Do Pokemon Card Codes Expire?

do pokemon card codes expire

With almost every single Pokemon product nowadays, you will receive a small code in there. The idea is that you can use this code for the Pokemon Trading Card Game online.

This will allow you to receive a digital variation of the product that you purchased. So, not only will you be building up your physical collection, you will also be building up your digital collection too. But, what if you don’t use those codes right away? Do they expire?

So, do Pokemon TCG card codes expire? The answer is that they don’t. As long as the game is up and running, every single code that you receive is going to work on the platform!

Do Pokemon Tcg Card Codes Expire?

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No. Pokemon TCG cards do not expire. While there may be some terms and conditions in the platform that says that your codes may expire in the future. At the time of writing, no card has ever expired.

This means that you can have a booster pack from the earliest days of Pokemon Trading Card Game online and it is going to work still.

What you do have to remember, however, is that the Pokemon TCG Online still runs with the same rotation as the standard game.

This means that if you do pick up a code, you may get the booster pack, but you may not be able to use it in your standard decks. It may need to be used for the expanded version of the game, and sometimes even legacy.

The product that you receive will always be the same as the product that you purchased. For example, if you purchase a theme deck, then the code will give you the same theme deck in the game. You will even get the coin it came with. If you purchase a booster pack, then you will get the booster pack in the game.

However, do bear in mind that the cards that you receive in the game will be different from the cards that you physically received. In fact, you may even end up with better cards in the game!

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Do Pokemon Tcg Online Promotional Codes Expire?

Every so often, you may see promotional codes for the game online. These will, in most cases, just give you avatar rewards or a coin. These codes are completely free and will be published in a variety of places.

There will always be an expiry date on these codes, and the expiry date is likely going to be clearly highlighted. This means that if you do not redeem the code quickly, then you may miss out on the reward forever.

Codes normally appear during the launch of new sets, the launch of new Pokemon movies, or during special holidays throughout the year. Keep an eye on discussion sites dedicated to the Pokemon TCG and it shouldn’t be too tricky to find the information!

How Long Are Pokemon Codes?

Assuming that they are codes that you have received from physical Pokemon TCG products, then they are going to be 11 characters long. This code is 100% unique to your card, so make sure that you do not share it with anybody before you have redeemed the card yourself.

If you look on the Pokemon code card, there will also be a QR code. This will also be 100% unique. If you are playing the mobile version of the game, then you can just scan that into the system rather than typing the code out.

The QR code is just a representation of the actual code. So, once you have used the QR code, the actual code will also expire.

Promotional codes can normally be of a variety of different lengths, and they will not be unique. These codes can be redeemed repeatedly. The promo code will normally be a word related to the promotion that is currently running.

Are Pokemon Tcg Codes Reusable?

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No. Once you have used a code, it can no longer be redeemed. These codes are 100% unique to the owner. There is going to be no other code like it.

This is why, if you watch YouTube, you will see that there isn’t a single person there that is willing to show their codes unless they give it away to the community. They know that if somebody redeems that code before them, then they will never be able to use that code!

If you have a promo code, it can only be redeemed once per account. However, that promo code can be used by an unlimited number of accounts before it expires.

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Can You Sell Pokemon Tcg Codes?

Yes. In fact, a lot of people do sell their Pokemon TCG codes because it helps to offset the price of the booster pack. There are plenty of places online where you can sell your code. However, most Pokemon TCG resellers will have some place where you can sell your code.

Don’t expect much for the average booster code. However, some of the older theme decks have been sold for several dollars.

Can You Trade Pokemon Tcg Codes?

Did you know that if you redeem the code but you do not open the theme deck or booster pack in the game, you can actually use them for trades?

As you know, there is a card trading market built into the game, and only codes and cards gained from physical products can be traded through the system. So, several highly sought-after booster packs can help you to build a decent deck.

Final Thoughts

Most Pokemon card codes will not expire. The exception to this rule will be promo codes that do expire. However, you are fine to redeem the codes that came with your physical product whenever you wish.

Remember, the code is 100% unique to you, so don’t hand it off to anybody. If they redeem it, you won’t be able to.

If you want to use your booster packs for trading, make sure that you do not open them up once you have redeemed the code.

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