How Heavy Should Darts Be?

how heavy should darts be

You can find darts in an array of weights and sizes. They even differ in terms of weight distribution. Many darts are primarily front weighted, but there are also center weighted and rear weighted darts.

This can lead to many questions, one of which is, how heavy should darts be? Darts should be between 18-26 grams. Brass darts should be between 18-23 grams while tungsten darts should be between 23-26 grams. 

The weight of a dart heavily relies on player preference. Even the top professionals in the PDC all have different tastes when it comes to heavy or light darts.

Are Heavy or Light Darts Better?

When it comes to the weight of the dart, your throwing style decides whether light or heavy darts are better. 

Heavier darts are better for people who make straight throws towards the target. The weight helps keep the dart are on the correct path.

Lighter darts are better for people who have an arc to their throw. The lightweight allows you to arc your throw more easily.

Your physical capabilities of throwing the dart are also a factor. If you are struggling to have the heavy darts reach the target then try lighter ones.

The weight is dependent upon what you prefer. If you feel the dart is going lower than intended, get a light dart. If you feel your dart is going too high, get a heavier one. Play around with weights until you find what works best for you. 

What Weight of Darts Do The Pros Use?

The average weight of darts used by professionals is around 22 grams.

PDC PRODart Weight
Michael Van Gerwen23g
Peter Wright22g
Gerwyn Price24g
Rob Cross21g
Michael Smith22g
Gary Anderson23g
Daryl Gurney24g
Nathan Aspinall27g
James Wade20g

Each professional has their own preference of weight though. They can choose from anywhere between 12 to 50 grams. 

They tend to stick with weights between 21 to 24 grams though. For example, Michael van Gerwen who is currently ranked as the number one dart player in the world uses a dart that weighs 23 grams. 

This set of 23g darts by XQ Max on Amazon are modeled after Michael Van Gerwen and offer a nice gold/silver finish with a titanium coating.

While the number two ranked dart player in the world, Peter Wright, uses a dart that weighs 22 grams.

This set of 22g darts by Red Dragon were created in tandem with Peter Wright. They are 90% tungsten and offer a good balance between price and performance.

There are of course outliers like Phil Taylor who uses a 26-gram dart. It’s all about preference. 

What Is The Best Weight of Dart For A Beginner?

In general, anywhere between 16-20 grams is a good starting weight for beginners. 

Since lighter darts tend to be thrown in an arc, they rely less on accuracy than heavy darts do. Therefore, lighter darts make it easier for the beginner to hit the target than a heavy dart does.

However, the best way to decide what weight works best for you as a beginner is to play a few games with varying weights until you find the one that feels comfortable to you. 

Can You Start With Heavier Darts?

Some people recommend that instead of starting with lighter darts, you start with ones weighing between 24 to 26 grams. This is because heavier darts force you to become more accurate with your throws. Once you have your accuracy down, you can move to a lighter dart. 

However, this is not widely recommended and may not work for everyone. Your best bet is to start light and then move to heavy if you feel the desire to. 

Not everyone is going to fit into the average 16-20 gram range and that is okay. Women and children may find that the lighter darts are easier for them to throw. Kids can start with the lightest weight of 12 grams to make it easier for them to hit the dartboard. 

Are 26 Gram Darts Too Heavy?

26 gram darts are not too heavy.

Darts can weigh as much as 50 grams. Therefore, 26 grams isn’t even close to how heavy they can get.

You can even find pros like Phil Taylor and Robert Thornton who both use darts that weigh 26 grams. However, these two pros are known as using the heaviest darts in the professional world. 

As mentioned before, the weight of the dart is dependent upon your throwing style and preferences. 26 grams could possibly be too light for you. 

Rarely you will see someone throwing over 30 grams but it’s not impossible. Whether a dart is too heavy or not is completely dependent upon your throwing style.

Final Thoughts

The average weight of a dart used by professionals is about 22g. This does not mean you should be throwing a 22g dart. You may find yourself throwing horribly with a 26g weight, but with a 23g weight you are twice as accurate.

Darts should be as heavy or as light as you need them to be. Going to the dart store and experimenting with different weights is the best way to decide what works best for you. 

Not everyone is going to fall within the average weight range, so don’t be too concerned about it. Take your time to find the perfect weight for you and your playstyle. 

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