Can Candle Wax Be Used as Lotion?

Can Candle Wax Be Used as Lotion

Making homemade lotion isn’t difficult in concept, but it requires certain finesse in knowing how much ingredients you need, what ingredients you should use and when to add them at the right time. The most important ingredient is wax. It’s what binds the oil and water to prevent it from separating. 

So, many people wonder if you can use candle wax as lotion. Yes, you can, but there are some caveats to it. As a point of reference, if you use wax supplies for making candles in a lotion, it will be fine. But from a store-bought candle, you should avoid it. 

There are some waxes you shouldn’t use at all and there are some store-bought candlesticks where you will not know what the ingredients are. Candles are not an item covered by the FDA or any other regulating body. So mass producers of candles do not often publish their ingredients. 

Is Candle Wax Bad to Put On Your Skin?

Putting candle wax on your skin, in and of itself, shouldn’t be bad in general. But, candle wax alone won’t be good as a moisturizer that you leave on all day.  

This is because of the wax’s hardness. It can clog your pores which can and will result in purging. Purging is when your skin rejects something that’s put onto it. This appears as pimple-like inflammations on the skin’s surface that can be painful. 

If you’re thinking about using a store-bought candle, avoid applying it. Many companies produce candles with ingredients that aren’t good for your skin. Plastic is at the top of the list as a filler, whether for tapers, jars or tea lights. 

Knowing the Ingredients

However, independent and conscientious candle makers often list their ingredients and some even include fats, like olive oil or cocoa butter, which will definitely be excellent for your skin. These usually comprise a pure wax made of beeswax, soy wax or paraffin; all of these beautify the skin while promoting cell growth and regeneration. 

But, even if you know the ingredients of your candle and it has already burned as a candle, don’t put it on your skin. The combustion produced by the wick along with the chemical reaction of burning changes the composition of the candle. This isn’t advisable for skin. 

What Candle Wax Is Safe for Skin? 

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Any wax used to make a candle can be safe for your skin. This includes beeswax, soy wax, paraffin wax, carnauba wax and coconut wax. The only kind that will not be safe for you to use on skin will be gel wax. This is usually a proprietary blend created by the manufacturer and you may not know all the substances it composes. 

We recommend only using a candle wax designed for the skin. A body candle like this one is specifically used for massages and skin treatment.

Skin-Safe Candle Wax 

If you have the wax as a bulk product such as in the form of bricks, bars, chips or pellets, you can melt these down and put them in your lotion recipe. You shouldn’t experience any issues with doing this. So long as you know the wax is food grade or produced for skincare, it will be fine. 

But, if you want to use wax from an already-formed candle, you will have to be extremely careful. In the case you made the candle, you know what ingredients comprise it and that should be very safe for your skin. Avoid using store-bought candles to stay on the safe side. 

Can You Use Soy Wax as a Moisturizer? 

Soy wax in and of itself is a poor moisturizer, but in a lotion is works like a charm. It shouldn’t go onto the skin alone.   

Can You Use Soy Candle Wax on Your Skin? 

Soy wax as part of the ingredients in a homemade lotion is a great and wonderful way to moisturize your skin. Most waxes used in making candles, including soy wax, make for wonderful skincare products. But this is true only as a component to moisturizer, lotion or body butter.  

Can You Use Paraffin Wax on Your Skin? 

People do apply paraffin wax to their hands and feet to soften and moisturize the delicate skin on these areas. You can dip your hands and feet into the melted wax and allow it to harden over. Then you remove the wax and it reveals a beautiful texture and a smoothed surface. But this does not stay on the skin as a moisturizer. 

How Can Candle Wax Become Part of a Homemade Lotion Recipe? 

There are three total phases in creating a homemade lotion or moisturizer. If you want to make body butter, there are only two phases. Although these are somewhat involved, understanding the basics will give some context on how you can use candle wax as a moisturizer. 

Oil, Water ; Cooling Phases 

For skincare products such as lotion, the three phases are: the oil phase, the water phase and the cooling phase. The oil phase will contain the wax combined with other butters, fats and oils. For instance, a body lotion’s oil phase may contain beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter. 

These melt together in a double boiler until it becomes one fluid mass. Then, you add “water” which makes up the second phase of the process. It can’t be plain tap water; it has to be something like distilled, filtered or purified water. 

Blending the Mixture 

A small amount of water goes into the oil phase while vigorously whisking the mixture. The water phase temperature must match that of the oil phase or it won’t blend properly during the cooling phase. 

Once the water phase is complete, there is continual whisking while removing the pan from the double boiler. Then preservatives, fragrance and other additives go into the lotion. As it cools, the emulsion begins to form. 

Other Considerations 

There are many other things that go into making your own lotion. For instance, some people want to add things like honey or herbs. These require additional handling in the water phase of the recipe. 

Body Butter 

Body butter doesn’t necessarily have to have a water phase. It can, but having only an oil phase and then a cooling phase is sufficient. In the case of adding a water phase, you will have to use even less water than you would for lotion or moisturizer. 

Final Thoughts

Using candle wax as lotion is definitely safe for your skin. But, the wax by itself cannot and should not go onto the skin as it is. Even if you melt it ahead of time, it doesn’t make for a good moisturizer because your skin will, more than likely, purge it. 

But, if you make it part of a lotion recipe, it can operate as a beautiful dream on your skin. You only want to ensure the type of candle wax you use doesn’t contain plastics or other harmful substances that might cause a skin reaction. 

This means you should opt for wax you have as part of your candle-making supplies or use an unused candle that you know contains pure ingredients. You simply won’t know what’s in a store-bought candle. Any candles burned at a prior moment in time will contain combustible residue that won’t be good for your skin. 

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