Do You Need a Receipt to Sell Games at Gamestop?

Do You Need a Receipt to Sell Games at Gamestop

GameStop is a one-stop-shop for any video game, for any age range to genre, you can think of. In some stores, they sell gear, whereas others provide incoming customers with a multitude of games to choose from. Whether you’re an enthusiast or just someone in search of some harmless fun, GameStop is the way to go. 

Many might be unsatisfied with the game they bought because just like a book, the back of the product seemed to be more enticing than the experience itself. So you want to return it. Maybe you have a copy of a video game that is considerably praised among the gamer community. Why not make a little extra cash off of something that’s just been sitting up in your basement?

If you are going to sell a video game to GameStop, you do not need a receipt to sell games at GameStop. This is because GameStop profits from receiving a vast range/variety of products from people around the world. they understand that the owner of a game from a decade ago might have misplaced their receipt. They will likely test the game out and compensate you accordingly. 

Can You Sell Games to Gamestop Without a Receipt?

You do not need a receipt. The game will be briefly tested, and as long as it is running and ready to go, you can expect to make a quick sale. 

When selling the video games you own, it’s helpful to have the receipt as a reference for what you should receive in return as financial compensation. 

How Much Does Gamestop Pay For Used Games? 

GameStop will typically pay you around 10% to 25% of what the video game was originally worth. This might seem a bit annoying as now your $50 dollar video game from ten years ago, that you only played five times, just turned into $5 to $12 dollars… 

At the end of the day, this is how GameStop as a company can make a profit. Not only the video games they have in stock, submitted to them by video game labels and other sources but also from purchasing the products that were already sold for cheap. They’ve established their position appropriately to capitalize off of the transaction regardless of the circumstance. 

Can I Sell Video Games Without the Case at Gamestop?

You can sell a video game without the case. It is expected that an old video game might have lost its accompanying case over the years. Just as one would test the game prior to payment with a case and without a receipt, the same would go for if you were without a case. 

Rest assured you will be compensated for the same price, regardless of whether or not you brought the game with its appropriate casing. 

Should I Sell My Video Games at Gamestop? 

You could sell your games on eBay or other marketplaces to achieve a greater profit for yourself. In this case, you would find yourself selling the product at its full price or even higher if the game is considered to be limited edition and so forth. 

However, Selling on online marketplaces can be a long and often irritating process. GameStop eliminated this process entirely, and you will be aware of whether or not you can make a sale within a few minutes of conversing with a customer service representative. 

GameStop is more reliable in the sense that you would be certain going in with the appropriate information, you would receive either money or store credit.

Do You Need a Receipt to Return Video Games at Gamestop?

If you are going to return a game, however, you must provide a receipt. This is because GameStop needs to uphold certain standards, regulations and follow certain guidelines, legalities, and so forth. If proof of purchase is not provided, your appeal for return or submission of a product will most likely be denied. 

The following will be an overview of GameStop in consideration of recept policies, game pricing, sale pricing, store credit, and the general submission of video games at their company: 

Can You Return Games to Gamestop Without a Receipt? 

If you do not provide GameStop with a receipt attached to the product in question, your sale will not fall through. As a company, they pride themselves on providing their consumers with authentic video games or pieces. Their clientele expects nothing more and nothing less.

They cannot put themselves at the risk of being scammed or providing a customer with a false product. They have a certain reputation to uphold, and so, providing a receipt is absolutely necessary in order to return to GameStop. 

Unlike in previous years, we now find more and more companies providing consumers with virtual receipts. They can put your name, phone number, and email into a database for future reference. Through this process, which takes no more than 2-5 minutes, they can send you your receipt via email. This is great for any person, regardless of furniture intentions with the video game itself; a highly recommended system for any consumer. 

As for GameStop’s return policy, in no more than 30 days should you return the product for it to be eligible for return and refund.

Does Gamestop Give Store Credit for Games? 

As much as GameStop allows its consumers to sell video games, they also offer opportunities to trade in your games, gear, accessories, and other products for store credit. Great for those who might want to shop there again in the future! 

Does Gamestop Take Any Games? 

GameStop takes any video game from any genre you could think of! Whether it was purchased at GameStop or any other company, just provide them with a receipt and reap the rewards. 

You can then receive either cash, have the money added to a card, or receive credit for GameStop. 

Some Things to Know When Trading at Gamestop: 

  • You can trade games that were not purchased at GameStop as long as the value of the game you want in return is of similar value. 
  • The value of your trade will be based on a number of factors like the condition of the product, the popularity of the product at the time of your trade, quality, and how many products are being traded internationally at the current period of time. 
  • The value of a product, perhaps a game, gear, hardware can fluctuate based upon the market and the consideration of the product itself. 
  • It is best to evaluate the current “trade promotions”. 
  • EDGE members get more trade credit based upon their program level. 
  • You can receive credit on your Visa or Mastercard gift card. 
  • Trade Credit does NOT expire. 

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