Can You Remelt Candle Wax?

Can You Remelt Candle Wax

Can you remelt this candle wax and create a new candle? The answer is yes! Remelting candle wax is a way to save money, practice sustainability, and get creative. 

This article will cover some of the issues that you may encounter if you’re making your own candles from scratch. There are techniques that are necessary for this process to be successful, but if you have the knowledge, it can be easy and exciting. 

This article will also give you pointers on how to remelt your leftover candles and add more fragrance. Rather than throwing away the remaining candle wax at the bottom of your candles, or if you find some old unscented candles that you haven’t used, you can get creative and make your own creations.

Can You Remelt Candle Wax?

As mentioned above, the answer is yes! Remelting candle wax is simple. One thing to remember and consider is that you should always combine the same types of wax for optimal success. There are several different types of wax that candle makers use in their work. The most common wax types are beeswax, soy, and paraffin. 

According to the National Candle Association (NCA), some other types of wax that you might encounter are synthetic wax, coconut wax, palm wax, stearic acid, and gelled mineral oil varieties. Combining two different types of wax may not work when trying to create a smooth and consistent wax to make into a candle. 

How Many Times Can You Remelt Candle Wax? 

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You can remelt candle wax as many times as you would like to. The thing to keep in mind is that the fragrance or scent will likely dissipate more and more as you remelt the wax. This could work to your advantage if you want to end up with a neutral smell in order to add your own fragrance. 

If you’re trying to preserve the scent of the wax you’re remelting, try to refrain from melting it too many times. If you’re attempting candle-making from scratch rather than remelting wax from existing candles, the answer may be different.

The hot throw (smell of the candle wax when the wick is lit) of the candle may change and lose some of its scent. If the wax gets too hot, the hot throw can be lost and your candle may not have a very prominent scent.

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Can I Remelt Candle Wax to Add More Fragrance? 

Yes! Remelting candle wax to add more fragrance is definitely an option. There is always a chance that remelting a candle too much will cause the wax to become sweaty or oily, so you may need to experiment. As mentioned above, melting a candle usually diminishes the fragrance that it holds already, so if you want to add a new fragrance, melting candle wax is a great place to start. 

How Do I Remelt Candle Wax?

Place your candles in a small pan that is placed over a larger pan of simmering hot water. Once the wax is melted thoroughly, you can remove the existing wick with a pair of tongs or tweezers. Be careful not to burn yourself! 

Find a new jar or votive for your candle wax; cut a piece of wick that is about two inches taller than your new candle jar and thread one end through a wick tab. Tie the other end of the wick to a wooden skewer and dip the wick and tab in the melted wax; set the skewer across the top of the jar so that the wick hangs down the middle of the jar and make sure the tab sticks to the bottom of the jar.

Pour the melted wax into the jar toward the middle, and then let it stand until it hardens. If you’d like it to be more solid, place the jar in the freezer after the hot wax has cooled a bit.

How to Prevent Candle Soot

If you’ve ever burned a candle and noticed that it leaves black smudge marks on the inside of the candle or on the wall next to where the candle is burning, you’ve experienced candle soot. This happens when melted wax is drawn up the candle wick and reacts negatively with the components of the wax being burnt. 

If the wick gets clogged or if there’s an uneven distribution of the wax to the wick and flame, you may notice this black smoke from the burning candle, which is called soot. This can often happen when making your own candles. 

Some ways to prevent candle soot is by using a cotton wick. These burn more cleanly and absorb wax well. Too much fragrance in a candle can cause the wick to clog and produce soot. Go easy on the fragrance and don’t use too much. Using a wax with a higher melting temperature will also aid in preventing soot. 

Final Thoughts

Remelting candle wax is a simple procedure and will allow you to get much more life out of your candle purchases! Instead of throwing away the leftover wax in your next candle, stash it away until you have enough candle wax to make a full, new candle. 

If you’re intimidated by the prospect of becoming a candle maker and creating your own fragrances and everything that comes with that process, remelting your candle wax is a great alternative. If you want to experiment with making candles without investing in all of the candle-making equipment, this would be a great trial run for you. 

Always remember that handling hot wax can be a dangerous activity and should be done cautiously and carefully!

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