Top 3 Best Magnetic Cue Balls: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

best magnetic cue balls

If your coin-op magnetic cue ball is worn out, then you are probably looking to replace it with something similar or better. There are quite a few different brands of magnetic cue balls, however one brand always reigns supreme when it comes to pool.

We did the research and found the best 3 magnetic cue balls for your coin-op table. When it comes to a long lasting cue ball, quality is the number one ranking factor along with functionality.

In our comprehensive guide to the best magnetic cue balls, we’ll show you the best cue balls on the market and give you some advice when it comes time to choose. Let’s get started.


NameOur RatingPrice
Top Pick: Aramith Magnetic Pool Cue Ball5/5Click for Price
GSE Magnetic Cue Ball4/5
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ISZY Billiards Magnetic Cue Ball2.5/5
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1- Aramith Magnetic Pool Cue Ball

Our top pick of the best magnetic cue ball is by Aramith. There is no surprise here as Aramith have carved a path for themselves that no other company can go up against. They excel in the manufacturing of high quality billiard balls that last almost a lifetime if they are taken care of properly.

This coin-op cue ball is no exception. It’s made out of high quality phenolic resin. At a size of 2.25 inches, this is the standard when it comes to coin-op cue balls.

This ball is also used in most of the coin-op pool tables. If you are looking for a replacement, then this will be the industry standard.

What we like

  • Made out of high quality phenolic resin
  • Made by Aramith
  • 2.25 inches

What we don’t like

  • Pricey

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2- GSE Magnetic Cue Ball

The next magnetic cue ball on our list is the by Games and Sports Experts (GSE). This is a triple A grade magnetic cue ball made out of polyester resin. The polyester resin provides extraordinary impact and scratch resistance allowing for a long lasting cue ball.

The ball is mechanically engineered to have perfect roundness and balance to allow for the best gameplay possible with minimal wear on your pool table’s felt. The size of this cue ball is 57mm which is about 2.25 inches, the standard for a coin-op cue ball.

GSE is another great choice for a magnetic cue ball if you are looking to spend a little less.

What we like

  • Mechanically engineered
  • 57mm

What we don’t like

  • Not phenolic resin

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3- ISZY Billiards Magnetic Cue Ball

The last magnetic cue ball is by ISZY. This is a great budget cue ball as it is priced considerably low. It is made out of polyester resin and comes at a size of 2.25 inches. It’s main origin of making is China. There is not much information about how it is engineered or manufactured, which leaves us to assume that this cue ball is of low quality and is mass produced.

Based on user reviews of this cue ball, the center off gravity is quite off which would equate in an uneven roll across the pool table. Some users have also stated that this cue ball cracks/breaks quite easily. Investing in 2 or 3 of these balls seems necessary due to the unreliable durability.

This cue ball should be used as a last resort or for a pool table not designed for competitive play.

What we like

  • Great budget option
  • Works on coin-op tables
  • Cracks/breaks easily

What we don’t like

  • Low quality manufacturing
  • Unequal center of gravity

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What to Look for in a Magnetic Cue Ball

To find the best magnetic cue ball for your needs, consider the following major aspects before finalizing a purchase.


Pool balls, including the cue ball, are made out of two types of resin. Phenolic or polyester. High quality billiard balls are made with phenolic resin. Aramith’s billiard ball and cue balls are all made out of phenolic resin which is why they are considered the best in the world in terms of quality and performance.

Lower quality billiard balls will usually be made out of polyester and will also be poorly constructed. Low quality billiard balls tend to have inconsistent density which can cause them to roll erratically.

On top of them not rolling correctly, low quality billiard balls also tend to wear down your pool tables felt a lot faster and also increases the chance of burn marks.


There are two sizes that a coin-op cue ball will come in. Standard size and oversized. A standard magnetic cue ball is 2.25 inches.

An oversized cue ball will be slightly larger at 2.375 inches. The reason for the size difference is that some coin-op tables sort the cue ball based on the size. This is how these tables differentiate the cue ball from the rest of the balls.

Best Magnetic Cue Ball Brands


Aramith is a behemoth in the world of pool and snooker. They make high quality, top of the line products that fans rave about. They are most well known for their superior billiard balls made out of phenolic resin. With proper care and maintenance, their billiard balls can almost last forever.

Aramith started out back in 1923 by a company called Saluc. Saluc started out as a chemical industry that specialized in tannery products, but converted after 1950 into what we all know today. Over 80% of all billiard balls used worldwide come from Aramith.


Games and Sports Experts are a big name brand that mostly sell on Amazon, and Ebay. They offer high quality items at good prices in a wide variety of games and sports.

They specialize in creating the best game rooms possible by providing a wide variety of products to suit their customers’ needs.

ISZY Billiards

ISZY thrives to provide the best prices and services for their customers. They are able to provide this due to them directly acquiring their products straight from the factory.

Having a good relationship with the manufacturers directly allows them to have better control of their inventory as well as their customer service. ISZY offers super fast shipping and do not mark up their prices.


How Do Magnetic Cue Balls Work?

A magnetic cue ball has a center that is magnetic. When the cue ball goes into a pocket, it is separated from the numbered balls by use of a magnet detector. This detector then triggers a device that redirects the cue ball to the opening of where the user can pick up the cue ball for continuation of the game.

Final Thoughts

Hands down, our top pick is the Aramith magnetic cue ball. Aramith has continuously proven that they are the industries best when it comes to billiard balls. The high quality phenolic resin, precise engineering process, and unrivaled center of gravity means that this is the best magnetic cue ball on the market. This cue ball will last for years, provides exceptional performance, and works flawlessly on coin-op pool tables.

Our runner up is the GSE magnetic cue ball. Although produced with a lower quality material, polyester resin, the engineering process is still top notch. This will provide you with a cue ball with a good center of gravity, and will last you a good amount of time. It’s a great alternative to Aramith if you are looking to spend less for a good quality cue ball.

Whichever magnetic cue ball you choose for your coin-op table, we hope this guide has been helpful in your purchasing decision. Thanks for reading!

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