How to Hang a Dartboard on a Concrete Wall

how to hang a dartboard on concrete

Hanging a dartboard can be tricky, especially when the surface you want to hang it on isn’t exactly easy to screw into. Depending on your particular situation, you may be wondering, ‘how do you hang a dartboard on a concrete wall?’

Hanging a dartboard on a concrete wall requires a little bit of planning, a few hand tools, and choosing a method that best suits you.

There are multiple different ways you can hang a dartboard on a concrete wall. You can use masonry screws, liquid nails, or command strips in order to get the job done.

Using Masonry Screws to Mount a Dartboard to Concrete

If you plan on keeping your dartboard in the same spot for a long time, you may be okay with drilling holes into your concrete wall. For this, you are going to need:

The dartboard will come with the main bracket that will hold up the entire dartboard. To attach this to the concrete wall, you first have to measure out where the holes for the bracket should be. The bullseye of the dartboard should be 5 feet 8 inches from the floor. 

After you’ve marked where the holes should be with your sharpie, you will need to use a mason drill bit to drill the holes into the wall where the masonry screws will go. Make sure the bit is the correct size and depth into the wall to match the screws.

A regular drill can be used for this process, but a hammer drill will make it easier. 

After you have your holes pre-drilled, line up the bracket with the holes, and use the drill to screw in the masonry screws. This will securely attach the bracket to the concrete wall. Then simply place the middle screw on the dartboard into the bracket.

If it is wobbly, simply tighten or loosen the brackets that you placed around the dartboard until it fits snugly to the wall. You may have to adjust the main screw in the center of the board as well. 

Should You Use Wall Plugs?

When screwing into the concrete, it is best practice to use a wall plug to ensure the screws do not wiggle themselves free. You do not have to, but it is highly recommended for a more secure hold.

For this process, you will need a few more materials including:

You follow all the same steps above, except after you drill the hole, you push the wall plug into the hole. Then use the screw and a hammer to lightly tap the plug deeper into the hole, careful not to go too deep that you start to cause damage to your screw.

Then very easily screw the screw through the bracket and into the wall plug using a screwdriver.

Using Liquid Nails to Mount a Dartboard

If you’re looking for a less damaging way to mount your dartboard that is still rather permanent, try considering liquid nails. Liquid nail adhesive can be used to attach almost any material to another material. 

All you need to mount your dartboard using this process is the provided bracket and a bottle of liquid nail adhesive. Simply squeeze the adhesive onto the bracket or the wall and ensure it covers the entirety of the bracket surface. Then hold the bracket in place until it feels secure.

Typically, liquid nails begin to dry within 15 minutes. The adhesive will take about 24 hours to completely dry. Therefore, you should refrain from hanging the dartboard on the bracket until 24 hours after you have glued the bracket to the wall, possibly longer. 

Although it dries overnight, it will take about a week before it reaches its maximum strength. However, your dartboard does not weigh very much and will likely be fine to hang after 24 hours. 

Can You Hang a Dartboard With Command Strips?

If you’re looking for a way to hang your dartboard without damaging your wall, command strips are the answer. Not only will they not damage the wall, but they are also easily removable if you ever want to move your dartboard. 

Command strips are capable of holding up to 16 pounds when used together. A standard dartboard weighs between 10 to 12 pounds. Therefore, the command strip will easily hold the board up. 

To hang your dartboard this way, you will need large command strips because the small and medium-sized ones are not built to hold as much weight as the large ones. 

Wipe Down the Surfaces

The first step to using command strips is to clean the surface to ensure a secure hold. You can do this by using rubbing alcohol on a rag. Wipe down the back of the board as well as the wall where the board will hang. 

Ensure that the surfaces are not wet after this. You do not need a lot of alcohol for this process. Trying to attach the command strips to a damp surface will result in them being less effective.

Pair Up the Strips

You are going to need at least 4 strips to hold up the dartboard. Using more will ensure an even stronger hold. 

These strips come in pairs, using Velcro to attach to one another. Pair up the strips and peel off the liner on one side. Then attach each of the four paired strips vertically to the left and right, upper and lower ‘corners’ of the board. 

For a more secure hold, attach some vertically in the center of the board as well. Be sure to press on each strip to ensure a strong hold. 

Notice that you do not use any of the given screws and brackets that come with the board. They are not needed for this process. 

Hang Your Dartboard

Now peel the liner off the other side of the strips and press the board to the wall at the desired height. Apply firm pressure to each strip for about 30 seconds. Then slowly peel the dartboard off of the strips that are attached to the wall. 

We have you pair the strips together and then mount them to the wall to ensure that they will perfectly line up. Once you have mounted the strips to the wall, you can undo the Velcro pairing by slowly lifting from the base of the board up. 

Then apply pressure to each strip on the wall for about 30 seconds. Leave the strips on the wall for about an hour to make sure they fully bond. After the hour is up, line the strips back up with the board and firmly press on the board until secure. 

After you have done this, your board should be ready to go.

Final Thoughts

There are multiple different ways you can go about hanging your dartboard on a concrete wall. Take into consideration whether you will need to move the board in the future or not, as well as how much time you’re willing to put into the hanging process.

How you go about hanging your dartboard is up to you. The process can be rather easy using liquid nails, or more difficult if using masonry nails.

Either way, your dartboard will be securely attached to your concrete wall and be ready to play.

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