pokemon tins may be small, but they can be great for storage. Every household has many small items that accumulate. If they aren’t kept in proper storage, they can clutter up drawers and cupboards. However, when you begin storing these items in Pokemon tins, your drawers are easier to organize.

What items can you store in a Pokemon tin?

  • Pens, pencils, stationery supplies, etc.
  • Paper clips
  • Elastic bands
  • Envelopes
  • Napkins
  • Straws
  • Thread
  • Jewelry
  • Nail polish ; so much more

Basically, any smaller sized item that you may have bulk of can be stored in a Pokemon tin. We highly recommend using them for organization instead of throwing them away or recycling them.

Donate the Pokemon Tins

You may not have use for them, but somebody else might. Some collectors will put extra cards they don’t need in their collection in the extra tins and donate them to a local good will center. If there isn’t anywhere around locally to drop them off, you could check with a local library to see if they will accept the tin to give to a kid in need. 

There is also the option of listing them for free on an online marketplace, such as Facebook or Craigslist. Someone who is having financial difficulties may be able to give them to their kids.

Make a Diorama

Creating dioramas has become a very popular activity for people who are into hobby crafts. The internet is a treasure chest of different diorama ideas, making it easier to find inspiration. A diorama is when you build a miniature 3D scene of any theme you want. Your old Pokemon tins are the perfect base for a cute diorama scene.

Repurpose the Tins

Do you need tins for storage, but would rather use tins that match your decor? You can easily repurpose the Pokemon tins and give them any look you desire. It’s recommended to use an acrylic paint formula or an outdoor spray paint on the Pokemon tins. 

Make sure you wash the tin with soap and water before starting this project. After washing the tin, you will need to wipe it down with vinegar to neutralize it for painting. After drying the tin, lightly rub it down with sandpaper. Before you start to paint the tin, it’s recommended to use a metal primer to prevent rusting. 

After you have painted the tin, it’s a good idea to use a varnish sealer. This is because tin can scratch easily, which will ruin your custom paint job.

What Are Pokemon Tins Made Out Of?

Pokemon tins are recyclable because of the material used to make them. They are made out of tin, which is accepted by all recycling programs. These tins always feature plastic and paper products in the packaging, which can also be recycled. While the Pokemon cards are made in the US, the tins are made in China. 

Each tin is 9.9 inches by 14.9 by 4 inches. This is enough to hold 4 boosters packs, which typically comes in them. All of the booster packs will come with plastic packaging, which should be recycled.

Final Thoughts

Are Pokemon tins recyclable? If there is a local recycling program in your area that will pick up recyclable on the curbside, then you can recycle the Pokemon tins. Every material used for make the tins are recyclable. The Pokemon tin itself is tin, and it comes with paper and plastic items. All of these are safe to recycle.

However, it’s a shame to throw a completely useable item in the recycling bin. If you no longer use the Pokemon tins for storing your cards, there are plenty of other things that you can do to put them to use. They are very helpful for clearing up clutter in your drawers so you can have a more organized space.

If you have absolutely no use for the Pokemon tins, we recommend donating them before placing them in the recycling bin. Even though you may no longer have use for them, doesn’t mean they won’t be useful for someone else. Even a kid who can’t afford a new Pokemon tin may appreciate the donation.

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