Do Card Savers Bend or Warp Cards?

do card savers bend or warp cards

Card savers or sleeves are the usual choices for anyone who collects cards today. They are small plastic cases that go over the top of your cards, allowing you to protect them from dust and grime. Many people wonder if these sleeves can bend or warp their cards, however.

So, do card savers bend or warp cards? In most cases, they don’t. As long as you choose the right size for your trading card, it should stay in the same shape. When you force a large card into a sleeve that is too small for it, the card is likely to warp.

Many people also compare card savers to top loaders. Although, the sleeve is the method that the PSA prefers. There is a lot more to know about bending cards, so be sure to keep reading! You will want to stay informed, so you don’t make a mistake in the future. Here’s what you should know.

Are Card Savers Better Than Top Loaders?

Most of the time, card savers, which are plastic sleeves, will be the better choice. The sleeves tend to take up less space than the top loader, which means the mail won’t jostle the cards around inside, leading to damage.

The only aspect where top-loaders are the better option is if you have trouble putting your cards into the sleeves. It can be a bit challenging to open and slide the card inside.

Additionally, the PSA warns against sending in your cards in top loaders. Some submissions received will take longer to process, and the cases don’t come back with your submission. So, it is much more worth your time and money to send in your submissions with a sleeve.

The top loader allows cards to move around too much in the mail, leading to harm to the card.

Card savers like these are great for keeping your cards in mint condition before sending them to PSA for grading.

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What is a Top Loader?

A top-loader is an acrylic case that uses screws to stay closed. It works well for displaying a high-quality card, although it is not worth submitting cards to the PSA in this type of case. It usually is not tight enough to prevent the card from shuffling around during transport- leading to damages which may cause the rating to lower.

How Do You Put Cards in Card Savers?

There are different types of card savers that you can use. Some are very thin, and others are harder. To insert one inside of your card saver, start by popping the saver open. You want to hold it wide open with two fingers before sliding the card inside.

You want to do the process slowly, so you don’t bend the card or damage it. If this is your first time putting a rare card in a card saver, you might be nervous. However, as long as you time your time, you will do alright!

Many people also recommend using a penny card saver before putting the card into a semi-rigid card saver.

Overall, you can trust using semi-rigid card savers. The PSA uses them for all of their grading services.

How To Prevent Cards From Bending or Warping

Did you know that excessive cold or heat can cause the cards to curl over time? You will want to keep your cards in a place that has a consistent temperature. They won’t bend if you store them properly.

Additionally, moisture can cause your cards to bend as they absorb it out of the air. You can store silica packets with your cards since they suck the moisture out of the cards and help to keep them dry.

You can also keep your cards in sleeves and card savers. These coverings help to keep the card as flat as when you bought it. Overall, they are worth investing in if you have some nice cards you want to keep flat for grading in the future.

How To Store Cards

The best way to store cards for long periods is in rigid card savers. They keep them flat and prevent them from curling after long periods. You can also place some silica packets nearby, which reduce the amount of moisture in the air.

Some people also store their cards in binders. If you do this, make sure you store them all facing the same direction. Then, make sure to limit the number of cards you place on the binder pages. Many people also add penny sleeves to the cards to protect them even further.

What Can You Do if a Card Bends?

If your card bends, you can straighten it back out with a blow dryer. First, place the card on a flat surface, face down. Turn the blow dryer on to high heat. You need the heat to remove the moisture from the cards so it uncurls.

Blow dryers are a safe method since they don’t get as hot as iron. Plus, they don’t come into direct contact with the hairdryer, preventing damage.

Run the blow dryer over the cards for about thirty seconds. Make sure that you are constantly moving the dryer back and forth. You will want to hold the card down on the corner so it doesn’t blow away. After that time, the card should be starting to flatten back out.

Allow the card to cool a bit before you hit it with the air dryer again. You can continue for another thirty seconds. If it doesn’t seem like it’s working, you will want to try another method.

Stacking Books

The easiest method to straightening your cards is using some textbooks. Simply make a heavy stack, then leave the card under it overnight. As long as you do this on a flat surface, the cards should slowly start to straighten.

Depending on how warped your cards were, it can take more than a few days to repair the damage. Once you have the card flat again, make sure you store it in a dry place with a card protector.

Steaming Cards

As a last-ditch effort, you can try steaming your cards. Start by boiling water, then pour the water into a sturdy bowl. Wrap the bowl with plastic wrap, then place the bent card on top of the plastic wrap.

You will want to leave it for at least a minute before checking on the card. The heat from the steam should straighten out the card.

Final Thoughts

So, do card savers cause cards to warp or bend over time? Nope! They do the opposite by keeping your cards as flat as possible and keep out moisture. The only way a sleeve can bend your card is if it is too small for your card.

You will want to make sure that you are always using the right size of card saver, so you don’t have to worry about the cards curling over time. Acrylic, rigid card savers are one of the best ways to prevent bending.

Overall, as long as you take the time to properly store your cards, you can be sure they will stay flat. If they do happen to bend, there are some options you have to repair them at home. That way, you can receive a better grade from the PSA!

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