How to Hang a Dartboard in an Apartment

how to hang a dartboard in an apartment

Like many things, practice often makes perfect when it comes to playing darts. While it used to be available only in pubs and clubs, dartboards are now more readily available, so you can also practice your aim and throwing at home.

Most dartboards require being hung up, while some may come with a stand if you’re not comfortable with drilling a hole in your wall. In this article, however, we’ll share with you several ways on how to hang a dartboard in an apartment.

We’ll also address some concerns with playing darts in an apartment, such as the loud thud from your darts hitting the board that could bother your neighbors as you practice.

3 Ways to Hang Your Dartboard in an Apartment

Upon purchasing your dartboard, the first thing that would come to mind is where you would like to hang it in your apartment. Dartboards generally require a wide area with little to no furniture around it, as you’ll never know if your darts will miss and damage the surroundings.

If you’re renting the apartment be sure to talk with your property manager about rules you may also want to avoid hanging your dartboard by drilling a hole on the wall. As such, here are 3 different ways that you can hang your dartboard in an apartment:

Proper Dartboard Height and Dart Line Distance

Before doing any sort of dartboard hanging, there are a few rules and regulations you will need to consider when hanging a dartboard. You have to be sure that you measure out the correct dartboard height as well as the distance from the dartboard and dart line (oche) to comply with the official rules of darts.

The official rules state that the dartboard must be at a height of 5 feet 8 inches from the floor to the bullseye while the dart line should measure 7 feet 9 inches away from the bullseye.

Using a Drill and Screw

Using the basic drill and screw may be the easiest and fastest way to get your dartboard hanging in your apartment. You will need a drill, a drill bit, a drywall anchor if hanging on drywall, and a screw.

Simply use a drill bit that is slightly small than the drywall anchor that you are using

Hanging up your dartboard with a drill and screw is also the best way to replicate a dart game area in pubs or clubs, as the dartboard will stay tightly screwed onto the wall.

Using Command Strips

Unfortunately, not many apartments may allow you to drill and nail items to the wall. This is especially if you’re renting a unit, as you may risk losing your security deposit if your landlord found out about the hole you’ve made for your dartboard.

Thankfully, you could always hang your dartboard in your apartment using high-quality command strips. These adhesive strips are often readily available in arts and crafts stores or hardware stores and can withstand the overall weight of the dartboard.

We recommend using these high quality 3M command strips. 4 pairs of these strips can hold up to 16 pounds of weight which is more than enough to hang your dartboard.

Command strips are inexpensive and easy to use, making them an ideal alternative to hang your dartboard in an apartment. They often feature strong adhesives to keep the hook tightly stuck to the wall, so you don’t have to drill a hole, and you can still enjoy a game of darts safely in your home.

4 Pairs of the command strips we recommended can withstand up to 16 pounds. The average weight of a standard bristle dartboard is 12 pounds. If you are worried about it falling off, then you can easily double the amount of command strips used to support a total of 32 pounds.

Use a Dartboard Stand

As its name suggests, dartboard stands are an extra accessory that holds up your dartboard without having to be hung on the wall. Instead, you’ll only need to hang your dartboard on the stand and wheel it about in your apartment.

This reduces your need to attach any nails or adhesive to your apartment wall, which can be useful if your landlord is sensitive about it. The downside to dartboard stands, however, is that they can be bulky and expensive.

If you’re living in a small apartment, having a dartboard stand can also make your space feel extra cramped. Some dartboard stands can be folded away for storage, while others may require a designated area for you to stow them away.

While it’s a great item that can help you enjoy a game of darts in your apartment without having to hang your dartboard on the wall, investing in a dartboard stand is not an alternative that many professionals would recommend. Instead, it may be more suitable for casual players who would like to enjoy darts with friends occasionally.

How to Soundproof Your Dartboard

No matter which method you decide to hang your dartboard up, a common problem often persists for anyone throwing darts around in an apartment. This complaint regularly comes from neighbors, and that is the loud thud the darts make as it hits the dartboard.

Many people don’t realize how loud the thud can be when they play outside, as the music and loud sounds from bars and pubs often drown out the sound of darts. The situation becomes different in an apartment, however, as households are often quieter.

As your practice gets noisier, you may receive complaints from your neighbors to keep dart playing to a minimum. So, what can you do to soundproof your dartboard? Below are some of the best ways to do it on a budget.

Use a Dartboard Backboard

A dartboard backboard is commonly seen in clubs and pubs as well. Akin to an outer cover for the dartboard, these backboards will help absorb the sound waves created by the thud from your dart throw. This helps reduce the sound that your neighbors may be talking about, so you can continue to practice without bothering them.

A dartboard backboard is often made of cork or foam, making the backboard the ideal sound muffling addition to your dart area. As a bonus advantage, using a dartboard backboard should also help ensure you do less damage to your walls as you’re starting.

This is as the backboard will help catch any stray darts you may have aimed at wrongly, instead of damaging your wallpaper or scratching the paint off the walls.

Thicken the Padding Behind Your Backboard

You could also consider thickening the padding behind your dartboard to muffle the sounds of the dart hitting the board. MDF boards or acoustic paddings are inexpensive to invest in, and you can readily purchase them from your local hardware store.

You may have to manually cut out the boards to fit the shape of your dartboard or leave the MDF boards and acoustic padding as they are. Do note that adding a layer of padding to help muffle the sounds can add to the overall weight of your dartboard.

This could be a thing of concern if you’re using a command hook to hold up your dartboard. As such, you’ll want to be sure to use only high-quality command strips with strong adhesive or double the number of command strips you’ll be using to give your dartboard a stronger hold.

Consider Playing in a Room With More Furniture

If you have several rooms in your apartment, a great way to drown out the sounds of your dartboard is to play in a room that has the most furniture. This is as your furniture pieces should help reduce the echo of your dartboard as you practice, effectively muffling away any sounds from your dartboard.

While this may not be an alternative for anyone who doesn’t have the luxury of extra rooms, playing in a room with more furniture is the easiest way to help reduce the sound of your dartboard without having to invest extra in soundproofing.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, hanging up your dartboard in an apartment doesn’t need a lot of work. There are a variety of alternatives that can help you affix your dartboard, so it remains stable on the wall or even on a stand.

The easiest and least invasive way to hang a dartboard in your apartment would be to use command strips. These adhesives strips will securely mount your dartboard to a wall or door without leaving any holes after removing.

If you often practice at night, you may also want to consider taking steps to reduce the sound of your dartboard to avoid receiving complaints from your neighbors around you.

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