Why Do My Darts Keep Bouncing Out?

why do my darts keep bouncing out

What could be more frustrating than throwing the perfect dart just to see it bounce out of the board and straight onto the floor? It can be extremely annoying and discouraging to see your darts constantly fall to the floor, especially if it was headed directly towards a bullseye or triple 20.

Why do darts bounce out? In some cases, the dart is the problem, It could be that it is not heavy enough, or that the tip is not rough enough. The board might also be the issue, especially if it is old or low quality. In some cases, the problem could be with your game.

No matter what the case is, it can be helpful to know why it is happening and what you can do to prevent it in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons your darts might be bouncing out and what you can do to correct that problem.

Why Steel Tip Darts Bounce Out

Steel tip darts bounce out do to a variety of reasons. It could be due to your darts tip, the darts weight, and even how you throw the dart.

Your Darts Aren’t Properly Sharpened

The first reason darts bounce out of the board is because they aren’t sharp enough. When your dart is sharpened properly, it has a much higher chance of sliding against the wire and sticking into the board. If your dart is blunt, you can get a sharpening stone to make sure your tips are always nice and sharp.

Your Darts Aren’t Going in Straight

Another reason darts bounce out is because they hit the board at a funny angle. If your dart flies at the board at a weird angle, it won’t land in the board as expected. If you realize that your darts aren’t flying straight, and are wobbly for some reason, it could be that your darts aren’t heavy enough. Try some heavier darts, as they tend to fly straight and more controlled.

Worn Out Spider

If your dartboard is older, it is possible that the metal separating the beds, also known as the spider, have flattened out from excessive use which can make them bigger.

This makes it more likely that your dart will hit the metal than the board. Your dart will not be able to fit properly between the spaces.

To fix this problem, you should buy a new dartboard. A new dartboard will usually have narrow wires that can increase the scoring areas by up to 15%.

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We recommend using a high quality bristle dartboard like a Winmau Blade 5. It’s a professional dartboard which offers a super thin spider for decreased bounce outs.

Why Soft Tip Darts Bounce Out

Similar to steel tip darts, soft tip darts may bounce out due to a faulty tip, the weight of the dart, and how they are being throw.

Replace the Tip

If you are having problems with your soft tip darts bouncing out of your dartboard, one reason that might be happening is the plastic tip is too smooth or needs to be replaced altogether. To roughen up the tip a little, try some sandpaper. Just a few twists should do, and your dart will be able to stick to the board easier. A lot of the time it’s easier to just replace your soft tip altogether with a new tip.

Use a Heavier Dart Barrel

Another reason your soft tip dart might be bouncing out is because it doesn’t weigh enough, much like the steel tip dart. Soft tip darts are easy to add weight too, so this should help you with the bounce out problem. There are pieces that easily screw onto the darts to add a number of grams to your dart.

Size of Your Soft Tip

Your tip might also be too big or too little. You can figure this out by comparing the tip to the dartboard. If you have the wrong size, you can buy different tips to replace your current ones. There are different designs and sizes, so do some research on your board to determine what kind of tip will work best. The most common soft tip size is 2ba.

Ways to Reduce Bounce Outs

There are several ways that you can reduce bounce out, but you need to determine where your problem is before you can fix it. Whether the issue is with the dartboard, the dart, or your game itself, there are adjustments you can make to prevent bounce out. 

Use a High Quality Dartboard

The most common reason your dart will bounce or fall out is because you hit the wire. You will know that this is happening if you hear a metal on metal clank with a steel tip dart.

This could be because of your dart not being sharp, but if it is and you are still experiencing bounce out the board is the problem.

If your board is low quality or old, you might need to think about upgrading. Dartboards are made from a material called sisal fiber that can lose quality over time.

Boards that are low quality or older, they might not have the ability to hold your dart in very well. The older the board, the worse the problem will be and you should buy a new one.

If you play frequently and you are pretty accurate, you might realize that the spots you hit most wear down. This can prevent your darts from being able to stick to the board.

In order to prevent one area getting too worn down, you should rotate your board, as it will ensure that the board will not experience as much wear as quickly.

Properly Maintained Darts

If you notice your dart is only bouncing out every so often, sharpening tour dart might be beneficial. If your tip is properly sharpened, it will be more likely to slide past the wire instead of hitting it.

However, it is also important to make sure your dart is not too dull or too sharp. Keeping your dart the right amount of sharp will also protect your board’s lifespan.

It is also an option to buy tips that are known as “no bounce”. These tips are spring loaded, and the design allows the dart to move when it hits a wire. The dart won’t experience as high of an impact from the collision of the dart hitting the wire, which will help keep the proper momentum to stick to the board.

If you notice that your dart goes into the board and bounces out, you might need to think about a heavier dart. A dart that is too light will not have enough force to stick into the board. If you notice a change with a heavier dart, your problem is solved. If not, the issue might be the tip itself.

In some cases, darts tips will have ridges that hold your dart into the board. If your tip is too smooth, it could experience some issues with sticking into the dartboard. You can try to rough up the tip with some sandpaper to see if that helps at all.

Practice Your Dart Throw

In some cases, the problem might not be with the dart or the board at all. It could be an issue with how you are throwing your dart. If you throw the dart too lightly, it is not likely to stick to the board.

Try to throw your dart a little bit harder to see if that helps solve your problem. Increase your strength a little at a time until you find the perfect amount.

The angle that you throw your dart could also be causing problems with the dart sticking to the board. When your dart hits the board at a weird angle, or if it hits the wire of the side, your dart will bounce out.

You can fix this by changing your position and the angle you are throwing at. Try your best to hit the board straight on.

If you are having problems with your throws, you can learn how to throw your dart in a more efficient way. You should focus on your grip and how you are holding the dart.

If you hold the dart crooked, it will throw crooked. Darts is a game of touch, so make sure your grip is sufficient and tight, but allows for control.

You should also make sure you are properly distributing your weight. Ideally, you should lean toward your front foot while your rear foot balances your posture. Make sure your pose is steady to ensure that your dart is being thrown straight.

One of the most important things to remember is to keep your attitude positive. Try not to let yourself get discouraged quickly if you are having issues with darts bouncing out. Bounce outs are definitely annoying, but don’t let them lead you to giving up. 

Still Bouncing Out?

Don’t worry, bounce outs happen now and then, and it could have nothing to do with how you are throwing, the dart, or the board. If you still experience a bounce out sometimes, try not to let it get to you. You know now what you can do to prevent bounce outs as much as possible.

Final Thoughts

It can be so frustrating to be playing a game of darts and every single throw bounces out and onto the floor, no matter how you throw the dart.

In most cases, the bounce out problems might be caused by the dart or the board, not by how you are throwing it. Try sharpening your dart, adding weight to your dart, or replacing your board.

In the instance that you are still having issues with your dart bouncing out after you’ve addressed other problems, you might want to read up on the best way to throw your darts. No matter what the reason is that your dart is bouncing out, you can make adjustments to fix the problem.

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