Do Pro Dart Players Use Spinning Shafts?

do pro dart players use spinning shafts

Typically, when darts are thrown, they don’t spin while they are in the air. It has been said that some professional dart players do use spinning shafts when they are playing, but the majority of pros do not. This is especially true with professional players in the PDC.

If spinning dart shafts are not used by many professionals, then what is the point of them? Does a spinning dart make your throws more accurate? Is it something you should do as well?

The main benefit of a spinning dart shaft is to decrease bounce outs or reflections. However, the dart shafts tend to loosen over time which can cause more harm than good which is the main drawback from these types of dart shafts.

Do Spinning Shafts Reduce Deflections?

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Spinning dart shafts do help reduce bounce outs and deflections. The main design of a spinning dart shaft is to allow for a dart flight to sping or move out of the way of an oncoming dart.

Normally, a dart that hits the back of another dart will most likely be deflected or bounce out. With a spinning dart shaft, the flight will actually move out of the way which will allow for tighter grouping and decreased bounce outs.

If you are considering a spinning dart shaft, then we recommend using these spinning dart shafts by Dart World. They are currently the leader of the market for spinning dart shafts.

Will Spinning Shafts Improve Your Game?

Spinning shafts will not typically add spin to your dart while it is in the air. They mostly allow for a decrease in bounce out. The spinning shaft will make it possible for a dart that is already in the board to spin, allowing room for a dart that is incoming. 

It has not been proven that spinning shafts will improve or hurt your game. However, many players have complained that the spinning shafts tend to loosen quite quickly which can give you dart a rattling feel which in turn can affect the way the dart is thrown.

Do Darts Spin Naturally in the Air?

When thrown a certain way, darts will naturally spin in the air. This happens when the dart does not leave your thumb and fingers at the same time.

If you notice your dart spins when you throw it, it has to do with how you hold the dart and how you release it when you throw. If this is comfortable for you, don’t change anything.

If you don’t normally notice a spin when you throw, then all of a sudden you do, your grip and release have most likely changed some. There could be many reasons behind it, such as you are now gripping the dart with your thumb and index finger on the top and bottom of the dart instead of the sides. 

If your dart is spinning and you realize it is not really doing you any good, try adjusting your grip and where you hold the dart at. This could reduce the spinning or completely get rid of it. If you don’t mind the spin, don’t worry about changing anything.

What Type of Darts are Used by the Pros?

There is really no right or wrong type of darts to use when playing the game. All professionals use a different type, but they usually share some similarities.

For example, all professionals use tungsten darts. Tungsten is a dense material, making for a thinner but heavier dart. The weight preferred is usually between 21 and 24 grams. 

Professionals typically use darts with a thin, pencil-like barrel. The thinner barrel makes it easier to grip tighter, so you can score easier. They also prefer a barrel that has grooves for a more stable grip before throwing. 


Darts usually weigh between 12 and 50 grams. Professional players will use darts that are about 22 grams because it is just about the perfect weight for a straight throw.

When darts weigh more, they are more likely to fly through the air evenly. Lighter darts have the tendency to curve and hit the board at an angle.


There are different types of shafts including carbon fiber, nylon, metal, and spinning. Carbon fiber shafts are lightweight and durable, but expensive. Nylon shafts are newer to the market, and they are lightweight and flexible.

Metal shafts are typically made out of aluminum because it is strong without being heavy. Spinning shafts can spin in the air when you throw them, helping a straight and accurate throw. 

It is common for professional dart players to use plastic or nylon shafts.

There are also other things to consider about the shaft including the length, thread, and material. The length is extremely important when it comes to throwing darts. If you tend to hold the dart toward the back, you might want a longer shaft. If you tend to hold the dart close to the front, you might want a shorter shaft.

The thread of the shaft should match the barrel of your dart. The shaft and barrel should fit together perfectly and strongly. You will also need to make sure the size of the barrel thread matches the shaft.

Another important aspect of the shaft is the material it is made out of. The material affects how the dart is handled. There are pros and cons to the different materials used, so you should test out a few to find the one that is perfect for you.

Usually, they are about medium length, but the length will depend on the individual player. 


It is typical for professional players to use the standard flight shapes. The standard flights make it easier to achieve a higher landing angle that is preferred by several professionals. ‘Flights are more complex than they are thought to be due to the fact that different sizes, shapes, and materials can affect how the dart travels.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to professional dart players and whether or not they use spinning shafts, it boils down to their personal preference. There are some very well-known dart players who use spinning shafts, while others do not. 

There are several factors that are taken into consideration by professional dart players when they are deciding how they want their darts to be when they are playing.

Spinning shafts might or might not be a feature that makes the cut depending on the player.

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