Can You Use a Lint Roller on a Pool Table?

can you use a lint roller on a pool tabl;e

Enthusiasts and casual players of pool (also known as billiards) will often find themselves wondering what the best method is for cleaning their pool table. The cloth that covers the surface of the pool table is often called “felt” and has a similar consistency of the fabric felt, but it is actually a different type of fabric entirely.

Pool tables are covered in a type of cloth that is usually a combination of wool and nylon. The fabric goes through a specific process when it is woven in order to avoid any pilling or other irregularities that would otherwise develop over time from the friction of the balls spinning against it.

Even when a pool table is well taken care of, there might still be some dirt or debris that will need to be cleaned off of it. Instead of using a damp cloth, sponge, or small broom, many people will wonder if they can clean it using a lint roller. The answer to this is yes, you can use a lint roller to clean your pool table’s felt, and it is actually quite effective.

Will Lint Rollers Effectively Clean a Pool Table?

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Lint rollers will work great to pick up dust and other unwanted particles from your pool table. They are gentle enough not to damage the felt and will also ensure there will be no build-up of grime from the air or natural oils from skin on the surface of the table. 

We recommend using a large surface lint roller like this one on your pool table as you will be able to cover more ground when cleaning.

Using a lint roller isn’t the only way to ensure that your pool table stays clean and well cared for, however. On top of regularly lint rolling, it’s a good idea to spray a gentle mist of water on the felt so that the color stays vibrant and the fabric weave can remain tight. Every pool player will know that an uneven surface is unwanted in any game.

What Else Can You Use as a Lint Roller?

If you’ve noticed that your pool table is in need of cleaning but you don’t have a lint roller handy, there’s no need to worry. There are plenty of substitutes that you can use in place of a lint roller that will be just as effective at removing dust and dirt from the felt of your pool table.

For example, if you carefully fold up masking tape, sticky side facing out, you will be able to create your very own lint roller substitute. Simply pat or brush the pool felt gently with the masking tape to remove the debris. You can also use any other kind of tape that you have around the house. However, make sure it isn’t too abrasive to avoid tearing the felt.

What Are Some Other Ways to Clean Your Pool Table Felt?

If you notice that your pool table is in need of a deeper cleaning than what a lint roller or tape can provide, there are other ways to clean it without having to hire a professional. One of the most common ways to clean pool table felt is with a vacuum cleaner, but you should do this with the utmost care so that you don’t accidentally damage the felt.

When using a vacuum to clean your pool table felt, it’s best not to lift a heavy vacuum up onto the table. Not only with a large vacuum on top of the table risk damaging the wood and slate underneath the felt, but it will probably cause too much pulling on the felt and risk future stretching or wrinkling.

Instead, use a small handheld vacuum or attach a hose nozel to your household vacuum cleaner. Then, using delicate motions in the same direction as you break (i.e. the movement that starts the game of pool), carefully swipe the vacuum cleaner down the felt to remove the dust and particles. Use a low suction setting if possible.

Cover Your Pool Table to Help Protect the Felt

One of the best ways to ensure that your pool table can stay clean for as long as possible and remain in good condition for many years to come is to cover it when it is not in use. Keeping the pool table covered will ensure that less dust will be able to settle on the felt and therefore will not be able to break down the fibers over time.

Furthermore, covering your pool table will also keep it safe from other environmental aggressors like sunlight. Too much sun will cause fading to occur in the felt and, in some climates, might even create too much heat for the pool table as a whole, leading to the eventual deterioration of the table.

Final Thoughts 

A lint roller is a great way to pick up dust and other stray particles that may be settling on your pool table’s felt. Try using a large surface roller in order to clean your pool table quickly and efficiently.

An alternative to a lint roller is a hand vacuum. It’s important to be careful when using a hand vacuum by keeping the suction level on the lowest setting if possible as to prevent damage to the felt.

All in all, maintaining the cleanliness of your pool table is the best way to ensure that it will stay in good condition for a long time and make your investment in a pool table that much more worth it. 

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