The 5 Best Backpacks for Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

best backpacks for yugioh tournaments

Having a backpack for a large Yu-Gi-Oh tournament is the easiest way to store and transport your cards safely throughout the entire event. A backpack is also great for traveling to a friends house or a card shop for local duels. The usefulness of a backpack is endless and is a must have item if you’re an avid Yu-Gi-Oh card enthusiast.

Backpacks come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and functionality that can make it difficult to find the perfect backpack for your Yu-Gi-Oh cards. You will want storage for your deck boxes, card binders, playmats, a laptop, and any other accessories you want to bring along.

In our comprehensive guide to the best backpacks for Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments, we’ll show you the top backpacks on the market and give you some advice when it comes time to choose. Let’s get started.


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Top Pick: Ultra PRO Citadel Backpack
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Ultimate Guard Anti-Theft Backpack 4.5/5
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KOPACK Anti-Theft Backpack

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1- Ultra PRO Citadel Backpack

Ultra PRO has created an exceptional product. This backpack is pure awesome. Let’s take a look at why this backpack is our top pick in this list.

At first glance, it has two external pockets for your playmats so they do not get crushed or squished on the inside. There is also a side pocket for a standard size water bottle.

There is padding on the portion that rests on your back for added comfort along with thick, wide straps to help ease your shoulders. This is basically it for the comfort features, on to the storage.

At the very top of the bag is a small, quick access pocket that where you can store small accessories or your phone. The middle of the backpack has your main storage compartment. This compartment also has a false floor you can press down which essentially widens your backpack’s storage.

This is where you can store a laptop, deck boxes, binders, and anything else you need. There is a second compartment that you can open open which isn’t quite as big, but you are still able to store a binder or a laptop in it if you didn’t use the main compartment already.

The bottom of the backpack has a waterproof-type material to keep your backpack from absorbing liquids from a drink spill or a water during wet conditions.

This is an all around great backpack for just about any card game out there. They have specifically tailored this backpack to accommodate everything a Yu-Gi-Oh player would want to bring during local duels or big tournaments.

Here is a great video review that goes in depth about all the features and functions of this backpack:

What we like

  • Great price
  • Tons of space for binders, deck boxes, and more
  • External playmat storage
  • Specifically tailored with the trading card gamer in mind
  • Large anti-theft cover
  • Water-resistant material
  • Thick shoulder straps for comfort

What we don’t like

  • Lacking a chest strap
  • No USB port

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2- Ultimate Guard Anti-Theft Backpack

The next backpack we will be looking at is the Ultimate Guard Anti-Theft Backpack. At first glance this backpack looks like it’s some alien technology from the future? At least that’s what we thought. There is actually a reason behind its outer design.

This is Ultimate Guard’s anti-theft design. All of the zippers or pockets on the outside of the backpack are hidden. This makes it extremely difficult for someone to open your backpack unnoticed. An awesome added feature of this backpack’s outer design is a USB port.

The backpack opens up into one large storage compartment for all your gaming needs. There are specifically tailored slots or dividers that will accommodate your deck boxes, binders, and a laptop perfectly. All of these compartments will hug your accessories to help keep them tight and secure from rocking around freely. There is also a small zipper compartment that can hold all your Yu-Gi-Oh dice and other accessories.

There is also a small pocket on the inside that is attached to the USB port where you can store your phone. Overall, this backpack is worthy as a top tier choice if you are looking for a backpack that can hold all of your Yu-Gi-Oh accessories.

What we like

  • Good Price
  • Anti-theft technology
  • Awesome storage space
  • Custom tailored storage compartments for binders, deck boxes, and accessories
  • Comfortable backing and straps
  • USB charging port

What we don’t like

  • No chest strap
  • No exterior playmat tube storage option

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3- XD Design Bobby XL Anti-Theft Backpack

The XD Design Bobby XL Anti-Theft backpack is the first backpack we are looking at that isn’t specifically made for trading cards. Don’t be too quick to judge as this backpack has a lot of storage and functionality that still make it a great option if you want more of an everyday backpack.

All the zippers on the outside of the backpack are hidden. There are also no openings, or pockets exposed. The only feature exposed on the outside of the back is a USB charging port. This makes it very sleek and attributes to the anti-theft properties of this backpack.

Another cool added anti-theft feature is the layers of materials that this is made with. It is made with 5 layers which include shock proof foam, cut proof protection board, and 3 other protective layers. Once you open up the bag, you will notice water repellent fabrics.

On the side closest to your back are storage spaces with mesh pockets and straps. These can be used to hold things like pens, drink cups, accessories, your phone, and deck boxes.

On the opposite side of the bag, there is a strap that holds two large compartments together. This is where you can store your binders and laptop. Overall, this is a great backpack for your Yu-Gi-Oh cards and everyday use.

What we like

  • Great storage
  • Anti-theft properties
  • Good price
  • USB port
  • Water repellent material on the inside

What we don’t like

  • Not specifically tailored for TCGs

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4- Chrome Industries Pike Backpack

The Chrome Industries Pike Backpack is another great multi-use bag. This bag is probably one of the more minimalist bags in this list. The outside of the bag offers a chest strap which is an awesome feature and helps with theft. It also offers basic storage for a water bottle and some extra outside compartments that are protected.

When you zip open the inside of the bag there are no other separate compartments or straps to hold things in place other than the one for a laptop or card binder. There is however, a ton of storage space.

Overall, this is a great bag for everyday use or travel.

