Can You Look Up a Gamestop Receipt?

Can You Look Up a Gamestop Receipt

While the details are a little unclear, you might have some luck with GameStop if you are in need of information from your purchase receipt. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your receipts from GameStop as safe as you can, especially if there is information about a warranty included on your receipt. 

You might be hoping to find a GameStop receipt for a number of reasons. This could be to catalog your receipts, to keep warranty information on file, or to return or exchange an item. 

GameStop also has certain conditions you must meet if you’re hoping to return an item. As much as GameStop will work with you to ensure the best customer experience possible, they need to be able to resell an item you’re returning unless it’s defective or damaged upon arrival. 

Can a Gamestop Store Find an Old Receipt?

At a physical store, a GameStop employee should be able to access some information from your account. This will include purchase history, although it seems as though they can only locate information regarding the last five purchases you have made. 

This ability to find purchase information will also vary from employee to employee. A typical part time or full time employee might not have the training to be able to access this information. A manager will most likely be the only one who can access this information. 

Do You Need a Receipt to Return an Item to Gamestop?

GameStop requires you to have your receipt or packing slip from an online order to make a return. This allows GameStop to know that the item you are trying to return was actually purchased from their store. 

GameStop has a policy that you have 30 days from the date of purchase or receipt to return an item to their store. Having the receipt will also help the GameStop employee determine whether or not you are in the window to return an item. 

If you were given a gift receipt, you will be able to exchange that item for something else or get the value of the gift on a GameStop gift card. 

One thing to keep in mind when you make a return to GameStop is that any points you might have earned because of your membership will also get returned to the store. You don’t get to keep your points when you make a return. 

What Can’t You Return at Gamestop?

If your item isn’t being returned in its original condition, or the packaging has been opened, GameStop might refuse the return, as stated in their policy. For items like games and movies, they consider the item opened once you take the plastic off. You might be able to try a trade or exchange, but you probably won’t be able to get a refund. 

You also want to make sure you return your items with all the papers, manuals, cords, and miscellaneous pieces that come with your item, or GameStop will most likely refuse that return as well. 

Can You Reprint Receipts?

There is no way that a customer will be able to access or reprint their own receipt for a previous purchase. If you have a GameStop account on their website, you will be able to see your recent orders. This may or may not be helpful, depending on what reason you are trying to reprint an old receipt for. 

The only way a GameStop employee might be able to pull up purchase information for a customer is if you have a membership with them. Without a membership, GameStop’s system will have much less information regarding your personal purchases, making it nearly impossible for them to be able to find your purchase at the storefront level. 

It is very unclear whether or not GameStop has the ability to reprint a receipt. There is nothing on their website giving that information, so you would have to call your local GameStop location to see what they are able to do. 

How Do I Check My Gamestop Order History?

You can go to the GameStop website and sign into your account in order to view your Order History. You will most likely have signed up for an account if you made an online purchase. If you signed up for a membership at a GameStop location, there is a good chance they recommended you sign up for an account online.

If you need to see purchases from a long time ago, you might have to call customer support. GameStop employees are very limited in terms of what they are able to access in-store, regardless of their training level. 

If you don’t have a GameStop account and/or do not wish to register for one, there is a way to check your order history if you want to track an order’s progress. If you scroll to the top of the GameStop website, there is an icon near the top that is called Your Order.

You can then type in your email address and your order number to track your order’s progress. 

Final Thoughts

There is only so much you can do on your online account as a GameStop customer when it comes to looking up old receipt information. You are not able to look up a copy of your receipt on your online account, so you cannot reprint it. The only things you can access are order history and order progress. 

Your best best to ensure the most seamless interaction with GameStop in regards to online orders or in-store purchases is to make a concerted effort to keep your receipts. While GameStop employees will try to help you as much as they can, they have to follow their policies and are limited by their technology. 

While people tend to just chuck receipts and avoid reading policies when shopping, it’s really important to ensure you don’t take out frustrations on store-level employees because you didn’t stay informed or organized. When all else fails, contacting the company directly is your best bet to try and remedy a situation.

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