Cheapest Places to Buy Hot Wheels

cheapest places to buy hot wheels

Hot Wheels are a highly sought after collectible, and they can vary in price depending on where you purchase them. While prices will not differ much from store to store, it’s still nice to know the cheapest places to buy Hot Wheels.

Depending on if you purchase your Hot Wheels online or in a physical store, the prices can vary ever so slightly. This is especially true during the holiday season when toy prices rise to an all time high on just about every online platform.

Below are some of the cheapest places to buy Hot Wheels, as well as some detailed information on third-party retailers and private sellers.


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Amazon and eBay are two of the largest ecommerce platforms in the world. You will be able to find singles, multi-packs, tracks, playsets, and more on both of these platforms. eBay sells used items as well as new. This means you may be able to get a great deal on a bulk lot of used Hot Wheels.

Amazon, on the other hand, will be on the pricier side, especially during the holidays when toys are most sought after.

To check the current price and availability of Hot Wheels, click here to view the selection on Amazon.


Walmart is a great place to find cheap Hot Wheels. Not only do they sell cheap Hot Wheels, but they also have a wide variety to choose from. From single cars, to full on tracks, Walmart has a big selection to choose from. Single Hot Wheels cars range from $4.00 to about $12.00 for the specialty cars.

Hot Wheels playsets and tracks will range anywhere from $20.00 all the way to over $100. There are also times when Walmart does price rollbacks and you can find single Hot Wheels for under a dollar!

Walmart’s Hot Wheels products can be found both online and offline. Hot Wheels prices on Walmart’s website can vary in price due to third-party sellers.

Third-party sellers are private sellers that are selling items on Walmart’s platform. If is not selling the item, or is out of stock, these third-party sellers will be the ones to set the prices for these out of stock or high in demand items.


Target is another great retail store to buy cheap Hot Wheels from. You can find single Hot Wheels ranging from $1.00 to about $12.00. You can also find Hot Wheels playsets for about $20.00 to $50.00.

Target also sells Hot Wheels both online and in their physical store. If looking online, be wary of inflated prices. There will be third party sellers on the platform that will set the prices if Target is not on the listings.

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is another great place to find cheap Hot Wheels. Dollar Tree is well known for selling items for only a dollar, and this is no exception to their Hot Wheels selection. Dollar Tree is a very popular spot for scalpers and collectors to go to so it may be hard to find Hot Wheels in stock.

However, if you are able to find Hot Wheels at Dollar Tree, the single cars will only be $1.00. Dollar Tree also stocks small track pieces for a little over a dollar a piece.

Dollar General

Similar to Dollar Tree, Dollar General also has a limited selection of Hot Wheels. The Hot Wheels at Dollar General are a little more pricey than the ones at Dollar Tree. The prices of Hot Wheels range from about $5.00 to $25.00.

Although Dollar General does show Hot Wheels on their website, it is best to go in store to find them as the Online Store has a very limited selection.


Meijer is another great retail location that sells Hot Wheels, however this store is only found in a small number of states. If you happen to live near a Meijer, it is definitely worth checking out for their Hot Wheels selection.

They sell a wide variety of Hot Wheels including singles, playsets, specialty cars, and more! The prices range anywhere from $.99 for your basic die cast metal cars, to about $15.00 for premium cars. It may be difficult to find their products in stock online, so going into a physical location may be your best option.


We went ahead and grouped these common pharmacies together as all three of them have a very similar stock and selection when it comes to Hot Wheels.

At these pharmacies, you will be able to find a little variety in the products. You will be able to find single cars, multi-packs, and sometimes a Hot Wheels track.

Prices can vary from $1.50 and up to about $20.00. Always be sure to check as many of these pharmacies as you can as they will all carry a different stock of Hot Wheels.

Grocery Stores

Depending on your specific location, your local grocery store may or may not have Hot Wheels. The best place to check for them is in the toy aisle. Sometimes you can even find Hot Wheels cars at the end caps of the aisles on either side.

It’s always worth looking at the ends of the aisles as many store employees may not know that they even have Hot Wheels in their store.

Why Are Hot Wheels Cars So Cheap?

The simple answer to this question is that Hot Wheels cars are so cheap due to the sheer amount of volume that Mattel produces them at.

The more cars that are produced means the more raw materials that need to be purchased. Buying in bulk will generally yield a cheaper cost, especially when manufacturing at the level that Mattel does.

This in turn allow Mattel to keep their prices low while churning out millions of Hot Wheels cars each and every year.

Final Thoughts

There are many places to buy Hot Wheels, and we recommend checking them all out for the best prices. Prices can vary from location to location so it is important to do your research in your area.

In general, Target and Walmart will have the best deals and probably the largest selection to choose from. They also occasionally have sales on old stock to make room for new stock, which means you will be able to grab a lot of cars for cheap.

With that in mind, this also means that these stores are usually the most checked by resellers and scalpers looking for rare and valuable cars.

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