Can You Hear a Dartboard Next Door?

can you hear a dartboard next door

Gone are the days when dartboards were only a recreational game at clubs and pubs, as you can now purchase them to play at home today. If you’re an avid dart player, you may notice that while darts are fun to throw, they can produce a loud thud each time a dart hits the board.

Unfortunately, this creates a common worry if you could be disturbing your neighbors next door or your family member in the room next to you. So, can you hear a dartboard next door? The simple answer is, yes, you can. Regardless of how lightly you throw your dart, the inevitable thud from the impact of the dart hitting the board can be highly disturbing.

But why does this happen, and how can you continue to throw darts without being overly disturbing? In this article, we’ll explore some reasons why dartboard sounds could be heard from next door and how you can reduce these sound disturbances.

How Does a Dartboard Sound From Next Door?

Although it may seem like a relatively quiet game, throwing darts to a dartboard can make a loud thud each time you play. While this shouldn’t be a problem to you as the player, it can be a nuisance to your neighbor, housemates, or family who share the same surrounding wall as you.

If you had to imagine how a dartboard sound would be like from next door, many non-players will tell you it’s like someone is hammering a nail lightly to the wall. Repeat that by many folds throughout the day or night, and it can feel rather irritating.

Therefore, many casual players may opt to purchase a standing dartboard. This should reduce the sound disturbances that your neighbors will have to go through, but it can mean you need a large area to fit the stand.

It could also mean you need the extra space to stow the stand away and go through the hassles of bringing it out again when you want to play.

Some players may also consider hanging their dartboard in the garage. While this allows you to throw darts without bothering your neighbors, it would mean you’ll be playing in a stuffy garage.

Pair that with a poorly lit space, and the experience would be ruined. This also creates a problem for anyone who doesn’t have a garage in their homes.

3 Simple Ways to Muffle a Dartboard

Thankfully, this does not mean you have to give up your love for darts just yet. This is as there are a variety of ways that you can muffle a dartboard, so you can continue to throw darts without bothering your neighbors or anyone sharing a wall with you.

Without further ado, here are 3 simple tips that you must learn to help reduce the noise from your dartboard:

Add Padding to the Back of Your Dartboard

One of the reasons why anyone in the next door could hear your darts go thud is the fact that your dartboard may be too close to the wall. This creates that unmissable thud each time you throw a dart, almost like the annoying sound of lightly hammering a nail to the wall.

To muffle this, you may consider adding padding to the back of your dartboard. An inexpensive is to buy some MDF boards that are widely available from any local hardware store.

They may require some DIY skills as you’ll have to cut them to size but makes for a quick and easy solution to muffle your dartboard.

You may also consider adding a corkboard behind your dartboard to help muffle the sounds. Corkboards are affordable and are relatively simple to attach to a wall with the help of high-quality adhesives.

Adding padding is also a great way to ensure you won’t have to drill more holes than necessary to hold up your dartboard. In the case of rental homes, this should ensure you won’t have any issues when you move away and need to take your security deposit back.

Use a Dartboard Backboard

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Many players would also consider purchasing specially created dartboard backboards to help muffle the sound. Often sold in dart stores or as a bundle with your dartboard, these backboards are usually used to help reduce scratches on your walls caused by any stray darts.

We recommend this dartboard backboard as it is large, thick, and will absorb a good amount of impact noise from your darts.

What some players don’t know, however, is that these dartboard backboards can also absorb the sound of the thudding dart throws. While it may not work as well as adding padding behind your dartboard, using these backboards can be a great alternative if you’re not keen on doing too much of a DIY.

Most dartboard backboards also come with their own set of adhesives, so you won’t need to worry about drilling holes into your wall. This is also a great way to help protect your walls from bad throwing as you start out, making it the ideal solution for beginner dart players.

Use Lighter Darts

Finally, you may consider using darts that are lighter or thinner. Although this tip does not necessarily silence your dartboard, it should reduce the sound or thud that the darts make upon impact.

Do note, however, that this could affect your practice experience. As these darts maybe not be your preferred choice at a pub or club with your friends. This could mean you’ll have to bring along your set of personal darts each time you go out for a game.

If you’re considering joining a competition, do note that some organizers may also have their set of rules on what type of darts can be used. Hence, you’ll want to be sure to stick with a set of darts that you can practice well with and still throw a good game outside.

Final Thoughts

Impact noise from playing darts can be heard next door. Especially when the surrounding wall is the only thing separating your dartboard and your neighbor.

The best way to combat impact noise is to use a dartboard surround as it will absorb a portion of the impact noise from your darts.

Lighter darts have also been proven to make less impact noise than heavier darts. Lighter darts in combination with a dartboard surround will be the best way to quiet impact noise while playing darts in your home.

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