When Does Dollar General Restock Hot Wheels?

When Does Dollar General Restock Hot Wheels

As of late, there have been a lot of talks about major Hot Wheels findings at Dollar General stores. If you want to check out your local Dollar General. Dollar General restocks their products once a week and this solely depends on the location and individual store.

Unfortunately, finding great Hot Wheels at Dollar General can be a bit of a hit or miss. Sometimes, you will find big finds. Others, you might not find anything at all. That does not mean you should not look at Dollar General while hunting for Hot Wheels. It just means you need to have the right info and expectations.

So that you have the best chance of finding good Hot Wheels at your local Dollar General, learn what days Dollar General restocks their Hot Wheels and more. Keep reading to learn all of this information.

What Days Does Dollar General Restock Hot Wheels?

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Dollar General typically restocks their products once a week starting around noon and ending in the late afternoon. At many locations, the restock day is on Mondays, but the exact restock day will depend on individual stores. It’s best to ask your local Dollar General when they restock their products.

Occasionally, Dollar General will restock its products throughout the week. This is especially true of smaller products and products that are frequently purchased. It can be impossible to predict these random restocking times.

Hot Wheels are mostly restocked on the main restocking day. That’s because Hot Wheels aren’t particularly hot commodities like chips, food, and other items sold at Dollar General. Occasionally, they may be restocked throughout the week, but it’s best to count on their restocking day.

Hot Wheels can be especially difficult to predict in terms of restocking day. Hot Wheels merchandise goes in and out of stock for Dollar General. That means it may be months before your Dollar General gets Hot Wheels in their stock.

Recap: So that you know the best time for checking out Hot Wheels at your Dollar General, we recommend talking to your local Dollar General. They can give you a more specific answer as to when they restock their shelves. This is the best way to learn the restocking protocol in your region and individual store.

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What Company Stocks Hot Wheels at Dollar General?

Discovering how companies get ahold of Mattel products, the company responsible for Hot Wheels, is very difficult. However, Mattel published that they sell their products directly to resellers and wholesalers where Mattel has a direct presence.

Because Mattel has a direct presence in the US, in addition to Dollar General being a major retailer, we assume that Dollar General gets its Hot Wheels directly from Mattel. This is not abnormal, especially since other major retailers get their Hot Wheels from Mattel directly. Walmart and Target fall into this category as well.

How Much Do Hot Wheels Cost at Dollar General?

At the moment, Dollar General only has a handful of Hot Wheels products in their selection, even on their online store.

As of March 2022, the Assorted Hot Wheels Monster Truck Multi Pack with four pieces costs $8, which is the cheapest option on their list. The second cheapest is the two-count Hot Wheels Color Reveal Color Shifters Car Toys, which goes for $10.

There are a couple of other $10 products. For example, the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Big Air Breakout Playset and Mega Hot Wheels Assorted are both $10. The most expensive product in their lineup is the Mega Construx Hot Wheels Boneshaker Monster Truck, which costs $20.

Whenever you can find Hot Wheels on individual displays, they often go for around $1.25 each, although the rarity of the vehicle may cause the price to go up.

Please note that these prices may change depending on your location and when you are shopping, but it gives you an overall look at how expensive Hot Wheels are at Dollar General.

Where Are the Hot Wheels Located in Dollar General?

Dollar General typically stocks their Hot Wheels with other toys, sports gear, and gaming merchandise. Most Dollar General stores have the toy section in the middle or back of the store, but this may differ based on the store’s layout. At most locations, food services are to the left, whereas cosmetics and personal hygiene products are to the right. Toys are somewhere in the middle.

Dollar General also sometimes has Hot Wheels on cases and displays in front of aisles or in the toy aisle. This is very unusual and uncommon, but it has happened enough that you should be on the lookout for these displays at Dollar General locations near you.

It can be a bit confusing to find items in Dollar General since their store is jammed packed. If you’re having trouble locating Hot Wheels, you can always ask the Dollar General employee to point you in the right direction. You can also ask them outright if there are any Hot Wheels in stock to save you time.

Unfortunately, it is common for Dollar General Hot Wheels to be in unpredictable locations. Because the store is packed so tight, items can easily be misplaced. Not to mention, shoppers may pick up Hot Wheels and place them elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Dollar General typically restocks their products once a week, but the exact restock day will depend on the individual store. Unfortunately, Hot Wheels are not always restocked because they are only offered on occasion.

Even though restocking can be unpredictable, it’s still a great idea to check out your local Dollar General for Hot Wheels. Their Hot Wheels are sourced directly from Mattel and sometimes include rare fines. You will want to check out the toy section and any display cases in the area.

For best results, we recommend talking to your local Dollar General staff. They will give you a better idea of when to expect restocks. Also, you can ask them whenever you first walk in to see if there are any Hot Wheels available at the moment.

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