How to Weigh Wax for Candle Making

How to Weigh Wax for Candle Making

Weighing ingredients in ounces for candle making makes measuring fragrances and the amount of wax easier. Many people have greater success with their candle recipes because their measurements are exact.

The best method for weighing wax for candle making is to use an at-home kitchen scale. Measure all ingredients in ounces for the most accurate recipes possible. Ounces are the best measurement because they are easy to convert into pounds and grams. 

The remainder of this article will discuss tips and tricks for candle making. The best tip is to convert all measurements to ounces. By converting measurements to ounces, it makes it much easier to create precise measurements.

How Much Fragrance Oil to Add to Candle Wax

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You can figure out how much wax and fragrance you need in your candles by making the candle-making process into formulas. You can use any form of measurement in these formulas. However, the most recommended is ounces. Ounces are convertible to grams and pounds.

Typically, one pound of wax yields roughly 20 ounces of candle wax. With 16 ounces in every pound, break down any pound-based measurements of waxes into ounces for easier measurements.

To calculate the amount of fragrance or wax needed in your recipe, you will need the volume of your container or mold. 

We recommend using a precise scale that measures in tenths like this food scale by Nicewell on Amazon.

Calculating Wax in Candles

Calculating candle wax is important before making your candles. Multiply the number of candles by wax jar volume, then divide by 20 to determine how much wax is required. Consider that the amount of product will increase as you add ingredients. 

The simplified formula for the amount of wax in candles is:

  • Candle numbers * volume per mold ÷ twenty = wax required

Calculating Fragrances in Candles

You can calculate fragrance by taking the percentage of fragrance and then multiplying it by the pounds of wax. Candle fragrance is important to candle recipes. Convert pounds into ounces to make it easier.

The simplified formula for fragrance in candles is:

  • Pounds of wax * percentage of fragrance load = pounds of fragrance required

How Much Wax Do You Need to Make a Candle in Grams?

To determine how much wax you need to make a candle in grams, convert your measurements from pounds to grams. There are sixteen ounces in one pound and twenty-eight grams in an ounce.

For 30 average candle molds, you would need roughly 5443 grams of wax. This is calculated by using the same formula needed for an eight-ounce candle. The total for the eight-ounce candle was then converted from its total in pounds into grams. 

Conversions can be done for any ingredient you add to your candles. Some candle makers will purchase separate kitchen scales for smaller ingredients versus their larger ingredients to make measuring faster.

How Much Wax Do You Need for an 8 Oz Candle?

Since the volume of each container is eight ounces, the amount of wax required to fill them depends on how many are available. Use the candle wax equation to calculate the exact number of wax needed.

Count the number of jars or molds you intend on using, then multiply that number by 8. The sum of these numbers is how many ounces or pounds are required to make your eight-ounce candles. Finally, divide these jars by twenty. 

This formula is the same formula required to find the amount of wax required to make any candle. When it comes to the volume of the mold, use the number 8 to represent eight ounces.

The formula to determine wax for any eight oz. candle is: 

  • Number of candles * 8 ÷ twenty = wax required.

For example, if you have thirty, eight-ounce containers, the required wax is a minimum of twelve pounds.

Does Melted Wax Weigh the Same as Water?

Technically speaking, side-by-side, one pound of wax weighs the same as one pound of water. However, when combining these two substances, wax is twenty percent less dense than water.

Since water is denser than wax, that means wax often floats in water. If you melt wax and water together, the wax will rise above the water. Melted and unmelted wax both weigh less than water.

How Do You Weigh Candle Scents?

You may weigh candle scents on kitchen scales inside disposable dixie cups or reusable cups. First, change your scale to grams and then tare the scale after placing your measuring orifice on top. Place the scents into the measuring cup.

Never add candle scents and fragrances directly to your candle wax. Doing this can lead to measurement failures, which will be detrimental to your recipe outcome.

Purchase a kitchen scale to weigh your ingredients precisely. Large kitchen scales can accommodate most mixing bowls and cooking pots. You can purchase an affordable scale online or at your local grocery store for around ten dollars.

What Is the Best Size Kitchen Scale for Candle Making?

The most common scale used for candle making is large kitchen scales. Large kitchen scales weigh an average of roughly 12 to 15 pounds (192 to 240 ounces). There are plenty of industrial kitchen scales that can weigh fifty pounds and upwards.

The default setting of many scales is grams. For candle scents, this is the perfect setting. Before measuring your other ingredients, do not forget to change the measurement set to ounces and tare the scale to neutralize the weight.

Final Thoughts

Skip estimations and go for exact measurements with calculations for candle wax and candle wax scents. Use ounces to directly measure all ingredients needed in your candle wax recipes. You can weigh these measurements on top of any household kitchen scale. 

Kitchen scales help candle makers weigh ingredients precisely. Converting all recipes from pounds to ounces helps all recipes become more accurate. Kitchen scales may also convert to grams too. The average weight of a kitchen scale is roughly 10 to 15 pounds.

Candlemakers must account for the 20% volume change between water and wax when pouring candle wax. Keeping this volume change in mind as they produce fragrant candles, you can use special formulas to calculate the exact measurements of the required ingredients. By using precise measurements, you can craft the most fragrant candles.

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