Can You Paint Warhammer 40K Any Color? (Rules)

Can You Paint Warhammer 40K Any Color

Warhammer figures are a lot of fun to paint and collect! However, if you want to play official games with your models, you might wonder whether you need to paint them specific colors. Are there any particular rules you need to follow for painting?

According to Warhammer, every miniature must be up to a battle-ready standard, including the base when it comes to color. “Battle ready” means the figures have paint on them. However, you can add highlights, shading, and fine details after. You don’t need to have elaborate figures for them to be battle-ready!

Overall, you can paint your Warhammer 40k figures however you want! Most players want to keep a consistent color scheme so that their army looks like a group. As long as your figure has a solid coat of paint, you can use it in matches!

Can You Paint Warhammer Any Color?

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You can paint your Warhammer models any color, as long as you use at least three different pigments and fully cover the figure. However, that’s if you want to enter tournaments with them! Many other events have more relaxed rules.

You can use any design and colors that you want! Many groups appreciate it when you make your army consistent, so it’s easier to tell who’s units are who’s on the board. As long as you like the look of your models, no one will give you a hard time about them.

If you don’t plan to enter tournaments with your figures, you don’t have to worry about following any guidelines. You can make the models as simple or elaborate as possible- even if you only use a single color to paint them.

In short, you can use any paint colors you want on your Warhammer figures. Many players like to use a single color scheme for their army, but you can always add variants! As long as your model is battle-ready, you can use it for games.

We recommend The Army Painter Miniature Painting Kit if you are planning on painting your army yourself. It is the most comprehensive starter collection which includes 50 war paints. It’s excellent quality and non-toxic.

What Paints Can You Use on Warhammer?

There are plenty of paints that you can use on your Warhammer figures! Many dedicated model painters use Citadel paints because they come from Games Workshop- the brand that produces the models. Citadel paints are acrylic and stick well to the Warhammer models.

However, you can use any acrylic paints you want. As long as you have a base coat and main coat option, those paints will work wonderfully to design your figures. Acrylics also come with several advantages. They’re easy to clean up, you can thin them with water, and they also can go in an airbrush.

Oil paints are another option, although they’re harder to work with. They’re best for applying washes of color to a design. If you want to add a colorful glaze to your work, consider oil paints.

Overall, you can apply a variety of paints to Warhammer figures. Since they usually consist of resin, plastic, or metal, acrylic paints are best. Although, there are still cases where you might want to add oil-based paint to the figure.

What Paint Is Good for Warhammer 40k?

Many Warhammer enthusiasts agree that Citadel paints are the best for these models. The paint comes from Games Workshop, which creates the paints with their Warhammer models. They supply all the paint and have plenty of instructions on using them best.

Citadel paints are non-toxic and water-based. You can apply them with standard paintbrushes or use an airbrush to layer an even coat across the model. Citadel also provides base coats, highlights, shadows, and sealants!

If you want to get all of your paints in one go, then Citadel will be the best choice for you. Doing so also makes it much easier to receive matching shades without shopping around a lot. You can find the same pigments in different types of paint, making it easier to match them.

Since Citadel paints are acrylic, they come with all the above benefits. Figure painters love this brand because they can easily thin the paint and work with it. You even have the choice between matte and glossy finishes!

So, if you want high-quality, reliable paint for your Warhammer 40k, then Citadel paints should be one of your first choices. However, if you want an alternative paint, most good acrylics will also work well for you!

Do Warhammer Minis Have to Be Painted?

If you want to enter a competition with your figures, you will have to paint them to the minimum battle-ready standard. However, if you don’t want to play official games with them, you don’t have to paint them!

Most collectors love painting their Warhammer figures and take a lot of pride in making their models unique. So, while you don’t have to paint your minis to collect them, you’ll still probably want to!

Starting a new hobby like this can feel overwhelming. You’ll want to take painting your models one step at a time. While your first model might not be perfect- it’s still yours, and there’s no other one like it! As you paint more figures, you’ll gain more confidence and learn advanced techniques.

Overall, while you might not need to paint the figures, you should still give it a try! Painted models add more depth to your collection and make it much more personal to you.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, you can paint your Warhammer 40k figures however you want! In the past, tournaments recommended using at least three different shades on the models. Today, however, you can use any combination to make them battle-ready.

You’ll want to make sure you use acrylic paints to start, then move on to oils as you learn more. Citadel paints are an excellent choice- they’re non-toxic and water-based, giving them plenty of benefits for your minis.

Overall, painting your Warhammer figures is a lot of fun and a hobby you can take pride in! It’s worth learning how to apply a base, the main body color, and details. Your army will be unique to you.

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