When Does Fred Meyer Restock Hot Wheels?

When Does Fred Meyer Restock Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is starting to go through somewhat of a resurgence. While Fred Meyer has always stocked Hot Wheels, it seems that it is going out of stock rather frequently. Because of this, a lot of people wonder when the best time to head to Fred Meyer is if you want to get your hands on a product restock.

It is tough to know when a Fred Meyer will restock Hot Wheels. This is because it can vary between stores and their stock levels. Some will restock Hot Wheels every day, while other companies may do so on various days throughout the week. The best way to know when your Fred Meyer is restocking Hot Wheels is to ask. If they don’t know, then observe. They will always tend to do it at the same time.

Let’s expand upon this a little bit. We are sure that you probably have a ton of burning questions about purchasing Hot Wheels from Fred Meyer.

What Days Does Fred Meyer Restock Hot Wheels?

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It really does depend on the store and how busy they are. If a Fred Meyer store seems to get a lot of foot traffic, then the restocks could potentially be happening every single day. It is often in the evening that they are restocked.

In other cases, people have observed that Fred Meyer restocks on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. This means that they are giving a restock almost every couple of days. This helps to ensure that they have a decent supply of the toy on the shelf at all times.

Of course, as we said before, this is something that is going to vary wildly between stores. In most cases, the pattern should be fairly predictable. This means that you can either head into your regular Fred Meyer and see when they are restocking product. Alternatively, you can ask one of the staff members that is hanging around the Hot Wheels section. They may be able to answer for you.

Once you know the rough time that Fred Meyer restocks their Hot Wheels, then make sure that you always head back at the same time. This is the best way to guarantee that you will be getting your hands on the absolute best products that Fred Meyer has to offer.

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What Company Stocks Hot Wheels at Fred Meyer?

Fred Meyer will stock the Hot Wheels products themselves. Hot Wheels are unlike many of the other collectible products that you often find at stores. There will be no external company coming in and putting the Hot Wheels products on the shelves. I

t is all going to be managed by the staff. This is partly why it is going to be so dreadfully difficult to know exactly when the next restock is coming. If the staff are busy, then there may not be Hot Wheels on the shelves.

Having the staff be the main stockists for Hot Wheels does seem to cause a few issues. Many Hot Wheels collectors have noticed that some of the rarer cars do not seem to hit the shelves at all. Instead, the staff member will put them to one side and tell their friends about it. This isn’t technically allowed at Fred Meyer, but people will do it anyway.

Thankfully, Hot Wheels isn’t anywhere near as popular as some of the other products that you will find at Fred Meyer, which means that the chances of people putting a product to one side will be rarer than, say, if you were purchasing Pokemon Trading Game Cards.

How Much Do Hot Wheels Cost at Fred Meyer?

Hot Wheels are likely to cost RRP at Fred Meyer. This means that you won’t be paying a sky-high price for your Hot Wheels products. However, you are also unlikely to find a deal on them.

Still, because they are selling their products at RRP, you never have to worry about the price gouging some other companies do when they get the rarer cars is. You know that Fred Meyer is going to charge a competitive price.

While it is rare, you will sometimes find huge discounts on older Hot Wheels cars. It is unlikely that you are going to find that many deals (if at all) on some of the rarer cars. This is because they tend to sell out well before they go on sale. However, if it is one of the older common cars that Fred Meyer has managed to shift for a while, then there is a chance that they could go on sale.

Of course, it is always going to be tough to predict when Fred Meyer is going to be running a sale on the Hot Wheels cars. It often happens out of the blue.

Where Are the Hot Wheels Located in Fred Meyer?

You will always be able to find the Hot Wheels cars in the toy section.

Of course, Fred Meyer layouts can vary drastically. so this means that the positioning of the Hot Wheels can vary from store to store. However, as long as you make a beeline for the toy section, then you should be fine.

Can You Buy Hot Wheels Online at Fred Meyer?

Sometimes. It is rare that you will be able to find a list of all of the Hot Wheels cars stocked by Fred Meyer online. They will have some common cars. However, if you want to get your hands on the rarer cards, then you will have no choice but to head to the Fred Meyer store yourself.

Final Thoughts

It is impossible to know exactly when your local Fred Meyer will restock Hot Wheels. Well, at least for us. If you go in and ask a staff member, then they will give you a rough idea.

Most Fred Meyer will restock every day, but some may only do it two to three times per week.

We recommend going early in the day if you want to stand the best chance of getting your hands on the rarer cars.

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