What we like

  • Sleek, compact design
  • Laptop storage
  • Great for everyday use
  • Chest Strap

What we don’t like

  • On the pricier side
  • Other than the laptop compartment, the backpack is mostly one big open space
  • Not tailored for TCGs
  • No USB port

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5- KOPACK Anti-Theft Backpack

The KOPACK Anti-Theft Backpack is our favorite backpack that isn’t specifically tailored for TCGs. On the outside it offers a sleek, anti-theft design with hidden zippers. There is a hidden USB port that connects to your phone in the inside as well. The outside material of the bag is water proof.

Once you open up the bag you will see all the various compartments where you can store all of your cards. On the side closest to you back, there is a spot for your phone and pens. There is a zipped compartment where you can store smaller accessories as well. Next to the phone compartment is a spot that can tightly hold a few deck boxes.

The side opposite of your back has two separate storage compartments that are held shut with a strap. This is where you can store your bigger items like your laptop and card binders.

If you don’t go with a Ultra PRO or Ultimate Guard, this would be our recommended bag as it has everything you need except for dedicated playmat storage.

What we like

  • Lots of space for your deck boxes and accessories
  • Anti-theft design
  • Water resilient
  • Secure laptop and card binder storage
  • USB port
  • Various sizes of secure pockets to keep everything tight
  • Awesome low price

What we don’t like

  • Not specifically tailored for TCG’s

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What to Look for in a Backpack for Your Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

To find the best Yu-Gi-Oh backpack for your needs, consider the following major aspects before finalizing a purchase.

Card Storage

It’s important to make sure that the backpack you choose has an assortment of dividers or pouches to keep your card binders, deck boxes, and accessories in place. Some backpacks come with interchangeable dividers which you can customize to your needs.

Having a safe and secure place to store your cards in your backpack will help prevent damage and accidental spills of your cards.

Laptop Storage

Having a spot in your backpack dedicated to laptop storage is a big plus. These storage spots are usually cushioned and hold your laptop nice and snug with a strap to keep it from bouncing around while walking.

Anti-Theft Features

Anti-theft features on a backpack is another great trait to look for in a backpack, especially for large Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments. Hidden zippers, locks, and wire mesh are just some of the features these types of backpacks have to offer.

Extra Storage Compartments

Storage is the most important aspect to look at when determining the best backpack for your Yu-Gi-Oh card needs. There should be enough space for your card binders, deck boxes, playmats, and any other accessories you want to pack.

If your backpack is made specifically for trading cards, like an Ultra PRO or Ultimate Guard backpack, there should be enough storage for all your needs since they are specifically tailoring these backpacks to the TCG community.

Best Backpacks for Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Brands

Ultimate Guard

Ultimate Guard is a new face in the market when it comes to the trading card world. Don’t be fooled by their new kid on the block status though. Ultimate Guard is an established company in Germany and they offer very competitive products.

Their lineup ranges with a wide variety of products. They have binders, card decks, deck boxes, and even backpacks. They are becoming very well known and are growing at an unstoppable pace.

Ultra PRO

Since 1952, Ultra PRO has been designing and innovating high quality products. They are one of the leading manufacturers in trading card accessories including deck boxes, card sleeves, and binders.

With a massive market of over 150 distributors, there is no space untouched by their brand. They have customer worldwide.

Ultra PRO is a family-owned business has a main office that is located near Los Angeles, California. They supply their distributors from two warehouses. Their main warehouse in California, and a secondary warehouse in The Netherlands.

XD Design

XD Design creates Anti-theft backpacks that feature cut proof material, hidden zippers, and USB charging ports. They are one of the leading manufacturers in the world of anti-theft backpacks and bags.


Chrome has been around making backpacks for everyday use, travel, and backpacking since 1995. They have been innovating and helping people with backpack storage ever since.

They have produced backpacks for just about any need you may have whether that is for city travel, hiking, or for safely storing your Yu-Gi-Oh cards.


What Is the Best Backpack for Large Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments?

Anti-theft type backpacks are undoubtedly the best backpacks to use in a large setting like a tournament. These types of backpacks make it very difficult for a thief to unzip it without you noticing.

Ultra PRO has an awesome Anti-theft backpack that also offers tons of storage specifically for trading cards that we highly recommend.

How Tight Should Backpack Straps Be?

Your backpack should not extend past your waist. It should be stationary about an inch or so above your hips. Depending on how thick of clothes you are wearing, you will need to readjust your straps so that your backpack is not too tight or too loose.

Another indicator that you need to tighten your straps is if your backpack sways from side to side while you are walking.

Why Do Backpacks Have Chest Straps?

Some backpacks, in addition to the main adjusting straps, will have a chest or sternum strap. The main purpose of the chest strap is to help disperse the weight off the back to help prevent your shoulders from getting sore.

A chest strap also doubles up as an extra security feature by helping keep your backpack protected from theft. It makes it very difficult for a bad thief to rip a backpack off of you since your backpack will not be able to slide off of your shoulders.

Final Thoughts

The Ultra PRO Citadel Backpack is our top pick due to its superb quality and design. This is the only backpack that has dedicated and protected playmat storage on the outside. It also offers everything you could ever want in terms of storage for all your TCG needs.

The close runner up is the Ultimate Guard Anti-Theft Backpack. The main reason for this is the high price point and no dedicated playmat storage. This backpack is still a great pick whether it offers playmat storage or not. It excels on interior design and storage for all your cards and items.

Whichever backpack you choose for your Yu-Gi-Oh cards, we hope this guide has been helpful in your purchasing decision. Thanks for reading!

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