Do Bowling Alleys Sell Socks?

do bowling alleys sell socks

Most bowling alleys do in fact sell socks. Many will have disposable socks that you can use while you are bowling. Depending on the bowling alley, the socks may be free or just a small fee.

In this article, we will provide you information to think about before you go bowling. Whether or not to wear socks when you bowl is an important consideration for your feet’s health.  

Our feet have around 25,000 sweat glands. Socks have the job of absorbing all that perspiration from the thousands of sweat glands. When socks are performing their important role, our feet and shoes are protected. Additionally, shoes can be extremely uncomfortable without socks.

Socks are important for our feet’s health. In addition to their absorption, socks prevent your feet from rubbing against the inside of your shoes. If your bare feet rub, they can blister, which can cause infections and other issues. 

Do You Have to Wear Socks With Bowling Shoes?

If you are bringing your own bowling shoes, then it is truly your choice whether or not you want to wear socks. On the other hand, If you are renting bowling shoes then it is highly advised to wear socks with the bowling shoes.

Picture how many other feet have slipped into the rented bowling shoes. Without socks to absorb any moisture, your sweat is now mingling with the bacteria and skin debris left behind from previous bowlers.

In addition to health concerns, the inside of shoes is not designed for your bare feet. Not wearing socks will be uncomfortable. This will reduce the pleasure of your bowling experience.

Wearing your own shoes without socks might depend on the time of year. Many bowlers leave their shoes in their car, so they can stop by the alleys frequently.

In the summer months, your feet sweat even more. Not wearing socks means your sweat in your shoes can be growing bacteria. A consideration during cold winter months, if your bowling shoes have been stored in your car, your feet will be very cold in your frigid, stiff shoes.

Double up on Socks

If you are worried about the germs that might go home with you after a session at the lanes, bring two pairs of socks.

Here is what you do. After you get your rental shoes, you put on your first pair of socks. Enjoy your time bowling. See how many strikes you can throw. After you finish your frames, sit down and take off those shoes and socks.  

From your bag, pull out your second pair of socks. Slip those on along with your street shoes. Put that first pair in a plastic bag and inside your other bag. When you get home, toss that first pair of socks in the wash.

This way you are not putting the germs from the socks worn in shared shoes into your own shoes or traipsing the microorganisms through your home.  

Are Socks Included in the Rental Cost?

Socks are not included in the rental cost. However, many alleys will have disposable socks that they can provide. Depending upon the alley, you might be given the socks for a small fee. Others will give you disposable socks at no charge. 

Arriving at the bowling alley in the summer wearing sandals, it would be easy to have forgotten socks. Or when you packed your bag, the socks were left behind. If you are renting your bowling shoes, bowling alleys want you to wear socks.

A few alleys include socks in their rental price of the bowling shoes. Other alleys have vending machines from which you can purchase socks.   

Types of Socks to Wear 

Thick, clean moisture-wicking socks are a great choice to bring with you to the lanes. These provide comfort with the thickness and cushion. If you are wearing rented shoes, they might be on the worn-side, the extra cushion will add to the enjoyment of your bowling experience. 

Moisture-wicking socks keep the dampness and sweat away from your feet. It is important to keep your feet dry to help reduce the growth of germs. The dryness helps prevent blisters and infections from forming. A reduction in odor is also a plus of breathable socks.

Renting Bowling Shoes

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When most of us arrive at the bowling alley, our first stop is renting shoes. Bowling alleys have cleaning guidelines that they expect their employees to follow their guidelines. However, you have no way of knowing how many feet have been inside the shoes you are handed.

Shoes are sanitized with disinfectants and deodorizers after each wear.

So hopefully, your bowling alley and its employees clean their shoes frequently and follow their own guidelines. As a customer, you always can ask the alley what their cleaning policy is and how they ensure they are being followed.

If you’re an avid bowler, we recommend purchasing and using your own bowling shoes like these from BSI. They are high-quality, come in many different styles, and perform much better than your average bowling alley rental shoes.

Cleanliness Concerns

Bacteria and germs can easily grow if shoes are not thoroughly cleaned. Even in shoes that are cleaned frequently, bacteria and fungi can develop. Microorganisms flourish in dark and damp environments. Those bowling shoes and storage racks can be the perfect breeding ground for germs.

Can You Bowl Without Bowling Shoes?

Lanes are highly polished. Wearing street shoes that might have pebbles and other debris can damage the lanes. This would negatively affect all bowlers’ experiences if the lanes are marred. Grooves or other markings can change the traction of the bowling ball and impact your score. 

Bowling shoes will provide your best opportunity for a good game. Bowling shoes need to glide or slide as you release the bowl. Since the highly polished lanes are slick, the soles of the shoes will provide traction for you. This will help with your form and contribute to a smooth release of the ball. 

Wearing bowling shoes will reduce your chance of injury. Good quality and comfortable fitting shoes are an important piece of equipment for safe bowling. Injuries to your feet and back can be minimized with proper shoes.  

If you bowl frequently, purchasing your own shoes should be explored. Proper fit can be addressed during the purchase. Then the decision about socks or no socks is your personal preference. 

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